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El Weekender

No. 117

The Book of Rojo
Por Marcela Sánchez
May 11, 2018

Who said there was an age to produce your own music? Jonathan Rojo, a student at the University of North Texas just made his dream come true after recording, writing and releasing his seventh album. The Book of Rojo was inspired by the books in the Bible’s Second Testament. Just like the four books tell of the encounters with Jesus, Rojo wants to tell the story of his experiences as well.

Rojo featured twelve of his friends. Amber Lucky, Andrew Trimble, Katelyn Sanders, Guthrie Schoolar, Natalie Merrell, Spencer Esmonde, Kent Rousseau, Matthew Redward, Malia Nelson, Kobe Goffney, Akayla Bogan and Jacob Rodriguez (by order of appearance) were featured in different songs. Each song includes a prologue and an end- two of his singers represent each element: the prologue (the sacrifice) and the end (the resurrection). Rojo is currently studying Media Arts at the University of North Texas and he would love to create music after graduating. Besides producing music, he would also love to play a role in the world of film. Rojo comments, “Sure, I want to make movies and projects whenever I can, but I want to tell stories. I don’t care the medium I use.” His album can be found on SoundCloud and his songs can be heard by all audiences. Rojo wants all ages to enjoy his music and does not include explicit content, which he says motivates him to be “more creative.”



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