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Special Voter Alert

The Chickens have come home to roost

Placeholder imageFrom the beginning, he has claimed that the only way he can lose the election is if the system is rigged.  In his rallies, he has told his followers to go check the voting places and do poll watching especially in places with high African-American population.  Supposedly in some of these places people vote as many as ten times.  Even dead people rise from their grave to cast a ballot.  A lot of outrages accusations about voting irregularities have been made by Donald Trump. He has referred to the Second Amendment as a way to win the election.  He does not say what he means, but we can imagine.

These suggestions by Trump have been made even though in many instances and states the actions are illegal and a violation of the Voting Rights Act and state laws regarding how elections are run.  He has failed to tell his followers that they are individually responsible for obeying voting laws much like getting a traffic ticket when you are driving, you get the ticket, you pay the fine. 

The United Hispanic Council of Tarrant County filed a complaint with the Department of Justice which is partially quoted:
Specifically, Direct Action Texas, headed by Aaron Harris, has attempted to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation with seniors and political activists exclusively from the Hispanic neighborhoods of North Side and Diamond Hill in Tarrant County, Texas. Direct Action Texas is a Tea Party-oriented organization consisting of primarily one individual named Aaron Harris. Mr. Harris has been known for his involvement as a conservative activist and campaign manager for a Tea Party Republican State Representative, Jonathan Stickland.

The Complaint continues:
The actions of the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton and of Aaron Harris should be properly viewed in light of the unceasing and well-documented hostility of many Texas Republicans to the voting rights of Hispanic Texans. The Republican-dominated Texas Legislature has long pursued legislation aimed at, or with the impact of, violating the voting rights of Hispanic Texans, in redistricting and most recently shown in the Texas Voter ID litigation (Texas NAACP v. Steen).

The actions are an affront to our Latino citizens of the State of Texas and a violation of the Civil Rights Act.  Republicans and TEA Party like have governed Texas with impunity as if there were never going to be an end to Republican rule in Texas. 

We urge all citizens to call Rufino Mendoza at 817 294 4993 or Alberto Govea at 817 797 4015 if anyone comes looking for information regarding how you voted.  Take a picture of the person and the license plate number of the car.  Do not get into any violent confrontation with anyone of these people.  If they become violent call 911.

Yes.  There will be a day when the chickens come home to roost.


Don’t Drink the Kool Aid

Eighteen years ago, on November 18, 1978 long before many of those reading this article were born America woke up one morning to the nightmarish news that at Jonestown, Guyana, 918 people of a religious sect had committed suicide by drinking poisoned Kool Aid on the order of sect leader Jim Jones.  This is not the only time that a religious sect has committed mass suicide just the most gruesome because it involved innocent children.  There were pictures of parents with their children between them, all dead.

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I have followed the election since Democrat and Republican candidates first announced their intention to seek the office of president of the United States.  At the beginning two candidates stood out from the rest, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  They stood out because they brought their own following.  Bernie brought the young educated crowd and Trump the young uneducated crowd.  This is not to say that they did not have other followers, their campaign was based on appealing to a specific crowd. We could speculate that if Bernie Sanders had been a lifelong Democrat he would have been the party’s choice, but that is pure speculation.  You could almost say the same thing about Trump but his situation is different because from the beginning he started campaigning negatively and ridiculed and mocked his opponents unmercifully in a fashion unseen in past elections, especially for president.  His opponents responded too late to the vicious attacks on them and their family. 

Trump did not bring civility to the campaign.  He brought chaos and disorder.  But if that is what it would take for him to be the Republican nominee so be it.  We are now in the final days of the campaign.  Millions have early voted already.  In a dirty a trick as can be played the FBI released some emails that they had but for whatever reason they waited until almost election day to release the information.  I am sure that all of us can be perceptive enough to know that the release had something to do with helping Trump.  With Russia on Trump’s side releasing emails Hillary has her hands full.  We the American people should be exposed to such revolting campaign tactics. 

Trump’s followers are not voting on issues; Trump is to them what Jim Jones was to his followers, the Kool Aid man.  Trump has no issues all he does is say dirty things about Hillary.  His followers don’t care.  The Kool Aid is good. 

Trump’s Republicans are not the proud Republicans of the party of Lincoln.  The party will rebuild after the elections.  And it will be a better party more reflective of the demographics of Texas. 


Dallas 29-Eagles 23—Baptism by Fire

Dak had his worst game of the season but one of the greatest comebacks in recent Cowboy history.

The 3rd ranked Eagle defense had Dak on the run, often running for his life. While the Cowboy offensive line played as well as they could, Dak seemed to be confused with the Eagles defensive scheme. It caused him to miss open recivers, limited his ability to check down to secondary targets. And it seemed to me and others that he was a little too fixeted on getting the ball to Dez on this his return game. Beasley went largley ingonered by Dak for most of the game until the 4th quarter, along with Witten. The other recivers Butler and Williams also did not get their normal share of targets last night, Zek wound up with 96 yards on 22 carries, but it was certaintly not a cakewalk for him.

The Eagles were determined to stop the run and make Dak beat them, they blitized so often that even when they didn’t Dak thought they were. Now he did make them pay a few times, a 55 yarder to Dez, big runs by him and of course a game winning T.D to a wide open Witten in the end zone. Dak had 1 INT. but could have easliey had at least 2 more. He made several bad decisions and terrible throws but as they say they don’t ask you “How you won”? Just did you win? Now this win did happen in large part because the Cowboy defense kept them in the game, they were able to keep the Eagles to field goals instead of Touchdowns. This allowed the offense to come back from a 23/13 deficit in the fourth quarter to tie up the game and get them into overtime. It is hard to single out one defensive player as it seemed they all contributed but Team Captain Sean Lee likely had his best game of the season.

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And I do have to single out the secondary play especially since at the start of the season it was the biggest concern. Scandrick was back last night and had some big plays but 2nd year kid Byron Jones continues to impress. This win was truly a team win all around and was really surprised at the chances Cowboys took with some of the play calling to stay in this game. Fake punt that resulted in a big first down, Beasley pass even if it failed it did give Eagle defense more to think about. In his post game interview Dak credited the defense for the win but the whole team refused to give up last night. And that is the true sign of a winner, you get knocked down but you get up and continue fighting. As I said before Dak had a bad game, he will learn from this and I belive he will be better for it, they all will. Cowboys 6/1 who would have thunk it! By A. Govea back



Presidential Debate III – The Final Countdown III
The Slug Fest

This was the final debate.  In the ring was a novice boxer.  He dared to take on the Champion. 

This time Trump brought the B-Team, President Obama’s half-brother and a surprise guest, a lady that once upon a time accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse.  And the ultimate symbol of power, a RED tie.

The first few rounds were fairly even punch counter-punch.  As usual Trump was forewarned to avoid being lured into a trap.  As usual, Trump did not heed the advice and the champion boxer sting like a bee jab and he reacted swinging wildly, game over.  See you can’t trust “nasty a woman”.

This is the bottom line.  Trump’s strategy is simple.  Lie, Lie, Lie.  Convince his followers that he is the victim of a rigged system.  The whole world is rigged against him.  The only way to correct the rigged system is to convince his followers to go vote in massive number.  That is the game plan.  He does not have a message.  Too late for that.  He grasps at anything that can be made into a lie, poll numbers, media reports, you name it he can turn it into a lie, he will use it.  It is hard to listen to a man speak when you know he is telling you lies.  Yes, according to Trump it is broke (whatever) and he is the only one that can fix it and he is the only one that tells the truth.  Trump has perpetuated so many lies against Hillary that his followers believe the lies.  Unfortunately, his followers don’t care that he is lying, all they want him to do is win.  They truly believe that the Kool Aid is delicious. 

The latest gimmick is Obamacare.  Millions of Americans have health insurance thanks to Obamacare.  It is not a perfect document.  Trump’s plan is to get rid of the plan and replace it with something new.  He just does not elaborate on his new plan.  We are left to assume that it is better.  As I learned in one of my management classes, when you assume something, you make an Ass-U-Me. 

For Hillary, it is difficult to have an intelligent discussion with a liar.  This is a presidential election.  The American people have a right to know where the candidates stand on issues.  We are entitled to more than lies.

Local newspapers cannot all be wrong when they editorialize that Trump is not a good choice for president.  They cannot all be wrong.  Neither are we.


To Be A Volunteer, Is To Be Humble

I’ve been called an activist, an organizer and a leader, and some¬times a good golfer. What I really am most of the time is a Volunteer for the church. Our Catholic church has many hard working Priests. They do a good job each Sunday telling you about God and how He should be the center of our life. They do a good job telling us how the Old Testament ties into the New Testa¬ment but they have a bigger job beyond that. They have a huge job of trying to save souls and at the same time trying to run the Church business and activities. We need to help our Priests in fact it is our duty to do that. Remember the bible verse about a seed is just a seed until it falls onto the soil. If it falls on good soil it will grow into a tree or a vine with many branches. When we use this description of seeds turning in to a tree or a vine we should look at it as, what are we doing in our lives? Are our lives like trees that do well for the world by providing shade, fruit and a place where birds can rest and build a nest? Or are we like a standalone branch waiting to become a whittle or shaving that will be cast into a fire. We have to think about what we are doing with our lives. When we seek God and try come closer to him he will assist us by giving us grace, blessings and knowledge which will make us better people. We then must share this information with others who have not heard or learned about it. There is a whole world out there. Many people have not been taught or told about Jesus. We have to help build an environment of good soil for those people. I believe it is our Christian’s duty to work and help keep the Church strong and active. We do that by evangelizing and by volunteering in our church community. We need to be helping our Priest save souls by becoming involved with some of the work that it takes to form a strong church community. There is strength in numbers and by having a strong church community a lot can be done. There are many different needs within the church community. There is a need that caters to the youth. We must keep them interested and active. The young like to hang out with each other. A strong Church commu¬nity can organize and help sponsor functions to cater to most of these social desires and needs while keeping God in their site. Strong Christian values are maintained when people are around other Christians with the same values. There is a need for Christian discussion or educational groups that can help a lot of people including uninformed adults. Some adults may have missed a lot of information about our Catholic faith and may not have the tools to defend the Church. Take for instance, someone from one of the many denominations out there, that can say something to them like “well it says in the Bible that you should not call a man “Father” and you Catholics do that. Oh man this is where it all begins. The poor guy is pulled into another Church because he did not know our Catholic beliefs and teachings. A strong Catholic community within each parish can help with information¬al programs that will make people stronger Catholics. They can create Bible study programs, start RCI classes. They can create a social environment that will make it enjoyable to be around other Christians as we enjoy each other’s company while we learn about God. Church communities are formed by people who are willing to volunteer. Volunteers are special people because they are willing to give up some of their free time to do good for others. They perform one of Jesus main teachings which is to be humble and to serve. Your Fiend in Christ, Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize back Back

Go Vote!!!!
Ir a votar!!!!!!

Elections are here, it is time to go vote. You can participate in a historic election.

Las elecciones están aquí, es hora de ir a votar. Usted puede participar en una elección histórica. As a registered voter you can vote in any early voting location. In the North Side it is All Saints Catholic Church.

Como un votante registrado puede votar en cualquier ubicació< n de votación temprana/anticipada. En el lado norte es toda iglesia católica todos los santos. To make it easy to vote, take your driver’s license. It is the best voter id. Para facilitar la votación, tome su licencia de conducir.

Es la mejor identificación del votante. If you have difficulty with English ask a clerk with a “Yo Hablo español” sticker for help. Si tienes dificultad con el inglés pídale ayuda a un empleado con una pegatina que dice “Yo Hablo Espanol.” Voting is a patriotic act. It is also a family affair. El voto es un acto patriótico. También es un asunto de familia.


Reginald Martinez Jackson (Reggie Jackson)
AKA Mr. October

I will admit to being a less then devoted baseball or for that matter basketball fan either and while I am on the subject soccer does nothing for me. Now I hope this is not a sacrilege thing to admit since I am a Mexican type. And since we have a local professional hockey team that has won a title, I did try during their playoff runs. As for golf, I will watch all the majors and any time a Mexican type is in the lead. The thing about golf though it is the only sport that allows for a nap, at least on the front nine so that’s a plus. Football for me is the ultimate fan sport, short season (16 Games) makes all games important, but when your season is over 100 games it is tough for me to get excited. However, come the playoffs I feel compelled to watch especially if the Rangers are in the tournament. We all know what happened to them this playoff run, enough said. This year the series is very fan friendly with the Cubs and Cleveland in, two teams that have not shown up in there in about 100 years each. The story lines have a real appeal to the perfidy fan of which I can count myself in this series. I have both family and friends that root for the Cubs and had the experience of attending a Cubs game in Chicago. And I will admit it was a cool experience, So Go Cubs! Ok, with all that said, one thing I do for sure is recognize and celebrate greatness in any sport, yes even in soccer. Which gets me to Reggie Jackson AKA Mr. October, even though as I wrote I am not a huge baseball fan, but any time the World Series rolls around I can’t help but think about Reggie. And recently I was surprised to learn that his Dad and possibly his mom both have Puerto Rican heritage. In fact, I heard Reggie say in an old ESPN report that he identified himself as a Black Man with Latino blood. That was news to me and I think to many, I was always a fan of his work and now I am perhaps a little more. The Reggie I remember was already outspoken and not shy to share his thoughts on just about anything, especially on his greatness. Kinda a-la Mohamad Ali type but not quiet, but as a young man at that time I appreciated his brashness. Maybe because in our culture very often you were often told by the adults in your family keep your head down and don’t’ draw attention to yourself. However, I also heard it ain’t bragging if you can prove it. And prove it he did, 3 World series wins with the A’S: 2 with the Yankees: 14 All Star seasons, Silver Slugger Awards, MVPs and Babe Ruth Award. But the game that most remember including me is the 1977 World Series when he had 3 home runs in the 6th and deciding game. Both the A ‘s and Yankees retired his uniform, not bad for the son of a tailor and a former second baseman in the Negro league (Martinez Jackson) So even though his glory days are long gone at age 70, I still celebrate his greatness and I am proud to count him as a Raza brother. By A. Govea back Back


Beware of Trump the toxic candidate
– don’t drink the Kool Aid.

Register and Vote!

The election is almost over. People are already voting for president. With due respect to all women the saying goes “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” And to help him sooth these turbulent moments, here is a song by Skeeter Davis, The End of the World, because that is the song the fat lady is singing. As predicted, Trump has one strategy to win the election, dump on Bill Clinton. Enough women have stepped forward accusing Trump of unwanted sexual advances.

Trump has only one option, deny and attack. To do anything else opens him up to possible charges and lawsuits. Unfortunately for Trump his surrogates are out there denying that Trump ever did anything wrong and in the process giving legitimacy to the allegations by saying that regardless of what Trump did wrong what Bill Clinton did was much worse. That in itself is an admission of wrong doing. Some more condemning comments are the ones by Trump himself demeaning the women by saying “look at her” suggesting that if the female was more attractive she would be susceptible to his groping advances. We are not in a court of law where there are charges and convictions. These allegations are tried in the court of public opinion where dirty laundry has a tendency to find its way to the top. Trump is quoted as saying he could shoot somebody in 5th Avenue and he would not lose a vote. He is proving that correct. His followers are zealots. They remain by his side as if he had the magic wand that he could swipe and all of a sudden everything that he promises becomes real. His followers are not going to abandon their god.

As usual Trump is whining that the media, Washington, Mexico Hillary and the whole world really are plotting to deny him the election. The system is rigged. He is the victim. All the ladies that are accusing him of misconduct, they are simply, big liars. In Spanish there is a saying, “si el rio suena, agua lleva.”. If the river makes noise, water it carries. Rewind to Bill’s problems and somehow Stand By Your Man was attributed to Hillary. Now Trump’s wife is singing the song. For Trump the saga has just begun. The drama will not end with the presidential election, win or lose. There is a plethora of lawyers out there that are watching the developments waiting for their chance to jump into the fracas. What happened to Bill Cosby invariably will probably happen to Trump. There is a presidential election going on. We have to decide who to vote for. There are only two viable choices. We are not Trump haters nor Hillary lovers. What we are, is lovers of America. Proud Americans. The day after the election there will be a clear winner. The outcome will not be rigged unless the Russians decide they want to elect the winner. One candidate has bragged about Putin and what a great leader he is. Yes, it is pretty clear that the Russians are interested in having Trump win this election. We cannot allow that to happen. We need informed, knowledgeable, intelligent and involved voters. What we do not need are Kool Aid drinkers. back

Record 15 million Texans registered to Vote!

Yes! By the strong efforts of many grassroots organizations we have been able to achieve a record goal of registered voters. Texas has 15,015,700 voters registered according to a preliminary estimate — over 777,000 more than were registered in time for the March primaries.

Let me make this as clear as I can.


Through the efforts of many organizations we have registered or motivated people to register to vote and many of them were Latinos or Hispanics. I know that the two organizations that I have had the privilege to work with have just begun and will continue to work hard in the Latino and Hispanic Community.

These two organizations are the Hispanic Caucus of Tarrant County and the Latino Democrats of Denton County. They have a membership of community leaders that for years have fought long and hard for their respective communities and these leaders are teaching new comers that have moved here like myself what needs to be done and why. The next phase is to inform the voters about the candidates and solutions and allow them to make their own determination as to which candidate and solutions fit in with their point of view. That is our democracy and the American way. We must fight against corporate money flooding our elec­tions with dirty money, trying to influence our vote. Here locally KOCHPAC funded by the KOCH brothers have dumped thousands of dollars of campaign contributions into races. As reported by Rolling stone magazine and other publications Koch industries has been dumping TOXIC waste into our TEXAS lands for years. Are we were not good enough to worry about our health and our children’s health. Just think what if this TOXIC waste starts to seep into our drinking water. I would say you have another “FLINT MICHIGAN” on your hands. I always say follow the money and it will lead you to the reason. They are dumping funds into a local politician’s race to help him win and Ron Simmons – Republican for Texas House District 65 is the chairman of and sits on various committees that make the laws that allow the KOCH brothers to dump TOXIC waste into our TEXAS lands. Ron Simmons is trying to do a magic trick showing us the shiny things in his hands so that we are distracted and don’t pay attention to the things that are in his head. That is why I support Alex Mendoza for this seat. Alex has a plan to protect our TEXAS lands from TOXIC waste dumpers. He has many of the attributes and points of view that match not only with the Latino community, but with the community as a whole. One of the goals of the two organizations is to encourage Latinos and Latinas to run for office up and down the ballot. That way we can finally have representative government. Look at Alex Mendoza plans on his website and make your own determination. He comes from a Mexican Immigrant family, is a Marine Corps veteran, graduate from the University of North Texas, business owner and runs charities that empower single mothers to provide for themselves and their families in two countries. I encourage all Latinos and Latinas to go to the polls starting October 24, 2016 and on the last day November 8, 2016.

By Jessie Jiménez


Matilde gets to vote

Actually no one calls her Matilda…every­one calls her Grandma or Grandma Tillie…but Matilda is on her voter registration card. My 90-year-old grandmother immigrated to the US (in California) from Mexico when she was 23 years old...marrying a Mexi­can-American citizen. She became a citizen, here in Texas, under President Reagan’s amnesty plan. She started out working as a waitress and eventually became a bi-lingual secretary working for the YMCA. At 90 years old, she still has her wits about her…she still drives her car, she lives alone and can cook up the best Mexican food on the planet! Believe it or not, she is computer literate…she has a Facebook page and writes emails to family all over the world, and even plays video games with my kids.

My grandmother was raised Catholic but by spending over forty years in California she has adapt­ed an “open minded” and unpretentious edge you would not expect. She is non-judging, has extreme compassion for people of all races, gender and sexual orientation, and is the most generous woman I have ever known. I have learned a lot from this wonderful woman and she touches everyone’s heart as soon as they meet her.

But on October 24th I have the honor of taking her to vote for the next president of the United States. This isn’t her first election. She cast her first vote ever for President Bill Clinton and she attended her first political rally in Dallas in 2008 when Hillary was in town. She admits that she was disappointed when our girl got beaten by President Obama. But we both recovered quickly and cast our vote for the Democratic ticket…the “party of the people”. After all, “people” are what is most important to her, so she naturally sup­ports the “party of the people” …. Democrats.

She is excited to vote in what she says is the most important election of her life. She says this not for the reasons you might think. Not because she is 90 years old and this could very well be her last election…her mother lived to be 104 (so we expect my grand­mother vote again). And not because she finally gets to see the first female president (a woman for whom she has a tremendous amount of respect) win a presiden­tial election. No…This is the most important election because the stakes have never been higher. She fears what a Trump presidency would bring on the country she loves and the impact it would have on her 5 living children, 17 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 1 great, great grandchild.

Yes…on October 24th, Matilde gets to cast her vote on behalf of all the people she loves. I look forward to being with her on election night on November 8th and seeing the joy on her face when Hillary wins…for the people!

Sally Ortega Haynes


Cowboys 30 Green Bay 16
Final Exam 1

Last week I wrote that the game against the Bengals was to be the first real test for Dak and his compadres but Green Bay was to be his final exam. Well he passed! despite his roughest start of this short season which included both a fumble and his first INT.

They are now riding a 5 game winning streak and are first in their division, can you wrap your head around that. No Tony no Dez and no Scandrick on defense, given last year’s record without this group no one could have predicted this. And if anyone out there says, well I did they are lying to you. Dak has played like an All Pro Veteran, Zak has become a throwback (No pun intended) to both Dorsett and Smith.

Dak broke Tom Brady’s record of most passes without interceptions 163?  Zeke most games of 130 yards or more by a rookie, he may be on par to break season rookie rushing record.

All this is great but what is more impressive is the overall team performance, this team has momentum and appears that they expect to win. When Dak had his fops’, it would have been easy for the defense to say not our fault and given up an easy TD.  But, they didn’t they stiffened up and seemed to play even harder. Doomsday revisited they are not, but don’t tell Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB) they caused him to hurry and made it tough to find open receivers. Although he did miss at least two wide open receivers that could have possibly changed the outcome of the game. This is something that does not happen often, however he is a little off this season and the Cowboy defense is on this season.

The big question now is what to do with Tony once he is ready to go, both Garret and Jones had been pretty adamant that once Tony was ready he would regain his job as Cowboy’s QB. Not so much anymore both are now sidestepping the issue, for one why would you stop this train now, two, Tony stands to make 20million plus next season. And if he was a healthy 20 something QB no problem. Unfortunately, neither one of those two things are true and when you look at Dak both of those things are true, plus he comes with a price tag of under half a mil. The only person on the Cowboys that I heard say that he expects Tony to regain his job this season is his buddy Witten. Last week I wrote that if Tony does come back and he falters (Int.) etc. the boos will come raining down. So if I had a vote I would vote for an away game for his first start, do I expect to start again this season, Yes when Quien Sabe. (Who Knows)

By A. Govea



Piñata Protest: Mi Tierra, Mi Norteño Punk Rock

By: Juan R Govea

Del Norte said. Like many punk rock bands including NOFX, Voodoo Glow Skulls and the Fat Wreck label, Del Norte and Piñata Protest’s sound is just as loud, fast and packs a punch. “Our sound is very different, we have a mixture of Latin rhythms and polka / ranchera beats, which make it origi-nal,” he said. The Band starts their nation tour in early September with the Latin hardcore band Brujeria and the deathgrind sounds of the band, Cattle Decapitation. Del Norte and the bands always look forward to reaching out to locals, and are happy to talk and meet new fans. I will attempt to give you some information about what is going on up in front of the church on the Altar during Mass so that you can enjoy it more. The first thing you have to know is that Jesus was Jewish and all the Apostles were also Jewish. The Jewish religion includes many rituals that God had instructed his chosen people to do in order for them to communicate and worship him. Everything was to be done a certain way. God knew his people needed to have a way to show their love and appreciation so he told them what to do. It was to be done in an orderly way with certain procedures which were to become the custom. Some people I know believe that just by walking out side looking up at the sky and saying “thanks God” is all that is required it could be alright but, nope, I think God is more formal than that. He is our almighty creator we should have structured ceremonial procedures that will please him. Instructions for all Jewish worship rituals were given to the Prophets and carried out by the Jewish Priest. The most important ones were performed on the Sabbath, which is also Saturday the last day of the week. Ok, here you ask why Christians worship on Sunday the first day of the week. Well folks, Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday so it is considered the Lord’s Day and we celebrate that. (Your Pastor can explain it in more detail.) back.


Presidential Debate III – It’s The Final Countdown - Preview

With less than 30 days to go until the election the Trump Campaign has decided that it is pulling all stops on civility. The engines have all been started and the Trump Rocket is on the way to November 8, engines abasing. The strategy is set and the venue is the gutter. The old saying is “desperate times require desperate measures” and when you are double digits behind on major polls you go for broke. Simply Trump has nothing to lose except the election. For Trump this election is not about issues it is not about America it is about the monumental ego of a decrepit old man. No matter what negative information is reported about him Trump the campaign will respond with lies, lies, and more lies. They are going to saturate the airwaves with lies, lies, and more lies about Hillary Clinton. The plan is to keep Clinton busy responding to the lies. Trump has dug a hole so deep his only strategy is to bring Hillary down to his level. You couple Trump’s lies with the Russians hacking the DNC emails and the formula is bad for our democracy. The Russians want Trump to win. They too have pulled all stops on international diplomacy. Trump and all surrogates have their marching orders, Trump pukes and the surrogates clean up the vomit. It is now a patriotic duty to vote. We cannot let the Russians decide who our next president is going to be. The sleeping giant, sleeps no more. Vote. back


Presidential Debate II – the Big Brawl

The much anticipated debate between Trump and Clinton is now history. On the aftermath of Presidential Debate I – the Mauling, this debate like the first debate all that Trump had to do was show up and act like la buffoon and Clinton presidential and he would be declared the winner. This time he exceeded expectations, the buffoon was dressed in silk. The Spanish have a saying about this, “aunque la mona se vista de ceda, mona es y mona se queda.” The Italians put it this way, “a Sheepherder dressed in silk, still smells of sheep”. Trump acted like Trump, puro macho. So it was with Trump. Still sporting claw marks from the first debate and a huge wounded ego. This time he came prepared for the debate. He was not going to get mauled again. He had his A Team, all of the women that accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. That was his front line of defense against the released video where he speaks of grabbing a woman’s private part. They were there for the world to see that no matter how sinful it was what he did, what Bill Clinton did was much worse. Trump claims that what he said was no more than locker room chatter. Obviously, he has never been to a locker room. This claim is so outlandish that only a diehard Trump supporter would ever believe this. Bottom line, he did not come to debate he came to get even. He was on attack mode. His eyes were brimming with red and blood was coming from the side of the mouth. And Hillary was his target. He was going to whoop her. This is my takeaway from this debate. Hillary was cool and composed. She took his shots. Trump tried hard to distract her. He could not. Trump is totally unqualified for the office of president. He does not have a working knowledge of any issue domestic or international. His bullying behavior will get him nowhere in the international scene. The elephant in the room needs to be returned to the circus. Felix Alvarado Editor back


The Question Has Been Answered for Me (Cowboys 28-Bengals 14)


I admit to being a Ro mo Homer and not just because he is a Mexican type, no it goes way beyond that. There is the underdog angle as he came in as an undrafted rookie, kinda like the pup in the liter that nobody wanted. Thank the football Gods that Bill Parcels saw his potential, that lead him to be called a Jedi, yes he was soon lifting a mediocre or less team to heights that had been seen since the Aikman days.

However, his playmaker ways came with a price, he took a beating for many seasons but when you are young you can hide many sins. Not so anymore, his injures have been well documented and they were seen by all in the light of day last season. And of course he and all the Cowboy fandom expected him to come back strong this season, there is no way we could have a repeat of last season. How could we lose our starting Q.B. and star receiver again.

But we did, enter rookie Quarterback Dak Prescott which has not only eclipsed possibly all rookie Q.B.records already he is 4 and 1. Couple this with no interceptions in well over 100 passes, not to mentation that defense must guard against a possible Q.B. option run. This past Sunday was to be his real test against the 7th ranked defense in the league. And if you did not watch let me assure you he passed with flying colors, they won the coin flip and never looked back, after that. Their drives were straight out of an offensive coordinator’s dream; it was exactly how you draw it up. Of course you can point to Zeke for Dak’s success also and you would be right. However, they had a good running game last season and we all remember that nightmare.

Others may say, well the defense has played better and they would be right which leads to the old age question “What came first the chicken or the egg? My answer is Dak the best defense you can have is a more than good offense. So as much as it pains me to say it “Romo must stay on the bench” you have to go with the hot hand. But that is not to say Romo may not have to come back, if Cincinnati was the first real test then the next opponent Green Bay will be the final exam.

By A.Govea



Trump A Gentleman he is not – A Prevaricator he is.

His rallies are chants about Hillary.  In the crowd there are people wearing t-shirts with sexist and insulting comments about Hillary.  He has accused her of marital infidelity.  It is a mystery how a man running for president of the United States, the most powerful, office in the world can demonstrate such disrespect towards a woman.  This lady could be someone’s mother, grandmother, wife, sister, family, or friend, deserving of all respect and dignity of a woman of her stature. 

Trump may not like Hillary, but she is a former First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State.  She is the most visible person in America if not the world   The most he can accuse her of is the use of her private internet server.  After a lengthy investigation the FBI concluded that there was no violation of federal law. 

At best Trump is a mediocre businessman that has accumulated wealth at the expense of others.  He may have had the knowledge to weasel out of paying a billion dollars in income taxes, but he did not have the competence to run a successful business.  His bankruptcies attest to this. 

His transgressions are legendary.  The man tells lies.  Bold lies.  The latest slamming veterans with PTSD.  His surrogates trying to sugar coat what he said.  Every day in every talk show his surrogates are explaining what Trump said because Trump said it and left whatever he said open for interpretation.  Trump pukes and he sends out his surrogates to clean up his puke.  There is a reason why not a single major newspaper has endorsed him for president. 

Trump is not a leader he is a slob.

Felix Alvarado



Freedom has a price

We have all heard freedom has a price. We often confuse the price with war.

Price has many definitions. During the Chicano Movement many paid a heavy price for the freedom to express their opinion. They were called the “Four Horsemen of the Chicano Movement.” Reies López Tijerina, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, José Ángel Gutiérrez and Cesar Chavez. At a time when Mexican-Americans had no inspirational leaders they led the movement to bring social justice and equality to a people that had long been denied equal status with Anglos. The price the Four Horsemen paid was being vilified throughout America and incarceration. They were not the only of the Chicano Movement, they were just the ones that were the most prominent. There was also Ruben Salazar who found an untimely death in a Chicano demonstration in California.

There was also Willie Velasquez who fought for political empowerment through voting and education. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) founded in 1929 and the American GI Forum founded in 1948 had a similar vision. You can be patriotic and fight in every war as Tejanos and Mexican-Americans have going back to the Civil War having fought on both sides. Patriotism gets you nothing except campaign medals or hero medals if you are lucky or burial at a national cemetery. All of these individuals and groups had the same vision, political empowerment through voting and education. Their means was political protests. Of course, equality and social justice did not come the same to all Tejanos and Mexican-Americans. Those with light skin color could easily pass as Anglos. Those with an education and wealth were more palatable. They were just a small insignificant minority. They were what we could all inspire to be. These successful people were the exception and not the rule. For the vast majority there was poverty. Unfortunately, too often those that became successful did not give back with the same gusto as they took from the community. The few successful ones hardly represented us well. In an era when the vast majority of us were Mexican-American somehow no one had the courage to stand up and reject the use of the word Hispanic to identify us.

This innocuous gesture robbed us of our identity even using the word Hispanic in a time period when this area was still a part of Spain. Yes, for 300 hundred years we were Spaniards. The good news is that the hard work has already been done for us. A lot of people made a lot of sacrifices so that we could someday be in an equilibrium as Anglos. The gains came at a price. Everybody, recent or multigenerational Mexican-American has opportunities that were not available at one time. La Lucha is now fought in a different arena. La Lucha is now in the education system in the classroom. And we can have the best schools around and we can be the envy of the whole nation. All we have to do is register to vote and vote. Equality comes at the ballot box and not the battlefield. Let’s show the word that there is no sleeping giant. Felix Alvarado Editor back


Please send this to the Fort Worth Mayor and City Council

Please join us as we start a campaign in Fort Worth to have a street named in honor of Cesar E. Chavez.

Please copy the letter below enter your name address at the bottom and send it to you city council person. Here are the email address:

  • Mayor Betsy Price
  • Sal Espino
  • W.B. Zimmerman
  • Cary Moon
  • Gyna Bivens
  • Jungus Jordon
  • Dennis Shingleton
  • Kelly Allen Gray
  • Ann Zadeh


Subject: Naming a Street in honor of Cesar E. Chavez

To: Mayor Betsy Price

We know how important role models are to the social and educational development of our children. Role models can be the difference between finishing school and being a productive member of society or being a dropout and a burden to society. This is a fact that does not need statistical data. In trying to improve how our children view themselves we feel that having an iconic leader they can look up to is very important.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Cesar E. Chavez, the most well-known Mexican-American leader is obscured by the lack of a street being named after him. Fort Worth is the largest city in Texas that does not have a street honoring Cesar E. Chavez. The US Postal Service printed a stamp to commemorate him. The US Navy named a ship after him to commemorate his service to the Navy and to America. It is only right that Fort Worth also honor Cesar E. Chavez. Cesar E. Chavez’s struggle for a forgotten, ignored, and mistreated people at the bottom of the working class labor pool should be recognized. For it was through that labor pool door that many of our Mexican ancestors were able to migrate to the United States. Cesar E. Chavez spent most of his adult life leading the fight to improve the working conditions of the farm worker. His efforts opened the eyes of the American people. They saw how cruel some people could be for the sake of profit. This awareness transcends to all people who are considered unskilled labor. We are better Americans because of that awareness. It is not only our Latino children that need to learn how their roots, Non-Hispanics would benefit from this knowledge also.

Naming a street after Cesar E. Chavez is a win-win for Fort Worth. A textbook that devalues and ridicules the contribution of Mexican-Americans to the economic development of North Texas is up for adoption by the SBEC. It is obvious that the author is ignorant of the history of Mexican-Americans and Tejanos in Texas. This would not happen if all school children learned our history. We are asking for your support in the City Council to name a street after Cesar E. Chavez.

Thank You,

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Dallas Defense Stands Tall
Cowboys 24-San Fran 17

When the Cowboys went down 14-0, I mumbled out loud this could get ugly. I immediately thought well they are not playing Chicago.

I even confess to checking other sports viewing options. Would this be the game where both the Cowboys and their fans came down to earth.

After all, not too many people including the local sports talking heads could have not predicted the Cowboys success to this point. Yea Dak has been great but no Dez this week, no Tyron Smith and no L’Collins and now facing a possible blowout after going down 14 zip. And of course this was not just on the offense, the defense has been spotty but has been improved from last season. Early Fran QB Gabbart was giving the defense fits with his ability to not only pass but run with the ball. And with Scandrick out it appeared to bend but not break the defense was finally going to experience the latter. Enter Morris Claiborne that appeared to be all over the field with solo tackles, group and even added the cherry on top with a key interception.

Rookie Anthony Brown also had a stand out game, he never seemed confused out there and seemed to be saying “I got this!” Their play in the secondary definitely contributed to good play up front, Tyron Crawford’s sack was a direct result of their great play. And while I am handing out at aBoys I continue to be impressed with second year man Byron Jones and of course we can always count on captain Sean Lee to be in place. As for the offense Dak, and company did a great job of easing a deficit that I believe was the biggest test of this short season. Elliott continues to impress not only with his running abilities, as a recover and his willingness to block when needed, he is fast becoming an elite NFL back.

So much so that at one-point former Cowboy QB Troy Aikman and now Fox analyst said he was reminded of Emit Smith late in games watching Elliott. Troy also mentioned on air more than once the large number of Cowboy fans at the game and when they panned the crowd it was clear most of them were Raza. In closing I would be remiss in not recognizing Beasley that is turning into an elite receiver as well, in fact he secured the win with a catch that not only got a first down but made it church for San Fran. As for Williams he continues to do well and possibly more importantly in this game no fumbles or bonehead plays. Fill in receiver Brice Butler had a good game also with 5 catches and a TD. Next up Cincinnati with local boy Andy Dalton with a 2 & 2 record, however most believe that they are better than that, they have the 7th ranked defense in the league. This will be interesting no doubt. By A. Govea back


Family Day Fiesta



And The Winner is

The first presidential debate is over. The interest in this debate was so big that it set a record for the most viewed presidential debate in modern history.

Not bad for the two most unpopular presidential candidates ever. The American people wanted to see which of the two was the best choice to be Commander in Chief. The one with nuclear code at their fingertip. Which one acted the most “presidential”. Pre-debate chatter had Trump suggesting that Clinton was really recovering from fatigue more than preparing for the debate. Clinton had a Trump a look alike and act alike to help her prepare. What Trump did was hard to ascertain, he supposedly felt confident that he did not need much preparation. Trump/Hillary debate The news media correctly figured that this was an uneven fight. Trump being the novice politician and Clinton the more experienced politician.

This unevenness made it difficult to really predict who would win the debate. The question was “How do you rate an event where you have a polished politician and a buffoon?” The bar had been lowered so much that all that Trump had to do was show up and act like a buffoon. All Clinton had to do was show up and act presidential. Under this scenario Trump would be the winner of the debate. All media commentators had the same advice for Trump. Don’t act like Trump. That is all you have to do to win the debate. Don’t act like Trump. He did. This suggestion is called Mission Impossible. Trump cannot keep his mouth shut. He is “puro macho’. At the end of the debate Trump was pretty well mauled. Clearly Clinton’s preparation paid off. The president has to have a working knowledge of many, social, economic, global and political issues. Trump’s performance clearly showed that he does not have a grasp of these issues and he is not qualified to be president. The good news for Trump is that the deplorables are still in his camp. We have to wait to see how Clinton benefitted from this debate. back


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