Week 147

We Are Going to The Playoffs!
Week Ending December 16th

Unless Garret and the Boys have a monumental meltdown, Cowboy fans will have football in January. Of course, many of us still have an interest come playoff time whether the Boys are in or not, but there is nothing like having your team in the hunt. All they must do is win 1 more and they get to fly the NFC banner. They can also get in if Philly loses or ties, Washington loses or ties. As I wrote last week, streaking into playoffs was a Landry thing and I believe that is best. What say you?
At this point they may get to host a playoff game at that Stadium, some analysists have pointed to Seattle as a possible opponent. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Colts are not going to lie down for anybody- just ask Houston. Houston was riding a 9-game winning streak when they ran into Andrew Luck and his team is on a 6-game winning streak. The Colts are streaking and looking to make some noise in the playoffs themselves after starting the season at 1-5. There is no doubt they are a good team that besides having possibly the comeback player of the year in Andrew Luck they also have a good defense. Pero, I give the nod to Doomsday 111, Luck has been sacked only as much as he had before injury but his (Luck) too easy wont’ say it.
As for our offense, feel good about Zeke, he is playing like a man on a mission and I believe he is becoming a leader on and off the field. (Hope don’t jinx it) Amari Cooper, again awarded offensive player of the year and has been the biggest difference on this offense. Pero, (but) still concerned about the red zone offense inability to get in once there. Dak had probably had his best yardage passing game going 42 of 54 for 455 yards and 3 TDS. However, he also had 2 INTS and a fumble to go along with it, he continues to miss open receivers and generally starts slow. And then to paraphrase that Dumb and Dumber movie, “He totally redeems himself” in the fourth quarter. If you watch the games at a bar, you will both hear, “This guy is never goanna work out” and “That’s my man, Dak he always gets it done”. People that went and bought his number 4 jersey on his rookie season put it on and probably takes off multiple times in a game. I myself feel like a have a giant question mark over my head when watching him, because I can’t figure this guy out. Guess best thing to do now is enjoy the ride and see where (He) takes us, we are going to the Playoffs!  


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