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Who are we?

Nuestra Voz/Our Voice de North Texas
serves both Dallas and Tarrant County

We are a unique publication, focusing on North Texas Latino/Hispanic readers who prefer to communicate in English.  That number is up to 59% of US Hispanics, up from 54% in 2006. That number is even higher in a group labeled millennial (18 to 29 olds).  Major networks such as Univision, MTV and others have also recognized this trend and have developed English or Bilingual programing for this group.  Nuestra Voz readers are part of a special demographic group that is better educated with a higher income, credit standing and vote.  We provide a Spanish translation on our Website, and some of our print-media stories will be published in both English and Spanish to capture both the English and Spanish reader.

Nuestra Voz informs, entertains and educates the Latino/Hispanic Communities and in some cases motivates readers to build a better society across the numerous sectors of the multifaceted lives of all Hispanic/Latino residents – what we call the Life Dominion Areas.  And along the way, we hope that our fellow residents of all racial, ethnic and cultural sectors will become better educated about the North Texas Latino/Hispanic Community and culture.  For Advertisers we are the best and most effective way to connect to Hispanic English or Spanish Speaking Buyers!  Your ad will not only run in print, but also on our website that is increasing in both visitor count, geographic reach and is also Mobil Device friendly and is supported by local radio advertising.  We connect good business to Buyers!

We have become a must read for 1000’s of local residents and an essential community resource for all residents.  As president of a local Hispanic advocacy organization, I can attest, that we have helped highlight worthy programs and recognized people giving back, we have become truly worthy of our name Nuestra Voz/ Our Voice. We are also planning to increase exposure for our advertisers ‘by adding social media and Mobil platforms; after all we know that for us to succeed we must provide the best ROI for you.. Join us and get in front of a growing trend, not only in D/FW but the nation.

Felix Alvarado

About Me

I am a retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant.
I am an Army Staff Sergeant, Vietnam Veteran.
Veteran of the US Naval Reserve.

I am:
A licensed Principal in the State of Texas
A licensed Social Studies Composite Teacher in the State of Texas.
A licensed Government Teacher in the State of Texas.
A licensed History Teacher in the State of Texas.

I hold degrees:
Masters of Public Administration, Troy University.
Bachelor of Science, Business and Management, University of Maryland.
Associate of Applied Science, Navigation Systems Technology, AF Community College.
Associate of Applied Science, Management, University of Maryland.

Principal, University of Texas at Arlington
Teacher, University of Texas at Arlington

Graduate, 7th Army NCO Academy
Graduate, USAFE NCO Academy
Graduate, USAF Senior NCO Academy

USAF Technical Schools:  Aircraft Navigation Systems, Computer Maintenance

I am a bona fide American.  Born in America of parents that were born in America.  Two of my grandparents arrived in America before 1900, one arrived in 1900 and my grandmother was born in Texas in 1891 of parents born in Texas.  That more or less puts at least part of my family in Texas prior to the Texas Revolution.  I am a Vietnam Veteran.  I am not one of those Americans that put their tail between their legs, went to Canada, Europe, Mexico or to the nearest university to avoid serving in Vietnam. 

For more details about me follow me on Nuestra Voz de North Texas.

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