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Week 130

Pre-Season Game 1 and Camp Notes
A. Govea
Week Ending August 19th

Well as I wrote last week, I believe pre-season games are a waste of time, Pero I confess to watching the whole first half.  I got hooked in by Dak and company watching him run the offense (minus Zeke) just like the 2016 Dak. Which included him completing 3 of 3, a 12-yard scramble on a 3 and 9 and then capping it off with a 30-yard TD toss to Michael Gallup. Also impressive on offense was Rookie R.B. Bo Scarborough with A 28-yard run, Rod Smith and Tavon Austin also had a good game. The offensive line also looked sharp, but of course this is pre-season.
As for defense I was kinda focused on first round pick Leighton Vander Esh first round rookie pick that Jerry and company are high on. Have to say I was not impressed, to me he seemed not sure where he should be on the field at times.  He also did not appear to have a nose for the ball either, you know how some players always seem to be where the ball is? Not Esh. And, he was trying to make sure his uniform stayed clean and he succeeded, at least in the half I watched. Pero he is a rookie, now that Sean Lee is back in practice he may pick up something by just watching him.  Overall, I think the defense did well they really seemed to have some real hustle. And they seemed to swarm to the ball, I was impressed with Jaylon Smith he looks better then ever. Now they did lose this game 24/21 but the score is not that important in these games it is more about finding what you got. How some payers do in different situations and how they handle adversity and success. To use the word that Garret over uses it is a process, this year it better be complete! Still sick of Garret.
Training camp notes, on the injury side Travis Fredrick had to leave camp for L.A. to see a specialist, but the good news is for his stingers was just prescribed rest. Esh had a slight groin injury, Tavon Austin hamstring injury but neither considered serious. Reportable rookie T.E. Dalton Schultz is having a good camp and Zeke looks he ready for a record year. Randy Gregory is back from a yearlong suspension and according to reports is progressing nicely, Mallick Collins is also back from the PUP list (Physically unable to perform) and working out. Demarcus Lawrence looks he is ready to earn his franchise tag money which reportable about 17 million this year.  That is what you get when you are second in league with 14 ½ sacks last season, hope they can afford to keep him.
This Saturday we get Cincinnati will probably see less of the veterans and more of the bottom of the roster as it is time to start cutting players. The final cuts are about 2 weeks away, so it is sink or swim for many rookies and other marginal players. So yes, I guess I’ll ‘check it out but probably not a whole half again.


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