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Father of the Year
G. Jimenez

… More like worst movie of the year. Hate to say it - as I am a huge fan of both David Spade and the Happy Madison Studio, however the movie was just plain awful. A laugh was a difficult find during this 94-minute NETFLIX original, the punchlines never seemed to land.
David Spade portrayed the low life father “Wayne”, who continued to humiliate and traumatize his valedictorian son “Ben” played by Joey Bragg.  As “Ben” comes home to say his goodbyes before he moves to New York for his first big career, his father becomes jealous of “Ben’s” best friends’ step-father, “Mardy” played by Nat Faxon. This leads to outlandish hijinks between Spade and Faxon.
Sadly, there is no chemistry between the cast which makes the movie more awkward and boring. In addition to the story line being hard to follow and scattered, David Spade seemed like he was in a completely different movie than the rest of the cast, and often left me wondering what the actual plot was.
I would not recommend this movie to anyone of any age. BUT if you are looking for a great Happy Madison flick Happy Gilmore was recently added and is still just as hilarious as it was when it premiered in 1996.



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