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Deep Ellum

This place is called “Deep Ellum” and it is considered the largest neighborhood composed of a variety on mixed entertainment and art. It has more than 30 venues to enjoy music, food, or different shows.
Deep Ellum was established in 1873, originally as a residential and commercial neighborhood in Dallas, but it slowly developed itself into a place that people consider to have plenty of life. For North to South the streets that connect downtown to Deep Ellum are Pacific, Elm, Main, Commerce, and Canton street which you can easily watch on and get straight to Deep Ellum.
The ambience in Deep Ellum is always very cozy. You can see plenty of people with their own style in the many restaurants and bars during the day. With the different variety of places there is always something for everyone to enjoy.
People enjoy the colorful murals that are located on each corner; whether big or small they all have plenty of different colors and if you are lucky you might be able to catch an artist working on a new mural for the public to admire.
Here are some places to visit.
To grab a bite to eat “Serious Pizza” is a very popular place to go. It offers you hand made pizza that only takes a few minutes to make and enjoy a delicious pizza. But that is not the best part. The best part is that you are able to order a pizza from 18 inches to 30 inches! Can you imagine the size of that pizza? That can be enough to feed about 20 people in one sitting with only one pizza.
Deep Ellum also offers plenty of bars which have a different variety of drinks locally brewed beers for those people that enjoy having a couple of drinks with their friends.
If you are looking for somewhere to go so you won’t fall into the  boredom of binge watching the next Netflix series, Deep Ellum offers venues for different tastes. The most popular place is the “Dallas Comedy House.” There you can witness various acts that you can enjoy during the nights when your plans just aren’t so fun.
But if you lean more towards the concert scene, there is also a place for you. At “Trees” you can always enjoy a diverse choice of live music. Trees has been host to plenty of artists, it is a small venue that offers the best in entertainment and helps local artists that emerge in Dallas.
The Night Life:
For those of you who enjoy going out in the late hours and enjoy Dallas and what it has to offer, the perfect place to end your night on Deep Ellum is “Salsera”. This is a small café that turns into a night club as the sun starts to set. It offers different styles of music from genres such as ranchero all the way to rap music.
If at any moment you find yourself around this area of Dallas just remember that you will never fall into boredom. Whatever your tastes may be Deep Ellum will have something to offer.



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