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“Our Very Own”

By Denise Jiménez

Bill Paxton

May, 15 1955 – February 25th, 2017

Walking through the halls of Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth, Texas was a young boy eager to graduate, it was 1973 and Bill Paxton had his eyes set on the Big Times. Born May 15, 1955 to parents John and Mary Lou Paxton, his father worked for the family lumber business but also had an attraction to film and art himself. According to Bill Paxton’s biography by, his father often took him to the movies, and that is where his desire to become and actor began to grow.

His bio also mentioned how he started out by moving to LA in 1974, to make his way into the film industry. After a few jobs on set he headed to New York at the age of 21, to attend New York University, where he studied acting. After two years, Bill Paxton realized a degree was useless to him according to Texas Monthly, and began to quickly make a name for himself.

Bill Paxton shocked viewers when his “Fish Heads” music video that premiered on “Saturday Night Live”, it was his first taste of success as a director. After appearing in a few small roles, it was not long before he reached fame. “Weird Science” premiered August 2, 1985, Anthony Michael Hall played the nerdy younger brother and Bill Paxton entered Cult Classic history as the mean spirited older brother who made it his hobby to make his little brothers life a living nightmare.

Throughout his career, he landed leading roles like ‘Bill Harding’, a retired storm chaser in “Twister”, with Helen Hunt as his costar, the movie was a Box office hit. Bill Paxton also starred in other popular films like, Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator, Tombstone, and Apollo 13. The list goes on as he was in over 40 films.

Paxton, didn’t stop at film. HBO aired a series in 2006, “Big Love”, it had viewers glued to the screen as we got to peer into the fictional lives of polygamist for the first time. He was nominated for 3 Golden Globes for his hardened but sexy character ‘Bill Henrickson’. “Big Love” lasted five seasons.

Tragically, due to heart surgery complications, Bill Paxton passed away on February 25th 2017. His very last film role as the father of ‘Mae Holland’, played by Emma Watson in the film “The Circle” is to premier April 28th.

Bill Paxton, a Fort Worth Native will always be remembered as an incredible actor and director with enough talent to have earned him such a successful career. He will be greatly missed.


DART Lack of Customer Service Part II

By Ex Alba

I do not have a personal vendetta against DART. I wrote in last month’s article I appreciate being able to take advantage of the DART rail and buses. But, when “The approved operating budget for Fiscal Year 2016 is $971.1 million…” (That’s almost a billion dollars.) how is so little being spent on customer service compared to marketing and expansion of its light rail system? I wonder how much worse the customer service will be with more miles of rail and the lackadaisical attitude they have towards customer service now. Have I tried to complain to DART? Of course, that’s an article in itself.

I arrive to the Parker Station early most days. I have the luxury of parking close, one day I found a flyer announcing those wanting to park in the closer lots must have a parking permit. December 15, I tried to get one except the concierge was not in. A friendly DART employee attempted to locate the concierge; after about 30 minutes, I was told by another DART employee, "she had gone downtown to her weekly Wednesday meeting”. A sign would have been nice.

121616: Around noon the next day I returned for my parking permit, I attempted to use one of the pickup/drop off parking spots near the offices, all but one were taken despite the fact no passengers were being dropped off or waiting to be picked up. A friendly employee (not the concierge) told me all the spots were full because that was where the DART employees parked. When pushed for an explanation she said it was because they (the DART employees) are supposed to have reserved parking but they were never provided by DART, so they used the pickup/drop spots. Who said DART customers come first?

I received my parking permit that day. I placed it on my windshield within a day or two. DART must have run out of stickers shortly thereafter because every morning and evening since when I have used the rail there are always cars without stickers parked in the closer lot. Every day. 

In consideration of word count, I will condense and count my personal commuter observations from December 19, 2016 to February 17, 2017. In last month’s article, I mentioned homeless riders sleeping on the train to get out of the cold. A very worthy consideration by DART. My biggest concern is only once I have not seen them use up two seats.

Number of days I witnessed homeless sleeper(s) riding the rail: 15

Another commuter once noticed my making of note of a homeless sleeper, he offered the following, "One day last week (the week of January 9th), there were about eight homeless "riders" each sleeping across two seats, several people had to stand because there wasn’t [sic] enough seats. Then close to downtown a female fare enforcement officer got on the train saw the sleeping homeless and just stood at the front of the car.”

Number of days it was as cold or colder on the train as it was outside: 11.

January 6, it was 21 degrees outside, I think it was just as cold on the train; I had to wear my gloves while riding. Many of these eleven days, it was cold going home too. I know these trains have heat, some days the train is actually warm.

One last complaint/request for DART:  Please do something about the panhandlers riding the trains downtown.


Tejano History – Juan Seguin

Many of our Latino leaders have been forgotten and neglected throughout our Texas history. Many Tejanos fought, bled and died to allow Texas to exist and later flourish. I am writing about a segment of history and needs to be told. I encourage more Latinos to follow in the footsteps of Juan Seguin - soldier of Texas, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Senator of Texas and most definitely Hero of Texas. Latinos need to become leaders within their communities and run for elective office. So, that our Voice can be heard Loud and Clear!

The Battle of Gonzales was the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution. It was fought near Gonzales, Texas, on October 2, 1835, between rebellious Texian settlers and a detachment of Mexican army troops.

Tejano Colonel Juan Nepomuceno Seguir 1806 - 1890
1834 - Being the first to organize opposition to Gen. Santa Anna by preparing a circular inviting citizen to take part in a Texas Constitutional Convention.

1835 - Appointed to the rank of Captain in the Texas Army by Commander in Chief Stephen F. Austin: Captain Seguin recruited fighters to defend against the invasion of Santa Anna's army; Juan Seguin personally provide his own troops with horses, food and shelter.

1835 -  Battle of Gonzales erupted over possession of a cannon wanted returned by Mexican troops; Gonzales citizens challenged the troops to "Come and Take It." They then used it to fire the first shot of the Revolution.
1835 - Juan Seguin fought alongside Jim Bowie in the Battle of Concepcion; then rushed to join the Grass Fight south of San Antonio to slow the pace of Santa Anna's invading Army.

1835 - Siege of Bejar - Captain Seguin with his 160 Tejano ranchers and Texas volunteers attacked Gen. Cos troops then in control of San Antonio in a crucial battle that signaled no turning back by Texas freedom fighters.

1836 - The advance guard of Santa Anna's troops was sighted near San Antonio which alerted the small detachment of defenders to quickly regroup on the grounds of the Alamo: Once there, the small unit of Texans immediately prepared their defense of the mission against the attacking troops of Gen. Cos that were soon to be dramatically increased by the much large forces of General Santa Anna.

1836 - The Siege of the Alamo commenced; Captain Seguin defended the mission alongside Crocket, Travis and Bowie until ordered by Colonel Travis to break through The Mexican lines in search of additional Texas troops.

1836 - The Fall of the Alamo occurred while Captain Seguin was following his orders to ride to Goliad in search of reinforcements from the troops of Colonel Fannin.

1836 - He next rushed to warn and help defend Texas citizens fleeing from the path of the Mexican Army during the ensuing Runaway Scrape.

1836 -  Captain Seguin commanded Company (cavalry) of the 2nd Regiment during the Texas victory over Santa Anna Army at San Jacinto; soon after that brief struggle, he was ordered by General Sam Houston to enforce the orderly withdrawal of Santa Anna's troops from Texas.

1836 -  Captain Seguin with his army reentered San Antonio to accept the surrender of the Mexican forces there under the command of Lt. Francisco Castaneda, the same officer involved in the opening skirmish over the cannon at Gonzales.

1836 - He was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel by Republic of Texas President David Burnet, who expressed special trust in the courage, patriotism and ability of Juan N. Seguin.

1837 - He successfully appealed to his friend, Sam Houston, to rescind a prior military order to destroy San Antonio by fire, thus earning Colonel Seguin the respect for saving that city.

1837 - Ordered by Sam Houston to bury the remains of the Alamo defenders, Colonel Seguin provided the martyrs with a Christian burial including full military honors.

1839 - - Senator Juan N. Seguin presented a bill that established a mail route from Austin to San Antonio.

1839 - Colonel Seguin was honored by the citizens of Walnut Springs who voted to change the name of their community to Seguin because of his service to Texas during its heroic struggle for Independence.

1837 - 1840 - - The Biographical Directory of the Texas Conventions and Congresses states that Juan Seguin was an elected member of the Senate of the Republic of Texas 2nd, 3rd and 4th Congresses; Senator Seguin's legacy includes his strong leadership for adoption of a bill requiring all of the Laws of the Republic of Texas to be written in both English and Spanish. Senator Seguin held high his views that the Republic's law should protect all citizens and that there can be no doubt as to the rights an individual enjoys, and equally important what his responsibilities are, as a citizen of Texas.

January 19, 1840. Austin was selected as the official capital. Col. Seguin was on the joint Senate and House Committee to select the site for the Capitol of Texas which was named for his bosom friend Stephen F. Austin, it is related that the committee killed buffalo for their food while camped to locate the site for the capital of Texas.

1841 -  Juan Seguin is elected Mayor of San Antonio.

1852 -  Won election as Bexar County Justice of the Peace; re-elected for a second term two years later.

1869 -  Elected Wilson County Judge.

1874 -  Juan Seguin was declared a hero of the Texas War for Independence by the Texas Legislature and provided a lifetime pension by the state.

By Jesse Jiménez



Café Madrid – Uptown Dallas

Por: Emilio Diaz

Café Madrid is a small Spanish cafe-restaurant located in Uptown Dallas that represents the culture and food of Madrid, Spain. At Madrilenian cuisine run by family members, customers can have a good taste of Madrid without having to fly to Europe. Well known for tapas, paellas and wines, this place has many choices of tapas and wine. Tapas are appetizer dishes from different foods to cheese and apples. There are many different food choices; Such as seafood, which are prepared with different types of oil, many types of meats and other exotic foods.

Since 1990, the owners of Café Madrid have maintained a good reputation for the tradition of preparing meals from home. Many Spaniards living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis area say they remember sitting in the restaurant and eat their tapas and watching football games together when they were young. D Magazine says this restaurant is one of the "best" in Dallas.

From Monday to Thursday there is a live musician. They have genres ranging from flamenco guitar to Latin jazz. People are involved during musician performances and they create a family like environment. There is always a kind of special event or musical performance and there is never a silent moment in the restaurant.

The Spanish wine list cannot be trusted until you see the many choices; 85 to be exact that Café Madrid has to offer. The bar is always full of people eating, socializing and having a good time while they drink the wine; It is a very nice and very pleasant experience. With one of the best reputations of Spanish coffee makers, Café Madrid will continue to grow.


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El Weekender

No 55

Social Security
Trumps National Security

No pun intended but out here in the real world we are much more concerned about the next pay check.  And even if the talk of jobs sounds great, talk does not put food on top of the table.  With all this talk about building a wall, keeping out Muslims, kicking out Mexicans, keeping out Mexicans we tend to forget that the stomach is growling for food.  Yes, there are a few wealthy Americans that don’t have to worry where the next meal is going to come from.  For every wealthy American there of thousands that do not enjoy this luxury. 

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The country has been led down the primrose lane believing that if only we do what Trump wants to do we are all going to be fine because we will be protected from terrorism.  How much in danger are we of terrorism?  Not much.  When it happens, it happens in isolated cases and only those in the immediate area are affected.  Demonstrations have not stopped since Trump got elected.  Americans are expressing their constitutional right to voice their displeasure with the way they are being represented in Washington.  Social security is much more important to most Americans.  All that money that is going to be wasted can be put to much better use.

The Republicans demonized Obamacare.  They convinced people that it was the worse act in the country.  Republicans had only one target in mind, repeal it.  Millions of Americans have access to medical care that before Obamacare would have been denied them.  For many Americans, it is a life or death situation.  Thus far, the Republicans don’t have a replacement and the most ominous cloud in the horizon is some market based replacement.  Supposedly, the market is going to compete against itself for your business and you will have access to a cheaper product that delivers better coverage.  Most of us know that you cannot trust the market to take care of your social needs.

So why do social security trump national security?  Simple.  We want to believe that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs are going to be there when we need them.  In the case of national security there is no way that any single or multitude of programs are going to make us immune to terrorism.  Terrorism has been around for many years.  To say that it can be contained is ludicrous because a determined Timothy McVey or Ted Kaczynski will always be around to remind us how unsafe we are in our own homeland.

The greatest danger that we face domestically is Trump himself.  Journalists covering his news conferences time after time have the same comment; “Another lie.”  For every Trump supporter, I would only ask, “Can you trust a liar?”  If anybody out there is offended by my comments I would only remind them of this; “I paid my dues to speak my mind.  Have you?”  If you trust Trump, you just lost out on the ocean side property in Arizona.  All sold out. 

We are having local a local election.  They are important because in these small local elections, you can deliver a powerful message to politicians up the ladder.  You drain the swamp in Washington by pulling the plug right here.  Politicians tend to get cozy in their position.  When that happens, you need to do something.  Vote them out of office.


The Oscars

As an amateur movie critic, I look forward to the Oscars every year, so I can kinda measure my picks with the academy folks. In the last couple of weeks, I shared with you my review of seven of the nine Best Pic nominated movies. The only ones I have not seen is Moonlight, which I will likely see before Sunday’s Awards Show. However, the highly acclaimed La La Land I could not make myself screen, it’s not that I was scared that I would somehow lose my man card by doing so. In fact, I have seen musicals before, but I have a movie watching rule (If I don’t ‘like the preview, I ain’t goanna see it). I also have a couple of other rules that I will share with you next, along with my pick for best picture.

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To properly enjoy my movie viewing experience, I require a big tub of popcorn with only a little butter, a sprinkle of jalapenos, a Dr. Pepper and last, a pickle that just between me and you; I sneak in. Now I could buy it there and in fact I have at times but there is something to bringing it in, perhaps it harkens back to my bad boy past.

Now for the best picture nominated movies this year, surprise there is no Latino theme movies nominated. There was a character named Alberto in Hell or High Water that was a half Mexican and half Native American. And the jokes that Jeff Bridges made aimed at his ethnic combination did make me giggle along with everyone in the theater. Although I could not help feeling a little guilty in doing so, do you think I’m’ too sensitive. I really don’t’ know, but enough of that.

Ok, in case you missed I have seen, Lion, Arrival, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Manchester by The Sea and Fences. From a pure entertainment stand point my choice is( Hell or High Water)—If you feel like going to a dark place (Manchester by the Sea) and my choice for best picture (Imagine a drum roll here) Fences! Denzel Washington and Viola Davis turn in what should be award winning performances, that at times make you cringe in your seat. The dialogue demands your attention and I believe that the viewer is drawn in to lives of this 1950s couple with ease. The movie is an adaption of August Wilson’s Pulitzer prize winning play and I believe should walk away some awards on Sunday. So there it is another year of movie watching that I will never get back, was it worth it? I guess but hopefully next year there will be some Mexican type movies to consider.

By A. Govea


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Digital Age Is Taking Over Sports

By Bernadette Oroña

Translated by: Oriana Ortiz

When one thinks about sports, the last thing that comes to mind is technology. But it seems like that is about to change. Videogame competitions, or eSports, have become a multimillion-dollar industry. The stadium used in South Korea for the Soccer World Cup in 2007, can be filled today with eSports fanatics.

According to Newzoo, eSports’s audience has grown 43% between 2014 and 2016, from 204 million to 292 million, and is expected to surpass 429 millions by the year 2019. Professional players earn salaries of up to six digits.

ESports is being globally recognized as a sport. Dustin Beck, vice president of eSports for Riot Games, says professional players can qualify for a United States p-1 visa, a visa reserved for professional athletes.

Scientists of the German University of Sports conducted a study of eSports athletes and got surprised. They found that eSports athletes are exposed to physical activity similar to that of “normal” athletes. ESports athletes can perform an average of 400 movements on the keyboard and mouse per minute. And the amount of Cortisol (stress hormone) produced is similar to that of a speed racer when driving. Additionally, the cardiac rhythm rises to 160-180 beats per minute. This can be compared to that of a marathon athlete.

But others are not convinced that eSports should he considered a sport at all, and express that it is more of a pastime, not a sport. Comments on argue that it should not be classified as a sport because it is not played outside. Others argue that it is not a sport because it does not include physical activity.

Many discover that eSports is the same as poker or chess and at least should be considered a brain exercise. But it seems like with the advance in technology and growth in popularity, eSports will soon be known as a sport.


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Workaholics premiered on Comedy Central in 2011. At first glance it seems like your basic sitcom about three rowdy friends who work in a stuffy telemarketing office. But, Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, the stars and writers of this hilariously inappropriate show produced something far more entertaining than your basic sitcom.

Admittedly, this show is not for the faint at heart. However, if you can get past the constant drug use and sometimes odd profanity, this show is worth binge watching. This trio manages to get themselves in the most outrageous situations and while they always seem to bail themselves out, sometimes with the help of their trusty drug dealer ‘Karl Hevacheck’ (Kyle Newacheck), their difference in personalities prove to be no benefit. ‘Adam DeMamp’ (Adam Devine) who became popular during his role in “Pitch Perfect” seems to be stuck in the adolescent faze of his life, and is contently demanding attention from his coworkers and buddies. He is fixed on making sure everyone knows how successful he is at anything he does. ‘Blake Henderson’ (Blake Anderson), loves his two friends and seems to have a soft spot for Karl the drug dealer, he has interest in many hobbies like male stripping and the magical art of wizardry. ‘Anders Holmvic’ (Anders Holm) is a whole other story, as he is completely self-absorbed and seems to think he is as talented at rapping as N.W.A., often speaking in slang, his large ego gets him in trouble often. Throughout the series, celebrities like Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Rumor Willis and even Rebel Wilson made cameo appearances, never failing to shy away from the unique humor this show carries.

Sadly, this year is its very last season.  Workaholics did have a great run at 7 seasons, and as this last one seems to continuously point out, these guys are getting kind of old for their teen- like shenanigans. Workaholics, is great for adults of all ages but I strongly urge parents to watch this one after the kids are in bed.


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El Weekender

No 54

A Soldier’s Story

By Andres Martinez Jr.

The article indicates that "post-traumatic stress disorder" (PTSD) is a clinical label is the modern day term "Mal de Susto – (Fear-Sickness)” or just plain “Susto”.  Thus the phrase “The Mexican male is the bravest in the world and the only one they cure of “Susto”.  Fear can be manifested in the form of mental illness due to a traumatic experience, I’m not so sure about physical.  And, yes some rituals are still practiced today by Latinos, Native Americans, and so forth, but are simple and were passed over time.  The ritual we used was to lay a person in bed, cover them with a sheet, and sweep them in the form of a cross with a broom saying some sort of prayer.  The other ritual was the use of an egg placed under a bed to cure an unknown sickness or “Mal de Ojo”, thus if you like my eyes, please touch them with your hand to prevent that occurrence. 

We have combat veterans of all nationalities from WWII through the current Middle East including North Texas that suffer from traumatic experiences due to combat, but are affected in different ways.  Some are heroes like Audie Murphy and Roy Benavidez (RIP) both Medal of Honor Recipients.  They lived with PTSD but could deal with it.  Others are devastated caused by the terror they experienced and need psychological counseling.  Historical native cures are not sufficient to cure PTSD.  It is much more in-depth than just “I’m afraid”!

Marshall (Marcelo) Araujo is uncle to my wife Rita Herrera via Rita’s mother Christine Araujo Herrera.  Marshall was a 17-year-old Hispanic male in the prime of his life, vibrant, athletic, and a very good guitar player when he enlisted in the Army for the Korean War (Conflict).  In combat he suffered near death experiences and one in particular where he saw his best friend blown to pieces as he stood next to him; Marcelo was untouched.  Marcelo was discharged 100% disabled (mental) and sent home to Fort Worth.  He was well-known in the south side of Fort Worth.  Family relatives Asencion Carrillo and Albert Carrillo cared for him ending with Bertha Mojica.  We bought him a guitar to play.  He had to be told when to eat, when to bathe, when to change clothes, and when to go to bed.  Many times his caretakers had to bathe him.  Marcelo would have his shirt sleeve rolled up.  When someone came in the room or close to him, he would roll it down and say “Top Secret”.  It is true that he used to chase kids but was playing, meant no harm, never touched them.  When he was told to stop he understood and never did it again.  He was often seen in bars throwing money into the air and people diving for it only to be told to return it because he did not know what he was doing, and they did.  Other times he would frequent restaurants in the south side and would pay with rocks, which were accepted because they knew he had returned from the war completed disabled mentally.  His grandmother and his cousins took, turns caring for him but eventually Bertha Mojica was the final caretaker.  My wife, Bertha and I would take him to the Veteran’s Hospital in Dallas for checkups.  Many times we had to trick him into going otherwise he would not go.  Marcelo Araujo was not whisked away and never seen again.  He was in good hands and received excellent care.

Marcello (Marshall) Araujo was born in January 1931 and died in June 27, 2002 in Fort Worth hospital.  His obituary was published on June on June 30, 2002.  He received the Rosary and was given a Roman Catholic Mass for burial.  He was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Fort Worth.


The Grammys

By Denise Jiménez

The Grammys has had its share of excitement. One of the most now infamous instances was when Taylor Swift won Album of the Year at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2016. Many believe she exploited the emotions of women and real feminist viewers when she used Feminism as the platform of her acceptance speech to slyly snub Kanye West for his hotly debated lyric from his song “famous” where he credits himself to Taylor Swifts fame. Although Taylor Swift led the public to believe she was unaware of the lyric, clear video evidence surfaced shortly after of her expressing to Kanye West how she loved the lyric and even said, “And you know, if people ask me about it I think it would be great for me to be like, ‘Look, he called me and told me the line before it came out. Jokes on you guys, We're fine”.  This, left a bad taste in the mouth of some viewers.

This year the Grammys were slightly different and surely did not lack entertainment. Bruno Mars performed a well-deserved tribute to the late Prince, Adele had to start over her tribute to George Michael as she found it difficult to hold back tears, and Beyoncé pulled a jaw dropping stunt involving falling thrones, all while carrying twins. However, the most talked about event was Adel’s Acceptance Speech for Album of the Year. While Adel expressed her appreciation for the honor of winning album of the year, she declined the award and dedicated it to Beyoncé’s hit Album “Lemonade”. Adel went on to voice her love for Beyoncé and the message her album held, “… And the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering. And you make them stand up for themselves. And I love you…”. Then, just like the scene in Mean Girls, Adel breaks her winning trophy in half to share with Beyoncé.

The 59th Grammys is one to remember, and luckily for something positive this time.


Best Picture Nominations,

My Thoughts
Part Dos


Denzel Washington both starred and directed this film adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer prize winning play. And it has the feel of an actual play with 90% of the action happening inside or in the backyard of Denzel’s character (Troy Maxson) home.

The movie is set in 1950s Pittsburgh where discrimination is for the most part an accepted part of life. However, the focus of the movie is about one man’s view from his life and his history which is mostly no day at the beach. Viola Davis stars as his wife (Rose) who has devoted her life to her marriage and Troy which makes Troy’s infidelity revelations very cutting. Viola will likely take home an Oscar for her performance and she would have earned it. Other characters on this movie are his son Cory, best friend Bono (Not the artist) his mentally disabled brother and oldest son from another relationship. They all are in the strong orbital pull created by Troy which as a viewer you want to hate at times. However, when you find out more about his history you kinda understand him better. This film has very strong dialogue at times that will demand your attention and feelings. Best Picture, Maybe?

Hidden Figures

This movie is based on a true story involving three African American Women Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Johnson. Played by Octavia Spenser, Janelle Monae and Taraji Henson. All three were forgotten figures in the American space race and were instrumental in the first John Glenn space orbit around the earth.

I along with most of America was not familiar with the contributions these ladies made, even more important is the era they did it. The heroes in the movie were segregated in both in a work area and bathroom facilities. They were labeled as the Black Computers as their jobs involved precise math equations that would untimely contribute to America winning the race to space. I enjoyed the movie but best picture, I say No.

Hacksaw Ridge

Imagine being in a World War 11 battlefield without a weapon, this is the true story of conscientious objector Desmond T. Doss. I will admit to not being a fan of the war movie but this one was very different then the regular garden variety war movie.

Don’t’ get me wrong you do get the indiscriminate killing like in most war movies but your focus will be on the lives saved by Desmond played by Andrew Garfield. Desmond a 7th Day Adventist believed the war was just, but personally refused to carry a weapon as a medic. All total he saved 75 fellow soldiers during the bloody battle of Okinawa. He became the first conciseness objector to win the Presidential Medal of Honor. Good movie, best picture I say No.

Complete next week, along with my picks.

By A. Govea


¿Dónde estás? - Where are you?

We all remember when our kids were little. We vowed not to miss a day or event in their lives. We cried when they said their first word and when they took their first steps. We cried more than they probably did on the first day of school. We were there for the award ceremonies, Christmas recitals, valentine’s parties, cheerleading and football practice and games. It was times, that were so memorable.

Yet, as they all do, they grow up and we feel that it should be getting easier on us. They can do so much more on their own. They can now walk to and from school. They can do their own homework. They can attend school social events on their own. We rely on their friends to be their company more than us. The “Meet the Teacher Day” isn't as much priority. Seen one game, seen them all. As our kids grow into their middle school and high school years a lot changes. Our marital status change, our financial situation changes, and our priorities get switched around.

Teenagers seem to get less of our time as they grow. Is this really the time to let them bloom or is it the time that they most need of us, as parents. Teenage years seem to be the life changing ones. So, it would be safe, to say that these years are just as important as any.

Not only do they change physically and mentally, they have life changing situations. The teenage years have changed from when we were kids, the obstacles, challenges and temptations have only multiplied. Our teenagers require as much attention as we gave them when they were little. Parenting is a lifelong commitment. Our job as parents are to see them thru every day not on selected days. To kiss and nurture them at all ages of their lives. To know, who their friends are, what interest they have in, which girl/boy they like, everything that we knew from them as small kids.

My message for all our teenage parents are “Donde Estas – where are you?”, are we still the active parents that we were when our kids were young? Are we there for kids in all aspects as they grow into teenagers and young adults?

Let’s stay united as a family and community to see that our children grow up to successful young adults. Let us, as parents not fail to enjoy every “Memorial Moment.”

Yesenia Rodriguez


Nothing but Trouble

By Denise Govea Jiménez

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As the summer nears its end college students are gearing up with backpacks, notebooks and textbooks to make this semester a success. Some might be alarmed to hear that a gun could be an added item on the school supplies list of some students. This week Texas will permit properly licensed students over the age of 21 to conceal carry a weapon to class on public college campuses. Is this really necessary?  Some might say yes.

Although representatives claim it’s just a coincidence, Texas’s new “campus carry” law happened to be implemented on the 50th Anniversary of the Texas Austin University shooting that happened August 1, 1966. Charles Whitman, a former sharp shooter for the Marine Corps barricaded himself within the UT Tower and took aim at passing students and faculty. Over the span of a 95-minute period he killed 14 people and wounded 32 others. Gun rights activists and government officials believe this new law will keep tragedies like this from happening. Texas law makers claim that allowing students to conceal carry on campus will give them the opportunity to stop a mass shooter before the police arrive.

Officials seem to have high hopes for this new law, but some students are appropriately concerned. Opponents express how this regulation puts students at greater risk. Mirella Sanchez a student at TCC, going to school to become a police officer stated “I don’t see the point when there are so many crazy people already doing dangerous things, it’s dangerous and scary”. This reaction to the news of this new legislation was no different than other students.

 A freshman who wished to remain anonymous was clearly uncomfortable with the new legislation saying, “it’s really scary, and I’m definitely goanna stay away from the students with guns”. I personally felt bad for giving her the information about this “Campus Carry” law, she looked genuinely afraid. Going to college is frightening enough, especially your first year. The pressure college students face can become overwhelming. Adding the responsibility of carrying a weapon on campus does not alleviate any stress or fears.

According to the American College Health Association, suicide by firearm is the most common method and there are over 1,000 suicides committed by college students each year. In addition, they found that 45 percent of women and 36 percent of men suffered from crippling depression. With anxiety and depression already a rampant issue on college campuses, some believe it’s just adding fuel to the fire and could have fateful consequences.

Texas is the 8th state to allow concealed weapons on their public college campuses. With the exceeding amount of gun violence, the logic in this new rule is difficult to comprehend. Only time will tell us the outcome of this “Campus Carry” law. Whether you are for or against it, the challenge we face when it comes to severe depression and anxiety on our college campuses remains a serious issue. As a parent, family member or even friend, it is your responsibility to recognize the signs, and reach out to your loved ones when you notice they are in distress.


El Weekender

No 53

The Trump Administration - The Chaos continues

It was a chaotic campaign.  It was a chaotic first week in office.  It was a chaotic second week.  This may have been a great winning strategy but it is bad politics and diplomacy.

The spat with the Mexican president was followed by bad mouthing of the Australian Prime Minister bragging about having hung up on him which the Prime Minister contradicts.  Then there was the Executive Order that banned entry to the US by Muslims from seven countries.  Of course, this also was not a travel ban.  Another alternative fact.  That is not a ban.  Ultimately, this issue will probably be decided by the Supreme Court and hopefully they will bring clarity to a law that give the president broad powers in immigration, a law written with a rational person as president in mind, something we do not have right now. 

That thousands of people across the country and the world protested the ban mattered not to the man that calls his action an urgent national security measure.  These protestors are not sore losers, they are not liberals, they are not Democrats, they are Americans expressing their constitutional rights over a bad policy.  Somehow there is this erroneous belief that the winner of a presidential election is an absolute ruler with absolute powers.  Not so.

So, we enter the third week just as confused as the first two.  Now he has appointed the VP  to check into his claim of voter fraud. He still cannot accept the fact that Hillary won the popular vote. He must be certain that all the dead people that failed to notify the voter registration office that they had died, did not vote.  You just can’t trust dead people you know. 

There is something insidious threatening to withhold money from counties and cities if they do not enforce sanctuary city laws.  This money would involve mostly law enforcement.  The option communities will have are: 1. Increase taxes to make up the shortage. 2.  Fire law enforcement officers.  3.  Empty jail cells of convicted felons.  It is time to let elected officials know the effect of their ill-conceived notions.  When they threaten to hold money for sanctuary cities we should keep in mind that the money they are talking about is Taxpayer money.  Yes.  It is our money.  Our own money should not be used to blackmail us to force compliance with any directive.  Federal and state money should not have any strings attached.

Washington is the seat of our national government.  It is not a business enterprise it is a diplomatic place.  They world looks at Washington and its policies.  Erratic policies create havoc around the world.  Our military has the best technology in the world.  Simply we spend more on the military.  Our reliance on technology has been so great that the size of the military has been reduced as a result.  Our drones, fighters and bombers can drop conventional and precision (smart) bombs anywhere.  We use them to strike ISIL and Al Qaeda targets. We kill bad guys.  We also kill innocent men, women and children The people on the receiving end call these strikes terrorists attacks.  Those countries that we attack do not have the resources that we have to strike us back at will.  They do not have the drones or airplanes.  What they do have are humans that are willing to blow themselves up in the name of Allah.  They too kill innocent men women and children.  We call these strikes terrorists attacks.  One thing is for certain.  The killings continue, some in the name of God, others in the name of Allah. 

Terrorism, drugs and human trafficking cannot be managed.  Terrorists are going to pick their targets to achieve maximum surprise and effect.  Drug and human trafficking are clandestine businesses.  The fence that Trump wants to build will stop neither.  Central America is filled with poverty, gangs, and every kind of social calamity.  The only salvation for many of these people is to cross the border illegally.  These are the people that do the jobs nobody else wants to do.  This is a problem that can be fixed. 

In the Trump Administration, when it comes to truth telling it is like the pot calling the kettle black.  Trump and his surrogates lie.  Not only do they lie, the deny lying.  It is common for the media to report something about Trump and for him to immediately twit a denial claiming the media is lying.  In Trump’s behavior, you can readily see that what the Russian hack did influence the outcome of the election.  Trump’s supporters don’t care that he lies.  They believe that all Mexicans are rapists and murderers and that all Muslims are terrorists.  What Trump says is true.  Brainwashing works. 

If chaos is the game plan, then Trump wins.  No wonder he had so many bankruptcies. 

Felix Alvarado


Best Picture Nominations, My Thoughts

Hell, Or High Water

It has been described as a modern western, and that may be a good label. As there are a set of brothers that are bank robbers and it is set in West Texas, Midland, Odessa, and Post Texas, near Lubbock plays a prominent role in the movie. Jeff Bridges stars as the soon to be retired Texas Ranger, who aims to catch them before he does. As an add on cliché, his partner is a half Native American and half Mexican American and Bridges takes shots at both ethnic groups.

The main plot involves two brothers that have taken to robbing banks to save the family farm (Yet another cliché). It is a watchable movie, in fact I really enjoyed this movie but maybe it was because I am familiar with towns portrayed. However as for best picture, I say NO.


This picture is labeled as a science fiction thriller, science fiction yes, thriller not so much. Large oval shaped cones start landing on earth and nobody knows what to make of them. Predicable the first thought is to destroy them, since we do not understand. Sound familiar?

Amy Adams stars a linguistic specialist that is tasked the job of finding if they are friend or foe. The process has drama and some excitement. However, in the as usual brave American succeeds where all else have failed and saves the world. It is not a bad movie, but best picture NO WAY.

Manchester By the Sea

This movie is a dark drama, that stars Cassy Affleck as Lee Chandler a handy man thrust into the role of main care giver for his teenage nephew. Affleck is nominated for best actor in this movie also and I would not challenge that nomination.

The death of Affleck’s older brother played by Kyle Chandler in the movie forces Affleck to return to his home town of Manchester by the sea. That is when we discover why he left the city, vowing never to return, however he must to what he thinks is just to attend his brother’s funeral. He soon finds out that his brother has assigned him the task of caring for his son in his will. And while he immediately rejects that responsibly we get a look at what he is really running from. Which involves a horrible accident where his daughters are killed in a fire, that perhaps started through his drunken negligence. Best Picture, should get serious consideration.

More nominated films next week

By A. Govea


The Latin Legacy

By Juan R Govea

In a neighborhood in the north side of Fort Worth, TX Latin Express’ front man, Carlos Saenz mentors a young musician at The Latin Express’ music studio.

Filled with memorabilia, awards and an array of different musical instruments the two-story studios where En La Calle had the opportunity to speak with the 60-year-old musician about the band's 43-year legacy.

“It looks like a music store doesn’t it,” Saenz says as he points out different instruments used by his students and band.

While the studio could be mistaken as a store, Saenz states that he makes little profit for the work he does at the studio, and none for the musical equipment.

Saenz, a noticeable guru in the Hispanic community, says he makes it a purpose to not aunt his many attributes and keeps a low-key persona, wearing his trademark sunglasses.

Saenz sunglasses are not just for style, he says, but primarily for stage fright. Tipping his shades, Saenz says, “I was in a choir assembly in school and broke my prescription glasses and a friend gave me the shades,  and I felt less scared of the crowd and more comfortable.”

Saenz explains his teacher at the assembly did not approve of the shades, but Saenz stubbornly stated he would not perform his lead in the assemblies’ choir without them.

“That’s how I got the shades,” Saenz  says.

Over the years, Saenz says that he is somewhat famous, but feels the band’s support by the Hispanic community and the many fans that have become friends — mostly his family — is more than enough support.

As Saenz describes the memorabilia throughout the studio he recalls the moments and experiences he has made over the 43 years starting in the early 1970’s at a high school fundraiser dance at Trimble Tech High School.

“The fundraiser was like our first gig and ever since then we have been booking gigs to this day,” he said, “but I’m still shocked from the large crowds and support over the years.”

The self-taught musician gained more knowledge of different instruments and says that while he taught himself to play guitar, bass, piano and drums he first learned how to read music from the Encyclopedia and attended Tarrant County College North East campus to learn more.  Saenz more than excelled in his musical studies and  impressed many of his professors, he said.

“I remember my professor Dr. Matthews who taught musical theory saying some of the music I was writing he had never heard before, and I still use the musical technics I learned from Dr. Matthews,” Saenz said, “I attribute my style to Dr. Matthews.”

Over the years, Saenz says The Latin Express has played any gig you could think of. The band with their popularity have not only played for pro but have also played for many charity functions and recently brought in $14,000 for the Fort Worth ISD ne arts department.

In 2008 The Latin Express gained more attention when the band was inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame.

“I would have been in disbelief if someone had told me the band would be celebrating 43 years,” he said.

Latin Express has been known to bring big crowds to any venue, but Saenz says the band recently drew in approximately 1,200 fans at their Central Market gig. Unfortunately the band was asked not to return due to what Saenz says was because of racial stereo-typing. Saenz continues his work mentoring students of all ages and expresses his belief in good work ethics to younger students. Saenz says he not only teaches good work ethics to his students but also to his own children whom he taught as well.

“I enjoy seeing my students succeed and more than overjoyed and proud,” Saenz says he teaches his younger students to strive for bigger and better things.

Saenz says the band’s name is still growing while having played more venues to count and have toured numerous times, but recognition isn’t always easy to be attained.

“Latin Express are the most famous nobody’s you’ll ever know,” Saenz says laughing out loud.  Considering the band’s success in the Latino community, not many venues have supported the band due to racial stereotypes, Saenz says.

While some patrons feel that Latin music played at a primarily white venue is, “out of the norm.” Saenz says. 

The Latin Express has made more than a name for itself and will continue to play the many venues and events they have in the past and as well the future.


The Unmarked Grave

By Alexander M.

Among the tall tells and slasher films, there are true situations that breed evil. Events in a person’s life and influences denied or given to an individual can mold a murder. Edward Theodore Gein was born August 27, 1906, in La Crosse County Wisconsin. He was the second of two boys. His father was an alcoholic, unable to keep a job and his mother was a grocery store owner. Ed’s mother sold the store in 1914 and moved the family to live in isolation near Plainfield Wisconsin, cutting her boys off from the outside world. Ed’s mother capitalized on the seclusion, preaching about the immorality of the world and women being inherently evil. All the while she was stroking a fire in Ed that she did not know had been ignited.

In 1944, after the death of Ed’s father due to his alcoholism his brother was found dead, face down on the family property. His brother’s death believed to be due to heart failure, would eventually be a speculative victim of the vicious creature Ed was becoming. Ed’s mother continued to feed his hate until her death in 1945, leaving an insatiable hunger for his animosity. 

In December of 1957 a shop owner named Bernice Worden went missing, leaving a receipt of the last purchase linked to Ed Gein. Ed’s property was searched and the findings where inexpressibly revolting. A slew of exhumed body parts used to make articles of clothing, masks, and, the re-creation of his dead mother. Also, among the carnage was the decapitated body of shop owner Bernice Worden.

Edward was arranged on one count of First Degree Murder on November of 1957, despite admitting to the murder of Mary Hogan. He pleaded not guilty, by reason of insanity. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia, Ed Gein was sent to a State hospital for the criminally insane. It was not until a year later that Gein was fit for trial. He was found guilty by Judge a week later. However, a second trial held in regards to Gein’s Sanity found him not Guilty by reason of insanity.

Edward Gein’s notoriety earned him such fabled names as Leather face and films depicting characters’ like James Gumb from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and Norman Bated from the horror classic,  ‘Psycho’. However, while these “movie monsters” frightened us and entered our nightmare from time to time; Ed Gein was a true nightmare.

Ed spent the remainder of his life in a mental institution, until laid to rest in a deservingly erie unmarked grave. 


Las Nuevas Plus

No 10

If it looks like a duck

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like duck, only Trump and his surrogates would claim that it is an alternative fact and in fact it is not a duck, it is the media making up the duck story, it is a lie, it is not a duck.  So, it is with his Muslim ban.  It is not a ban against all Muslims.  It just so happens that if you are a Muslim it affects you and you are from one of the named countries it affects you. 

I am reminded of the song by Janis Joplin, Me and Bobby McGee.  A lot of people are feeling good about what Trump has done.  They don’t care what effect it has on America and the rest of the world, it is a good feeling that the man has done good on one of his promises.  Yep.  It sure feels good.  Or the song says, “Freedom is just a word for nothing left to lose.”  Certainly, many of those that voted Trump into office have nothing to lose.  This is what matters, he is mollifying his base.  That base means more to him than what is good for America.

I know that it was the blue-blooded White Americans that got Trump elected.  This is a small fading group of American society.  They have taught the rest of us an important lesson, if we want to keep people like Trump out of the White House, we must vote.  In the interim those protests are legal, very American, very democratic and deliver a powerful message to Trump, think before you act. 

The president in some areas has considerable unilateral power.  Some of it constitutional, some of it granted by Congress, some by the Supreme Court and power comes as the leader of the federal bureaucracy.   No one denies that the president has broad powers.  But there must be some restraint.  This is not a dictatorship.  That is not an alternative fact.

Felix Alvarado


Este Weekend-Ca Paso (That Passed)

I saw a movie, attended an Indivisible meeting (AKA the resistance), went to church, saw the Big Game and danced, well kinda. And believe it or not each one has its own mini story that you may or may not find amusing, either way since I have space to fill here goes.

First the movie, I saw ‘Lion’ which makes the 6th best picture nominated movie I have seen in front the Oscars that will be held on February 26th. Each year I consider it my duty to review all best picture movies in a kinda “I’ll’ be the judge of that way” I will be rolling out my reviews on this Thursday in our Weekender edition. As for Lion, it is a very touching movie that is based on a true story about a five-year-old boy from India that separated from his family on a train. He becomes homeless as he desperately tries to reunite with his family. Untimely, he is adopted by a well to do family in Australia and all is well until he gets into his 20s. ‘Saroo’his actual name (means lion), begins to have dreams and vivid memories of his birth family. He then begins his quest to find his original home with the help of Google maps in a kinda E.T. go home way. It is a good movie if you like quest type movies with a happy ending.

Indivisible meeting was my first with this group, I found the 20 or so people at meeting to be united and committed in opposition to any negative or dumb actions by the Mad Man in the White House. They are contacting local Congressmen and Senators both in person and by phone. I will have more on this group soon.

Church, I attended a Catholic Spanish Mass this week in Keller which I usually find to be both spiritually and culturally awaking for me. The main message was that we all should all strive to make our community a better place for all, I agree. I will admit to being somewhat distracted though by a boy of about 10 years old playing some form of mortal combat on his moms’ phone. And in a kinda of old man ‘Get off my lawn way” I was hoping one of his parents might smack him and take away the phone. Well no smack but mom finally toke phone away and I was relieved to know that she did care enough about church edict to do so.

The big game looked like it was going to be a blowout and I will admit to being happy at that point, so much so that this lead to the dancing part of my weekend. If you have followed football for a while you would know that the Falcons used to have a celebration dance called the Dirty Bird. Well I have my own version of it, which can be best described as Old Bird shakes his tail feather. Luckily for all of us no video exists, as for the game, that Damn Brady brings back the Pats from largest deficit in Super Bowl history. This will cement the fact that he is the best Quarterback in NFL ever period. How much success can one person be allowed in one lifetime? Well if you are Brady a lot! Season is over time for golf, hole in one this year maybe?

By A. Govea


Learning your roots – David Farragut (cont)

He is most famous for his command, “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.”  Of course, there were no torpedoes at the time and he was referring to the underwater mines that were used to protect ports against the attacking naval ships. 

David Farragut was born in Tennessee, a southerner by birth.  His father was a Spaniard born in Minorca one of Balearic Islands that was often used as a fueling stop by Spanish ships on the way to the new world.  The “isleños” that were brought to San Antonio were from these islands. 

At the tender age of 9, David Farragut was commissioned a midshipman in the U.S. Navy.  Even though he was a southerner he felt secession from the Union by the south was treasonous.  He served with the Union Navy with distinction and had a long illustrious career.  David Farragut was the first Naval Officer to be promoted to full admiral.

David Farragut had Latino roots.

By Felix Alvarado


One too Many

By Denise Jimenez

Capital Punishment has been around in America since the first colonies. The first known execution of a criminal, was Captain George Kendall in the Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608.  He was hung after it was discovered he was a spy for Spain.

Then, four years later in 1612 Virginia Governor Sir Thomas Dale enacted the Divine, Moral and Martial Laws. As crazy as it seems, these laws made the death penalty an option for marginal offenses like, stealing grapes, killing chickens, and trading with Indians.

It was not until Thomas Jefferson along with other colleagues in the Virginia Colonies presented a bill that acknowledged the death penalty was to be reserved for crimes to do with murder and treason; the new bill was defeated by only one vote.

As some time has passed since the 1600’s, beliefs surrounding the death penalty have changed and vary from state to state. Some states have even completely abolished the death penalty like New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, and Nebraska. This leaves the other 43 states to utilize Capital Punishment as a sentence. Of course, with something as serious as Capital punishment, this comes with sometimes divisive conversation and protest from concerned citizens who believe the death penalty is a cruel form of punishment, with no evidence of it promoting a positive change in violence in our communities.

According to, a national non-profit organization who releases information concerning capital punishment, since 1973 more than 150 people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence.  That is a chilling number when imagining those who were innocent and not proven innocent in time to release them.  There have been one too many cases of exonerating evidence being found; only after the accused was murdered.  One popular example, is that of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in 2004 for the murder of his three young daughters, who tragically died in a house fire in 1991.  Cameron was quickly made a suspect as prosecutors claimed he was trying to get rid of his children, evidence of Cameron hitting his wife while she was pregnant further exemplified the accusations.  Even with his wife testifying he had not abused her, prosecutors were determined to find him guilty.  In August of 1992 prosecutors offered a life term in exchange for a guilty plea but Cameron Willingham insisted he was innocent, and rejected the plea deal. Willingham went to trial.

Sadly, in 1992 the science regarding arson was still brand new and almost completely based off opinion. Investigators testified the fire was started by gasoline, using the ash marks left by the fire as reference, this vital piece of “evidence” along with false testimony from a fellow inmate, led to Cameron’s tragic demise. In 2004, the state of Texas executed Cameron Willingham despite evidence of his innocence. An investigation conducted in 2009 by the Texas Forensic Science Commission found that the arson evidence was faulty and the testimony given by a fellow inmate being withdrawn in 2000 (before the execution), proved Willingham was innocent.

The reality of the death penalty is stark to say the least. There is no way to be correct every single time. This means innocent men and women will be put to death. Research shown in a 2014 FBI Crime Report stated that the South has the highest murder rate despite the South being accounted for over 80% of executions. Statistics like these make the argument that the death penalty deters violent crimes like murder questionable.

However, despite all facts and opinions revolving around Capital Punishment, it is important to remember surviving family and friends of these murder victims. To some, the death penalty is a form of some relief, and may even rid them of vengeful emotion. To surviving family and friends, the death penalty is crucial to their grieving process and may help them find closure.

Capital punishment may seem barbaric to many; however, it is essential to the justice system for others. Sadly, innocent lives are taken along with guilty ones. Should that fact alone make the death penalty impractical?


El Weekender

No 52

Illegal immigration: A Brief History

By Denise Jimenez

Mexico and Texas have a very long history regarding immigration.  Some people might be surprised to hear there was a time when it was illegal for US citizens to immigrate to Tejas, otherwise known as present day Texas.

In 1821 Texas was a providence of Mexico, also known as Tejas. Initially Tejas held themselves at the same standards as when Spain was in control. Then in 1824 the Constitution of Mexico set up a federal structure that allowed Tejas to join province with Coahuila to form the new state of Coahuila y Tejas. The new state was severely underpopulated with only about 3500 settlers. This posed a problem with the indigenous tribes who often raided the colony. This led to the General Colonization law of 1824, this allowed every head of household despite race or immigration status to settle in Mexico. Most of the settlers were fleeing the aftermath of an economic crisis that happened in the United States. There were also other settlers coming from Europe and other parts of Mexico. The General Colonization Law of 1824 proved to be very successful but relief was short lived as the Mexican government started making changes regarding slave laws.

In 1829, Mexico officially abolished slavery. Stephen F. Austin, knowing the anger this would cause the Anglo colonist attempted to muffle news of the new law. His efforts proved fruitless, news of the new law spread quickly through the colonies. Murmurs of revolt could be heard all through town. The governor of Tejas wrote to the President of Mexico explaining the importance of slavery to the Texas economy and was granted temporary exemption from this new law. However, the next year Mexican President Anastasio Bustamante ordered Tejas to comply with the emancipation proclamation or face military intervention. This did not sit well with Anglo Settlers. After concerns over insolent and insubordinate behavior of US citizens, Mexico implemented the Law of April 6,1820 which outlawed further immigration from the United States to Mexico. This did not stop US citizens from illegally immigrating by the thousands. Colonists were outraged with this new law, and demanded it be repealed at the Convention of 1832. The Mexican government agreed, a decision they would inevitably regret.

By 1834, it was estimated that over 30,000 Anglos lived in Texas compared to only 7,800 Mexicans. Anglos were known to treat Mexicans as if they were foreigners and Mexicans usually responded with the same attitude, and just two years later Mexico lost the Tejas providence.  Texian Rebels defeated Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto in less than twenty minutes, the President of Mexico De Santa Ana was captured. Tejas illegally gained their independence as Santa Ana did not have the authorization to “sign over Tejas”. Then, nine years later Texas joined the United Sates.

So, when thinking about immigrants or immigration keep in mind that people have migrated from all over to places around the globe. At one point in time your family could have been fighting for their pursuit of happiness.


Cowboys Have 5 of these.

Another Super Bowl, Sans Cowboys

Guess Cowboy Fans should be used to not playing in the big game. After all, their last appearance came during the 1995 season, In Arizona against the Steelers 27/17 in January 1996; it was especially good to finally beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl. As the Cowboys, had lost to them twice in the Tom Landry era. And for both fans and former players from that era, it felt like finally, “In your face” dirty Steelers.

The last win was under Barry Switizer as Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson had already had their famous break up. Among all the comments thrown, in the break was the line that Jerry Jones issued “I can win a Super Bowl with any 500 coaches that are available” Jerry really, really wanted that one and many now speculate that he made a deal with the devil to get it. And, if he did he agreed to a dry spell that now has extended to 21 seasons. If you are a Cowboy fan, you know the wheels came off the bus after that one. Barry left, so did Troy Aikman and the rest of the triplets, what followed was a string of Quarterbacks and coaches that were mediocre at best. Of course, we had Parcells here for a while but we all knew it would not last. After all Jerry’s ego was too big to share the stage with anyone.

However, before he left he named an undrafted Q. B. Tony Romo as the starting Quarterback, with him the Cowboy fans had hope. Under Tony we had some good seasons, after the O-Line got shored and he could complete a pass without having to run for his life. Many Cowboy fans have a soft spot for Tony and really hoped he would win a Super Bowl here. But, alas that will not likely happen, most fans have now pinned their hopes on Dak Prescott and Tony must try  to win his Super Bowl elsewhere.

 The new triplets now are Dak, Zeek and Dez, will they take us to the promised land? I say yes but not if we do not fix the defense. As for the big game on Sunday, I will be watching and somewhere in my mind I may allow myself a moment to drift back to 1996.

By A. Govea


Learning your roots – Frsico Museum (cont)

By Felix Alvarado

There is nothing more disappointing than hearing adults tell me “We were here first” meaning Mexicans were here in North Texas first.  I try to gently correct people by asking them if they are Comanche.  When they reply “No” I let them know that in fact the Comanche were here first.  This was their land.  Neither Spain first, or Mexico second had people willing to come to settle North Texas even though the land was up for the taking.  It mattered not who claimed it, it mattered who settled it.

Eventually White settlers would arrive enticed to come by free land.  For the settlers, it was a harsh life because the Comanche did not like intruders, only children had a chance of surviving an Comanche attack.  After the end of the Civil War the US Army was able to provide protection and bring the Comanche menace to a halt. 

Frisco Museum is interesting because it in fact does show the Comanche as being here prior to the settlers. There is a timeline that you can see how Frisco developed.  It was the Comanche, the railroad and then the settlers. 


Learning you roots (cont)

Ranger Texas

By Felix Alvarado

Eighty miles west of Fort Worth is the small delipidated town of Ranger.  Once upon a time Ranger was a booming town of over 16,000 people.  You could say that once upon a time Ranger was the Saudi Arabia of North Texas, it had the oil to prove it.

W. K. Gordon manager of the coal mine in Thurber knew that oil was a much better source of fuel for the trains.  He sat out to find the oil.  He found it in Ranger Texas in 1917.  Again, Mexico was the source of healthy strong men to work the oil fields. 

With the discovery of oil in Ranger there was no longer a need for coal.  Oil spelled the end of the coal mining era in North Central Texas.  Coal miners were offered to transfer to other coal mines or return to their country of origin.  Some Mexicans decided to return to Mexico.  Most scattered to other parts of the US, and the metroplex.

The train depot is now a museum where you can see the rigors of working in the oil fields.


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Las Nuevas Plus

No 9

“They’re all going to laugh at you”

A quote from the cult classic “Carrie”; a warning Carrie failed to heed from her fanatical mother as she headed towards her ill-fated prom. Similarly, to Carrie; Donald Trump and his voters did not listen to adversaries who warned of Donald Trump’s inability to uphold the core values of The United States. And now with no satisfaction; they’re all laughing. Trump has not been in office for a full 2 weeks, yet he has used his executive platform to alienate the immigrant population, refugees seeking safety and the Mexican Government.

Donald’s absurd actions have enticed other nation leaders and its citizens to criticize the new president and his voters for being arrogant towards his new policies; specifically, the refugee ban. A spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel tweeted in response to the recent refugee ban, “We will protect the rights and freedoms of UK nationals home and abroad. Divisive and wrong to stigmatize because of nationality.” The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also tweeted” To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”. Minutes after Canada tweeted their support for Muslim Refugees, Scotland followed with a tweet showing their support as well.

However, protesters of the New President and his policies from other countries have not been as kindhearted, especially when voicing their opinion about American citizens and those who voted for Donald Trump. Thousands of protesters in London on Monday were heard screaming “F** Trump” and “refugees welcome” as they made their grievances known, rejecting the refugee ban.

There is a popular comparison being made between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. It is unfortunate that Trump supporters are blind to this resemblance and continue to sit silently while Donald continues to sign off on these ridiculous executive orders. Luckily, republicans like John McCain and Linsdey Graham are slowly dropping off the bandwagon since the announcement of the Refugee Ban, releasing a joint statement saying “We are particularly concerned by reports that this order went into effect with little to no consolation of the Department of State, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security”.

It is important to continue to speak out against the unjust executive orders that are being passed down from the new President, remember to care for your communities by voting locally, holding your mayor and city council responsible for their silence or compliance of new policies, and remembering that the world is watching.

By Denise Jiménez


"On record for ONE OF the dumbest things Americans have done."- Citizen of Glenboro NB Canada response to Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election


DART Customer Service a Novel Idea

By Ex Alba

A Novel Idea!
A “novel idea” is basically defined as “a good idea" whether it be based on fact or BS. From my personal experience over the last few months of riding DART, I / me / myself call their customer service the latter. At the best.

This is not the mindless rant of someone that doesn’t appreciate DART, I am blessed to be able to make use of the DART Light Rail, and not waste countless hours stuck in traffic each workday. I am blessed my employer foots half the bill of my ridership. I am blessed I am able to utilize the GoPass app, not everyone can. I am blessed that my stop in downtown Dallas is mere steps from my office building.

Yes, I really do appreciate my overall DART experience. Nevertheless, to you Dallas Rapid Area Transit, I say you have plenty of room to improve your customer service. Now if I can only say in 500 – 600 words or less.

My Initial Experiences

I have utilized the DART train off and on for the last ten years, since May/June 2016 almost exclusively. In the previous 91/2 years, there were instances sprinkled here and there, that soured me on DART enough to discourage me from making it my primary mode of work transportation. The two (separate) instances at the top of the list: punks jumped men at one of the downtown stations after dark, both were beaten, one was robbed; one fought back didn’t lose any money but had to wear sunglasses temporarily. Being an ex-cop I strongly encouraged both to file a report after the fact, I even offered to go with them, both declined, the one robbed because he is an undocumented worker. Makes an ex-cop wonder if this is an isolated incident.

My Recent Experiences

Summer months 2016 (June - August): I get there early each day to park in a shaded area under a tree in parking lot across the street from trains, but typically was not able to. The day laborers get there early and take most of them. I guess they pay DART taxes too.

082416: A DART employee (wearing a DART uniform and the name tag McKinney) was apparently running late, honked at me while I was in the crosswalk (I can only presume I was walking too slow for him), sped into the parking lot, parked in a handicap spot, jumped out of the van, ran towards a bus that was leaving, and tried to flag it down. Not sure if he was successful.

Cooler months: Homeless riders are now almost a daily occurrence; they usually take up two seats lying across both of them sleeping. I get on at the Parker Rd Station; I can only assume they are boarding downtown somewhere because coming into Plano they are on the last train. Leaving they are on the first one. Once another passenger and I were commenting on the “sleeper” and she said, “I came up here from the next car because there are several asleep on it.”

I am not heartless toward the homeless in cold weather, we all need a warm place to sleep, but when they are taking up two seats on an already crowded train, I feel DART police should intervene. Speaking of DART police I’ve texted them couple of times (about this issue) as the posted signs direct and I always get polite text replies asking pertinent questions. Where did I board? Which station am I now? Etc. But 45 minutes later when I arrived at a stop in FRONT OF THE DART BUILDING and no one had responded I realized they weren’t.

Well I’ve exceeded my word limit. Maybe next month “Part 2”.


"On record for ONE OF the dumbest things Americans have done."- Citizen of Glenboro NB Canada response to Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election


Taxpayers Should Wise Up for Commonly Missed Deductions, Credits
& New Tax Law Changes

By Manuel Espino

As the tax season arrives there are some deductions, credits, and changes with which every taxpayer should become familiar.  Those that have just bought a house or are in the first years will likely be paying mostly interest versus principal on the mortgage loan.  Real estate interest is deductible on first homes, secondary homes, and timeshares.  In addition, real estate taxes and premium mortgage insurance, better known as PMI, are all tax deductible.  Most people forget that PMI is deductible when itemizing.  In addition, car registration taxes and general sales taxes are tax deductible.  For the general sales tax deduction, the taxpayer can claim the deduction with the total sales tax receipts for the year or calculate the result via the IRS tax calculator.  If the taxpayer bought expensive items like a new car or boat, then he or she may claim the additional sales tax for that amount in addition to the one given based on income and number of members in the household.  Along with taxes, people can deduct cash or checks donated to a church.  The church can and should provide a letter or statement of all donations, including tithes, at the end of the year.  With the above deductions, a taxpayer should exceed the Standard Deduction and claim these Itemized Deductions for an optimal refund or lower tax liability.

The most commonly missed credit is the Earned Income Tax Credit, more commonly known as the EIC credit.  This is a refundable credit that can be claimed by single or married taxpayers with at varying amounts, depending on the number of children.  Some tax preparers enter the data and answer the EIC Due Diligence section incorrectly, thereby denying their clients of a legitimate credit they were due.  Nevertheless, taxpayers that are not legal residents or nonresidents cannot claim this credit if a taxpayer or spouse is included in the return.  However, they still qualify for the Child Tax Credit, which is $1,000 per child in most cases.

For tax year 2016 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is holding the EIC portion of a taxpayer’s refund and Additional Child Tax Credit until February 15, so millions of taxpayers will receive partial refund amounts.  The fastest way to receive a refund is to have it deposited into a checking account.  A taxpayer can check his/her refund status on and click on the “Where’s My Refund?” tab.  Many businesses like H&R Block, Jackson-Hewitt, and Liberty Tax Offer Refund Anticipation Loans that allow the taxpayer to receive between $500 and $1500 up front so the wait for EIC portion does not pose a bigger financial hardship.  However, these places can charge $500 or more per return when bank fees, electronic transmission fees, and preparation fees are included.  The taxpayer should be diligent to ask what he/she is paying for and that the tax preparer is transparent with fees.


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