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Week 121

If you Care About Our Children
June 14, 2018

Reportedly, many children are crying themselves to sleep asking for their parents, they don’t know where they are and fear their parents have abounded them. As for the parents mostly, mothers some border patrol agents are telling them “Your family does not exist anymore, you will never see your children again” Imagine if this was you or your children. It was recently reported that a Honduran man killed himself after his child was taken from him. This is not a plot from a movie and it is not a report from some foreign land, this happening in our country right now!

I attended a rally in Dallas on Sunday about this issue and while it was a disappointing turnout the people that were there were passionate about this issue. The picture above is of course a staged photo with local children, the little one pictured started crying and was let out quickly. Even though I know it was staged I could not help feeling very bad for that baby. I thought about the children that are living this nightmare reality.
If none of this touches your humanity, if this does not move you into action then you should check your pulse you may no longer be among the living. And if it does- the question you may be asking yourself is what I can do? This Saturday in Forth Worth LULAC Council 4568 will be hosting a meeting to offer a way to show your concern and act. The meeting will be held at 9.30am in North Fort Worth, I ask that you please email me at for location information. This will allow us to have an approximant head count to prepare for meeting. And perhaps keep away others that may not see this issue as a purely humanitarian issue. Unfortunately, we are living in a very divided time in our country and I would like to avoid or at least minimize a negative element. Thank you in advance for coming out, See you El Sabado (Saturday)
Alberto Govea LULAC Council 4568 president


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