Week 138

Can We Ever Unite?
Reader Response
A. Govea
Week Ending October 14th

Our community is very complex with a multitude of issues, there is the immigration issue, Hispanic dropout rate, low voter turnout and suppression, health- care concerns and on and on. And there are groups and individuals that work specifically on these issues, which is a good thing. Pero not when they work against each other after all only (They) know how to fix the problem. They say things like” Oh them (He, She) really is all about them- selves or all about the money. And that folks is an old fashion Whisper Campaign, that I would argue is as effective as any social media campaign out there.
It is effective because I believe
and (I hope I’m’ wrong) our community is overly cynical about the intentions of those that wish to serve. When I ask myself why that is (not to sound like Trump here) a few things come to mind; We were raised not to trust anybody, Maybe, some how you feel bad because your’ not doing the work, Maybe, one of those people or groups lied to you or violated your trust. Of course, there may be a lot more rea- sons, email us yours at goveaalberto215@
Some may ask “How do you know this”? Well let me tell you, I have been involved in Hispanic Advocacy groups like LULAC, general civic groups and others for over 35 years. So, as they say there is no better teacher then experience (I believe this to be true) I have been the target of whisper campaigns. And some have gotten louder then a whisper, Pero guess what
I survived it. It would have been easy to quit my community work after all I do it
as a volunteer only, no dinero$$$. I have been tempted to quit more than once but it is hard to shut of a life long passion for something you believe in. Don’t get me wrong it has not been all bad and I have been recognized by groups and individuals for my work. And in fact, I was once called a hero in the press (Not Nuestra Voz) but I was also called an idiot, to both I say neither one is true.
Okay if you are still with me you may now be wondering where all this is heading? So in summary there are many issues that effect our community, there are many people working on these issues (Not enough really) and there are some haters out there. The upcoming elections have major historical consequences tied to the outcome. The person in the White House regularly attacks people in our community and just about anyone that does not bow
to him. Instead of reaching out to heal the divide he is happily contributes to making things worse. This president is acting more and more like a third world Dictator rather than the President of the greatest democracy on earth. And what is worse our system of checks and balances which is the house of representatives and senate is complacent in their inaction. Issues and behavior that they would normally recoil at and object
to at their top of their lungs now goes excused or just ignored. This is partisan politics at its worse, whenever you put your party before the country you pledged to serve we are no better than those banana republics as we as a country would always wonder how they got there. And why would the citizens of that country stand for it, Afterall they still had the power of the vote. Unfortunately, through complacency or just not voting they allowed a dictatorship to take root and as anyone knows that has ever tried to pull out a fully grown weed by its root it is not easy.
Pero in this country we have the midterm elections that can send a clear and perhaps course correcting message to this would be Dictator masquerading as the President. Some of the actions you are taking in this country are hurting our people. And on the world stage you are wreaking many strategic alliances that have helped keep world peace. Not to mention the child abuse that continues to this day with children ripped from their parents at the border. That one I still to this day have trouble believing this is going on in this country that once was known as the protector of children and a leader in human rights.
There is a lot more to be said here about the abuse and downright ignorance in the present administration but I’m’ sure you know. So, ask you and our community to please unite and go and vote to stop this madness before it is too late. We can make a difference and we will together!

Reader Response

A Reader Response to Can We Ever Unite? Oliver Tate

Hey I just read the “Can We Ever Unite?” passage in Vol. 4 of Nuestra Voz a lot of problems are mentioned and brought up regarding the cynicism reflected among the Hispanic population it made me think of Octavio Paz’s: “El Laberinto de Soledad” which examines Mexican national identity, I thought of one of my own reasons (& in my opinion as a young mostly self-sustaining immigrant a crucial one). I don’t believe very much of society reflects facets of developing personal or community identity, in some way’s religion can handle it with their own communities, but as a whole I believe this reasoning to be behind the cynicism in general society. People are very predisposed to ways of thinking that might seem familiar to them and I can definitely say that of myself, without my classical studies and before moving to this city I had immense disdain for everyone around me not “acting like they’re supposed to” being overtly racist and inconsiderate and what I believed to be fundamental understandings people, but there it was I had a pre-conceived notion for what America was supposed to be like and I’d always assumed it would’ve been this communal environment of expressional freedom but as I grew up and developed myself more inwardly I realized that there isn’t a “way things are supposed to be” but more so just a potential understanding of how things are the way that they are, I believe we can reach a special level of union within our communities by developing personal culture but that just points back to the individual and what they’re doing to further the community, I’m just a bilingual music teaching immigrant but I’m doing my part to teach my students about Mexican, Spanish and indigenous music so they can hopefully develop a connection to a personal and maybe nationalistic identity I strongly believe in the development of personal culture and the potential it has for positivity for the community but there’s always more to be done it seems.


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