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El Weekender
No. 47

Hallelujah, Alleluia, and Hosanna: Not Just Ordinary Words

By Linda Carrasco

Domingo Garcia

In this day and age, businesses are often times, choosing political correctness when it comes to playing Christmas music in their buildings for shoppers to hear. Every year it is less and less about the birth of Christ and more and more about Santa Claus, elves, and reindeers. Recently, it’s about colors and images that vaguely suggest a Christmas season but are devoid of any hint of the Christ in Christmas or “spirit” of the holidays. Even the words Hallelujah, Alleluia, and Hosanna in songs can no longer be heard in malls as part of the holiday music repertoire.

These three words, once a part of many classic Christmas carols have fallen by the wayside and have been thoughtlessly excluded from the Christmas observance and holiday performances. A wise prophet from antiquity said, “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is.” In this published discussion, the old path to be taken, is to go back and remember the old Christmas songs that used to be sung without thought for political correctness or concern that they would be a source of offense to someone hearing them or seeing them in print. A background study of these words: Hallelujah, Alleluia, and Hosanna which were unapologetically evident in Christmas carols and songs, reveals an origin that cannot be denied or devalued. The Greek form of the word Hallelujah, “Alleluia” is found in the 19th chapter of the book of Revelation. In one section of chapter 19, the Apostle John documents in the book that is attributed to him, that he hears a voice that comes from the throne where God is sitting, in heaven, saying, “Praise our God, all you His servants and those who fear Him, both small and great!” When John receives this “Revelation,” he is banished to the island of Patmos because according to Bible historians, those trying to silence the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, were unable to kill him, even when they placed him in a pot of boiling oil.

He records that in the vision he hears “the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thundering’s, saying, ‘Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!  Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory…’” Which one of us has not heard the voices of singing, from a multitude of people, of let’s say a large church or religious convention, and has not felt goose bumps when the unified voices singing as one, sounds like gently flowing river water and as the crescendo rises becomes like a powerful but yet gentle thunder? In the Old Testament, dependent on the Bible version you look at, the word Hallelujah is also found at the beginning of ten of the Psalms: 106, 111 through 113, 135, and 146 through 150. These Psalms have been called the Hallelujah Psalms by some. The acceptable explanation is that the first part, “hallelu,” is an imperative form of the Hebrew verb, “hallel.” Hallel is more of a command “to praise the Name of the Lord.” When combined with “Jah” or “Yah,” a shortened form of the tetragrammaton, YHWH, the Jewish name for the Creator, Hallelujah or Alleluia has come to signify “Praise the Lord” in any language. Hallelujah sounds the same when spoken in any language. Missionaries to other countries have witnessed the singing of Hallelujah on the different continents and the word is recognizable in any part of the world. We can surmise that this is quite possible because the Apostle John, “heard as it were the voice of much people in heaven, saying: Alleluia. Salvation, and glory, and power is to our God.” The citizens of heaven, were people of many cultures and languages. Hosanna is a component of songs and prayers in some modern day church services. The Apostle Matthew describes the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem for his final presentation of himself to Israel, before his crucifixion.

 Matthew’s account reveals, that the expression Hosanna came to the lips of the Passover crowds in the street possibly because they were familiar with Psalm 118 from which it was taken and were accustomed to reciting the 25th and 26th verses at one of the Jewish feasts as part of their worship. In the Hebrew it is an expression of intense emotion, a transliteration from two Hebrew roots meaning, “save now” or “save I pray.” Hallelujah, Alleluia, and Hosanna are words that have been used in instances of worship recorded in the gospels and the psalms. They are worthy of our attention and respect because of their wonderfully, exceptional origins. We can’t change what we hear in the shopping malls, department stores, restaurants, and other places of business that have chosen to nullify and sterilize Christmas, but we can certainly remember the “old paths,” stand in those ways in our homes with our families and remember the “good ways” of Christmas. One of those ways is to recall the spiritual part of Christmas of which the holiday songs, sprinkled with sacred words like Hallelujah, Alleluia, and Hosanna, unhindered by commercialism, created a peaceful, joyous mood and atmosphere. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Nuestra Voz!


The Good, The Bad, and The Racist

By Denise Jimenez

Lack of Diversity

As we all recall the 2016 Oscars, the most rememberable part was the boycott by Black Actors like Will Smith, Spike Lee, and Jada Pinkett Smith who made clear stance against the lack of diversity in Award shows like the Oscars.  As this did create more dialogue about lack of diversity in television and film, and there have been some vast improvements with shows like “Jane the Virgin” and “Fresh off the boat”. But, where is the recognition for all their hard work? And, in addition to that point, why are their no Latino Actors and Actresses receiving the Film roles they deserve.

Sadly, it may be clear why Latinos are left out of award shows. They do not receive lead roles, or even supporting roles. Even when a Latino is featured as a supported role, they are always stereotypical in some way and rarely play a key role in the plot. Why do we continue to accept this?

I remember last year, watching “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” a very popular film Starring Clint East Wood, one of the biggest aspects of the film I noticed (other than it is over rated) was the amount of White Men painted brown to look Mexican, with terrible accents and a rugged dirty demeanor. It would have surprised me if it had not been a Clint Eastwood Movie, considering his old-fashioned way of thinking but, it still struck a chord. To this day, Latinos and Latinas are left out of major films at every turn. For example, the film “Argo” starring Ben Affleck, a white Actor portraying a Hispanic CIA agent Antonio J. Mende, a top-level CIA operative who rescued hundreds from mortal situations. “Argo” then won the Academy Award for Best Picture! Why couldn’t they use a Latino to play a Latino in this movie? Are we as Latinos, bad at acting? Nope. The film industry is just racist.

Will Smit, Jada Pinkett and along with the other Actors who boycotted the 2016 Oscars, had the right idea. Not to sound like a copycat but… Latinos should Boycott the 2017 Oscars. They do not deserve us as viewers. There is plenty of amazing Latina and Latino talent who can fill these Hispanic roles in film. To name a few, America Ferrera who has been in both film and television, Gina Rodriquez who is an amazing writer, Actress, and producer and Asi Morales a film actor.  There are no excuses for us to be excluded from the Academy Awards, and there has never been one.

Writers Note: Many like to use the BET awards to disclaim the argument of lack of diversity in award shows like the Oscars. Claiming the BET awards are being contradicting by its large focus on the Black Actors and entertainers. However, when a group of people are being excluded by the mainstream film industry, it is prudent to create an award system as to give credit when its due. If the Oscars included all ethnicities, the BET awards probably wouldn’t need to exist.


2016 Tree of Hope/ Árbol de La Esperanza

On December 17th about 100 people gathered at Righteous Branch Ministries for the 17th annual Christmas Party. The annual event comes complete with food, music, presents and fun,  In addition Pancho Claus makes a rare visit to North Texas. Pancho arrives in a convertible lowrider to the delight of both the children and adults gathered. However, before all that happens Pastor Frank Lopez opens event with prayer.

Prior to his visit children gather round to sing traditional Christmas songs led by Alberto Govea III and right before Pancho arrives Miss Senorita Fort Worth Anay Gonzalez reads the Pancho Claus story. Pancho is Santa’s cousin from the south and comes by usually a week before Christmas to deliver an extra gift or two to area needy children. Besides the fun time and gifts each family receives a bag of groceries that includes fresh fruit and a turkey. The food is donated by Righteous Branch Ministries, fruit courtesy of Elrod’s & Fiesta supermarkets and turkey is a gift from Round 1 Boxing a local civic organization The program is sponsored by LULAC Council 4568, President Alberto Govea would  like to thank all that make this annual event possible, especially our LULAC members. It takes a lot of good hearted people to make this a success, he stated. Nuestra Voz is proud to be counted as a sponsor for this worthy community program.
By E. Martinez


On the Street

Museum of the Americas

By Felix Alvarado

A comment that I hear often from Latino parents is that they don’t want their children to lose their culture, meaning usually they don’t want their children to forget Spanish.  Yet, language is just one small component of culture, customs, values, belief system, behavior and traditions being at the core of what culture is.  To understand our language, we must understand our heritage.

Fortunately for us Latinos in the Metroplex there is a museum that has on permanent display artifacts from various regions of Mesoamerica.  It does not matter what part of Latin America you are from, you can learn your roots here. 

The Museum of the Americas in Weatherford is a must visit place during the weekend.  This is a cultural experience that is to be enjoyed by the whole family.  Learn the significance of artifacts of the different tribes in all of the Americas.  This is how you teach your children their culture.

The museum is located at 216  Fort Worth Highway near the courthouse.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m
Saturday:  11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed:  Dec. 24 - Jan. 31, Aug. 1-31


Las Nuevas plus!
Issue # 3


Cowboys 26/Buc’s 20;

Dak's back

Domingo Garcia

Dak walked into Cowboy history again, with another rushing touchdown, he passed Dandy Don Meredith for the most Cowboy QB rushing touchdowns. But, perhaps more important he reestablished himself as this teams Quarterback; now and likely for years to come. There had been rumblings of maybe we need to put Tony back after Dak’s last couple of games, where both he and the offense struggled. Maybe one more game or just a half more of mediocre play might cause a QB change.

Then to paraphrase a line in the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber, “he goes out and totally redeems himself…”, he was 32 of 36 that gives you a 88.9 completion percentage rating. And that will answer the question of, do we keep or do we pull him? Dak looked poised all night, despite a good Buccaneer D. line that was determined to rattle him. He made the right decisions on his targets and had a couple of good runs to extend drives. Yes, Dak is back and as for El Tony, stick around you never know things can change in a hurry. As for the other Mexican on the team, Mark Sanchez, the broadcast team reported last night that he, not Tony was the other QB on the team that Dak relied on for advice on game day. We will investigate that further and report back with that information soon.

As for the other Cowboy star rookie Zeke, he had another standout performance running for well over 100 yards. Many like to point out that any half way decent running back could do this behind the Cowboy O-Line, to them I say “No!” Zeke is special. And I am certainly not the only one to recognize that, another special guy was at the game last night that knows what special is all about, Emmitt Smith. Emmitt seemed to really be enjoying the game and must be flattered to hear the Zeke’s comparisons to him. Perhaps for Zeke last night though, the play of the game came after a TD run that had him jumping into a Salvation Army red kettle. That move is what will be trending on social media, hopefully it will lead to more donations going in the red kettles that we see everywhere this time of the year.

How bout that Defense? If they keep playing the way they have been playing, especially in the 4th quarter we will be forced to give them a nickname. Doomsday Jr., maybe, maybe not, but if you ask the Buc O. Line and their QB they are Doomsday! David Irving at 6.7’, 230 pounds must have seemed like the Doomsday messenger on Sunday night. He had 2 sacks a deflected pass a bunch of hurries, in general he caused mayhem behind the Buc. Line. There were some concerns about whether the Cowboys would be able to keep with the Buc hurry up offense. That question was answered resoundly late in the fourth quarter when the Bucs had two chances to take the lead with a TD The answer to them was “No Senor not in my house.”
By A. Govea

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Who will replace Sal Espiño?

Who will replace Sal Espiño in the Fort Worth City Council, his chosen successor or a dark horse? 

Now that the presidential election is over, we can concentrate on an election that is much more important to everyone that lives in District 2 of the Fort Worth City Council.  The incumbent Sal Espino has decided he is not going to run for reelection.  The city council is what the congress is to the president, a check to any power grab by the president.  The city council performs the same function with the mayor. 

The election will be held May 7, 2017.  Candidates can file to place their name on the ballot between Jan 18, 2017 and Feb 17, 2017.  The City Council is supposed to be a non-partisan election but it has long been politicized and now candidates reveal their party affiliation.  The district is considered to be a safe, Latino, Democrat leaning district.  This does not mean that the person filing for election must be a Democrat, only that the district is considered to lean Democrat.  A Republican candidate that knows that the odds of winning as a republican in this district are not that good may file as a Democrat to improve their chances of getting elected.  This is where the term DINO comes from, Democrat in Name Only.  Republicans call theirs’ RINO.

Text Alberto

City council is a local election.  It gives candidates a feel for running for elected office.  Those that win can hone their skills and run for higher office.  So far about three candidates have expressed an interest in running for the position. 

What should you look for?  We must understand that there is no school that you can go to that teaches you how to be a politician.  You can go to school and learn how government works at every level.  That would probably help.  But as a city council member you are one of several.  And every city council member just like any type of politician in any type of government you want to take goodies to your district so the district can see how hard you work for them. 

There is one type of candidate that you do not want.  One that is the go along to get along type.  Leaders always want their followers to go along with what they want.  They want loyal soldiers.  What separates followers is the ability to stand out and disagree with a leader.  They may risk their political future but if the disagreement is for the betterment of the public those are risks worth taking.  Leaders make mistakes.  Mistakes that we the public pay for.  Every lawsuit that is settled by the city whether for $1 or $1,000,000 the taxpayer pays for the loss. 

When I was growing up, politicians would go to their favorite beer hall or city park and stuff everybody with beer and burritos and wait until the next election and do the same thing again.  That was my political indoctrination.   

We will bring you the profile and agenda of the candidates in our next issue. 

Felix Alvarado


Every Four Years …

By Denise Jimenez

The Electoral College. Electors are selected depending on the states process. Then, on election day citizens cast their vote for the next president of the United States, but your vote does not go directly to the candidate. Electors meet up in their State Capitals to cast their vote in December. This happens on Monday following the second Wednesday in December. The constitution does not keep them for voting for whoever they want. Depending on the state, doing so can result in fines. There have only been four occasions where this resulted in a president winning the election despite losing the popular vote. For example, in 2000 when Al Gore won the presidential election by over half million-popular votes but due to a vote recount in Florida which was a key state, George W. Bush received the rest of the electoral votes needed and won the Presidency. The candidate who receives the 270 votes is the winner. Then on January 6th, president of Senate declares the official results. This is a controversial practice, as some find this to be unfair.  

Now, depending on who you voted for; you may be having second thoughts about the voting process. But it is important for citizens in each state to have an equal voice. Without the Electoral College, states with the highest population would have more of an impact on the results, leaving smaller states with little power. It is never fun when the candidate you felt was best suited to be President loses. It may even have been painful for some as this was no ordinary election. Unfortunately, the hateful, racist and misogynistic rhetoric being spewed about seems to left a scar on society.

Nonetheless, now the President Elect has received all the electoral votes he needed to be inaugurated, we must continue our civil duties, vote locally, volunteer for the betterment of your community and continue to move forward for the better. 


On the Street

El Weekender

Los Playoffs

Domingo Garcia

Can you believe that the Boys have already clinched a playoff spot? When you think about last year’s ugly season (4/12) it is still hard to believe. And then you lose your starting Quarterback and his back up, oh then you throw in an injury to Dez that will have him out several weeks.

That leaves you with Dak, a rookie Q.B. to pair with a first-round draft choice running back Ezekiel Elliott. Two new toys but, nothing you would bet the farm on. Fast forward to today Cowboys are 11/1 and have already clinched a playoff berth. Their one loss is to the Giants that they will face this Sunday night; and if they win, they become NFC East Champs, which has me scrambling for my banner; I know I have it somewhere. In fact, a win on Sunday combined with either a Detroit or Seattle loss will give the Boy’s first round bye. What! Yes, get ready for playoff football D/FW.

Pero (But) will it be a long playoff run or a quick exit? That is the question that has not been answered yet. If you remember most sports talking heads expected Dak to come back to earth sooner than later. After all what rookie, Q.B., especially a late round pick that the Cowboys, if they are honest didn’t really want, performs at this high level every week. And especially with the Romo replacements fresh on our mind from last season, it was as most just waiting for the clock to strike midnight. But it never happened, Dak has faced tough defenses, especially last week against Minnesota and has dealt with a bad start an interception, a fumble or two. And he is still standing, so much so that both him and teammate Zeek are both up for rookie of the year and possibly league MVP. I would say I feel like the Cowboy offense can score against anybody. Pero?

The defense has been leaking oil all season and was exposed by Washington on Turkey day for all to see. However, to their credit they have been a bend but don’t’ break defense and have managed to make key stops when the game was on the line. So yes, it has worked somehow but we all know once the playoffs start all teams dial it up. Offensive coordinators add a wrinkle or two that perhaps doesn’t show up on film from regular season. The secondary is a real concern especially with Claiborne out till possibly the last game of the season. 6th round pick Anthony Brown has been both good and bad, most will agree that for a rookie especially 6th round pick he has overachieved. When you compare this year’s defense with last year’s you must be extremely pleased. After all it has gone from worst in NFL last season and possibly worst in history of NFL to a bend don’t’ break defense. Pero (but) will that get the job done in the playoffs Quien Sabe (Who Knows). The good news is we get to find out, we are going to the freaking playoffs!

By A. Govea


Tis the Season

By Denise Jiménez

As Christmas grows closer, some of us are relaxed knowing all the tedious shopping for the perfect gift for our loved ones is far in the past. While others might have procrastinated, forcing themselves to work their way thru long lines, angry shoppers and a smaller selection, wishing they have done this earlier, or even wishing Christmas wasn’t happening at all. No matter the case, you probably asked yourself, “Why does this have this to involve presents and hectic shopping”.

According to, the most sought after toy is the new ‘Hatchimals’ By Spin Master, it is an adorable little dragon that is still in its egg, and hatches right before your eyes; as this must be a sight to see, these toys can cost an upwards of $300. This trend of insanely high priced toys is getting out of hand, but lets admit it; we do it to ourselves. Every year we become over hyped up by the newest toy or gadget, but most of those toys are collecting dust at the bottom of your kids’ toy box. This is an odd tradition that we have but the pure joy and excitement on the face of happy child makes it all he crazy shopping crowds and high prices seem reasonable.

Of course, it is important to remember the true meaning of Christmas, which for most it is the birth of Jesus Christ, and for others it is about friends and family. But even when the tradition of exchanging gift seems grossly materialistic, it is part of this cheerful holiday and even if it is something small, it shows your loved ones that you care. So, try not to stress about your lighter wallet, or sore feet from chasing the last ‘Hatchimal’ before they are sold out again, try to stay in the spirit of Christmas.


“Students at North Texas Job Corps relate their experiences at school. 
Some are studying plumbing, electrical, carpentry, culinary and welding”.

When Opportunity Knocks

If I was to give advice to anyone today it would be brief, Milton Berle once said “If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door.” 

When I was growing up, a high school diploma was all that you needed to get a good job.  In the cotton fields of West Texas I would hear, “you do not need an education to pick cotton.”  Or “an education is not going to make you a better cotton picker.”  All these people were right.  By the time I turned 12 there was no more cotton to pick.  That meant, no income.  Even in the early 1950’s, a skill was valuable. 

In today’s complex world a skill is even more valuable.  A high school diploma is important if you intend to pursue a higher education.  For those that have no intention of pursuing a higher education a practical skill is a must have.  Fortunately, there are ways to learn a lifelong skill.  There are community colleges and technical schools.  The first question student face is financing.  Many students must balance career training and personal employment.

Imagine enrolling in a program to learn a skill where the employer is going to pay for all the costs associated with learning a specific skill.  Such is program in the Job Corps run by the Department of Labor.  The Job Corps is open to individuals age 16 to 24.  The local office and training center is in McKinney. 

The obtain more information about the Job Corps go to or call 800 733 5627.  Locally you can call 817-625-3993.  The Job Corps is a door.  All you have to do is knock.  If you contact them please refer to our article. 

Felix Alvarado



On the Street

Fort Worth Library (City of Fort Worth)
500 W 3rd St, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Bring the entire family and join the fun with an afternoon of holiday themed programs!
Enjoy crafts, music, balloon artists, face painters, carriage rides, story times and photo opportunities.

1 - 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, Central
Please bring an ornament that represents your family to donate to the library’s community tree. All activities are free. To learn more, call (817) 392-7745.



Cowboys 17/Vikings15
It Was Not Pretty

Unless you like defensive battles with Minnesota getting the best of it most of the night and yes, our defense hung in there despite 3 penalties in a row on the line. Many will say but they kept their offense to field goals up until the last drive, definition of bend but don’t break defense. Yes, all this is true (Pero) the Viking offense ranks among the worst in NFL and their Quarterback was wearing an Eagle uniform earlier this year (Sam Bradford) and if not for his quick release he might have not made it out under his own power tonight.

In fact, I could not help but be reminded of the countless times I saw our now, highest paid back up in the league Romo running for his life and as I wrote before he did not always win some of those races which is in part why now he stands on the sidelines. Of course, the play by play guys touched on Romo’s fate to come after this season and speculated that if he decides to leave the sidelines for the broadcast booth they expect him to do a great job A La Troy Aikman. Back to the game the Cowboys managed to win a game that the numbers read they shouldn’t have. Time of possession, yards gained, turnovers all favored Vikings. Plus, the Cowboy’s had more penalties in this game then the Vike’s both on offense and defense and our dynamic rookie duo also seemed to have trouble getting on track last night. In fact, I almost think I heard someone call out for Romo to come off the bench and while the Cowboys have gotten used to dictating the flow of the game it was obvious the Vike defense did not get that memo. If you follow the NFL this should not be surprising the Viking defense ranks among the top on all defensive categories and they played like it last night. I could not help but feel just a little sorry for them, because they did everything they could include winning the turnover battle to keep them in the game but their offense just plain stinks.

 Having written all the above you may think I am down on Cowboys, (No Señor) I realize that any win in the league is not easy especially on the road and guess that the other team wants to win too. No, the opposite is true this win that almost wasn’t was a true test of a good team and I dare say should help prepare them for possible challenges in the Playoffs. There I said it and I can’t take it back I have allowed myself playoff talk and you have my permission to do the same.

By A. Govea


The saying goes, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

In his election campaign Trump promised a lot.  Build a wall along the southern border that Mexico would pay for, repair the infrastructure, increase the size of the military, increase the number of border patrol agents, be the Law and Order president, fix the VA, a lot of promises made.  Trump was bearing gifts to all his supporters.  There is only one glitch.  To keep the promises requires money, money that has already been allocated.

The Trojan Horse of American politics is the bureaucracy.  It is a part of the political system that is not readily understand by many Americans. The bureaucracy is like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Each piece is independent of the other and individually not one gives you a complete picture.  When you look at the finished product you are seeing Washington DC, Austin Tx, Tarrant County, Fort Worth City Hall, or one of the other many agencies that cross jurisdictions.  Your taxes pay for these bureaucracies.  They feed the “gluttony beast.” 

What happens when you remove even one piece of the puzzle.  We saw Ronald Reagan do that when he fired the air traffic controllers.  The immediate effect of this action was the safety of airline travel.  A handful of air traffic controllers had to carry the whole workload.  To alleviate the workload, military air traffic controllers were summoned into action.  Again, the military had to get along with fewer air traffic controllers and the military controllers were not as trained or experienced as civilian air traffic controllers. 

Beautiful thing about a bureaucracy is that once created it is an autonomous unit.  Congress creates the bureaucracy and turns over management to the president.  Congress’s role afterwards is oversight.  In a bureaucracy, you can increase the size of one piece by making another piece smaller.  That is taking from Peter to pay Paul.  Or you can increase the size of the puzzle by adding new pieces.  To pay for the extra pieces will increase taxes somehow without making it seem like you are increasing taxes.

Two things in life are certain.  Death and Taxes.  Politicians usually don’t run for office on a pledge to raise taxes.  Taxes go up in a variety of ways.  Probably the most ghoulish type is the one where you don’t pay the tax, someone else pays the tax.  You have all sorts of user fees, on your phone, cable service, vehicle tax, toll road fees, motel taxes and the one that I dislike the most, red light cameras.  These are what I call “stick to the other guy taxes.”  Only the person using the service pays the fee.  Then you also have property taxes and sales taxes.  These taxes are regressive because those that earn less pay a larger share of their income.

At the federal level, you have the big ones income taxes, social security and Medicare.  Overall, an enormous amount of our paycheck goes towards feeding the gluttony beast as I like to call the bureaucracy.  In Washington things like social security and Medicare and other social programs are called “entitlements”.  

A lot of talk about changing Medicare and Social Security.  These are programs that we have paid for.  The best medicine for this “Don’t trust congress with your money.”  We have several members of congress in the metroplex.  We need to monitor what they are doing and next election vote them if they don’t vote your interests.  Politicians will pay attention to you if your contact them by phone and vote.  Washington is not fixed at the top by an outsider.  It is fixed locally with your vote.   Yes.  All politicians pay attention to people that vote.

Felix Alvarado


Poison Snacks

by Denise Jiménez

What would you say if I tried to sell you a piece of coal tar as candy? You would refuse to pay for such an absurd snack, but some of us eat snacks like Starbursts, Doritos, Mountain Dew and several other products that contain Tatrazine; a dye derived from coal tar. GMOs and Artificial food additives are a hot topic right now; families are starting to realize the negative effects these can have on the health of their loved ones. Most consumers don’t even know what exactly a GMO is.  A GMO is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there. These practices are made to protect a crop from outside interferences like bugs, and even dry weather. Artificial food additives can be a variety of weird ingredients like Tatrazine, Borax, and even Arsenic to add color and enhance taste. Some don’t see the harm in these GMOs and Artificial additives but evidence shows the adverse effects they could have on our health and even our environment. While biologist George Wald admits that this new technology is the “biggest break in nature that has occurred in human history” He also advised that the technology could cause “problems unprecedented not only in the history of science but of life on earth”.

As if those warnings about GMOs weren’t scary enough, the FDA has found some alarming… findings about Artificial food flavorings, specifically yellow dye #5.

The Food and drug administration has found evidence of a connection between yellow dye #5 and adverse behaviors in children, ‘including those related to hyperactivity”, these findings are controversial as some experts believe that this side effect is only in children who had a previous condition, but weather this side effect is due to a precondition or not, it doesn’t seem safe, especially to children.

Often consumers complain about the high prices of organic food, or food specifically not containing artificial flavors but Authorities in Zambia and Zimbabwe rejected the import of food aid from the United States genetically altered foods due to health concerns and trade deals with Europe as Europe did not want their imported crops to become contaminated with GMO seeds. Luke Mumba, a senior molecular biologist at the University of Zambia in Luska, said “a big factor in Zambia’s decision was a negative report on the safety of GMO foods “published in 1999 by the British Medical Association. Zimbabwe and Zambia would rather have their citizens starve than accept maize seeds that are genetically altered. Which begs the question, if countries in desperate need of food aid refuse to accept genetically altered seeds, why are we spending our hard-earned money on it. Since early 2000, consumers have urged companies like McDonalds to stop using genetically altered foods; like potatoes. The pressure to stop selling these kinds of products to consumers has worked in some cases. For Example, in 2000, Monsanto Co. eliminated a line of genetically altered potatoes as J.R. Simplot Co. the chief supplier of French fries to McDonalds was 85% of   business, the company claimed that although they could see the use of GMO seeds productive for third world countries, they had to adhere to what the consumer wants. The food industry is finally starting to listen to reason when it comes to providing food without weird additives, and if we continue to refuse unhealthy foods, they will maintain this pattern of good change.


Pancho Claus is Coming to Town and Needs Your Help

LULAC Council 4568 will be holding its 16th annual party for underprivileged children in our community. Santa’s cousin Pancho Claus is expected to arrive in his lowrider sleigh but he is a little worried this year.

Pancho Claus

LULAC Council 4568 will be holding its 16th annual party for underprivileged children in our community. Santa’s cousin Pancho Claus is expected to arrive in his lowrider sleigh, but he is a little worried this year. Event organizer Alberto Govea and Council 4568 President is concerned, “We have never had these many families apply as this year”. Mr. Govea went on to say that while they normally get about 60 kids to help each year, this year it was 125! Reportable most years the council members and few friends can take care of the kids, but maybe not this year. That is why we are reaching out to the general community for help to ensure we do not leave any child out.

Each child receives at least one toy and sometimes and article of clothing from Pancho Claus at the end of program. However, before Pancho arrives there is chocolate and cookies for all, a sing along and our Miss Senorita Scholarship winner reads the Pancho Claus story to the kids. In addition, they make sure each family also takes home a bag with fruit, other basic food items and a smile. Mr. Govea would like for people to request children’s list and adopt one, two or better yet make it a company or organization Christmas project. However, if time does not allow for that a donation of $50.00 will cover the cost of about 3 kids and a bag of fruit. To find how you can help email Mr. Govea at or call 817-797-4015—All donations and gifts must be in by December 10th as event will be held on December 17th.

By E. Martinez


Wag Canine Emporium
1005 Foch St, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Saturday at 2 PM - 5 PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year and Santa Paws will be hanging out with us at Wag from 2pm-5pm taking photos with our furry friends. Santa has experience with dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, & kids - so feel free to bring the whole family! We are expecting a large turnout - so please have all dogs leashed, and any other pets in a hard-sided carrier.

Photos* are free with donation to the Saving Hope Foundation. Cash/Check only please. Learn more about the Saving Hope Foundation here:

*Digital photos will be provided a few days after the event.


Now Bringing to you, las Nuevas plus!
News that you can use!

The Election is over

This presidential election was like no other in recent history, it was more than a Republication and a Democrat vying for the presidency. It felt like I was rejected, why do you hate us so much, most heard by this writer “I can’t’ believe that in 2016 our country elected him (Trump). This was part of discussion last Sunday in Fort Worth TX at a meeting hosted by District 21 officers Mary Hernandez and Hector Carrillo. Mr. Kevin Methner a 30 year plus Republican addressed the group and attempted to reassure the group that a large part of the Republican party does not agree with the rhetoric or policies that got Trump elected. He went on to say that he is attempting to unite a new coalition of concerned  citizens  and reject any polices that will cause harm to a large part of the country’s population and any hint of fascism should be called out. We cannot afford to remain silent while some preach division and use Nazi like rhetoric to unite one group against another, this is dangerous and threatens the democratic principles this country was founded on.

  Many toke the opportunity to air their concerns and some cases their fears but all agreed that voter education and increased turnout was needed to combat potential civil rights reverses and that we must unite to gain strength. In addition, a Latino Leadership Academy was also proposed as a vehicle to better prepare Latino community for any negative issues that may arise  and to use as a training ground for future leaders. Per both Carrillo and Hernandez, meetings will continue and will now include action items to achieve both short and long term goals.
By E. Martinez



By Denise Jimenez

Bullying is ascendingly becoming an alarming problem in the U.S. With social media at the fingertips of virtually every pre-teen and teen, these problems have taken a different direction. Maybe before social media a student or child could have a break from bullying at school when they finally made it home, but now bullied students have no escape.

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, 90% of students who report being cyber bullied have been bullied at school. In 2014 14.8 % of high school students stated they were bullied online.  These statistics are no surprise when LGBTQ students, students who struggle with weight issues, disabilities and even minorities are affected offline at high rates. The National School Climate Survey says that 63.5 % of students who identify as LQBTQ felt unsafe due to their sexual orientation and 43.9% felt the same because of the gender they identify with.

The American School Health Association reports that 64% of students enrolled in a weight loss program are teased or bullied about their weight. They also stated that 84% of students have witnessed someone being bullied because of their weight. Unfortunately, it seems these bullied students are left to wander their school halls and deal with their bullies all alone.

This “bully culture” that schools across America have become accustom to is not only downright mean, it can turn deadly. Alyssa Morgan, described by her mother to be a joyful young girl who loved makeup, video games and drawing would become withdrawn and depressed. Tragically she would take her own life; no longer able to handle the pressure of being maliciously bullied every single day at school. Before he death, Alyssa eventually was taken out of school to attend daily therapy sessions but that didn’t stop the cyber bullying. Investigators believe the distraught student received a message or notification that would be the last straw, unfortunately parents and police could not unlock her phone to see this message.  This student is one of many who have been bullied to the point of feeling so hopeless; they commit suicide. Like for Alyssa this is a massive problem for LQBTQ students.

The CDC released information stating there is a connection to bullying and teen suicide but only due to the symptoms victims of bullying exhibit. Center for Disease Control says that bullied students often show symptoms of anxiety, depression, and have greater risk of mental health issues.

Do you know if your child is being bullied? Or worse, could your child be the bully? As more social media outlets come out each year, and as the phones get smarter; parents and educators alike must take control of their children and schools. Summer is finally coming to an end and with that is the start of a new school year. Parents should require themselves to remind their children to be respectful and understanding of everyone despite their race, weight, sexual orientation or gender preference.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children and adults ages 10-24. Although these suicides are not all from being bullied, it is from lack of caring for one another. This problem is no longer a dirty secret swept under the rug and it is clear that an issue is present; it is time to act. 


JPS – Where Federal and State Laws Collide

If you own or rent a property, you are paying property taxes.  That makes you part owner of John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital of Tarrant County.  The hospital was created to assist those whose financial income was not sufficient to get medical care at a private hospital.

Individuals and families qualify for services based on a sliding income scale; the less that you earn the less you must pay to get medical care at JPS.  The more that you earn the more that you pay.  Constitutionally, under the Texas constitution every citizen of Tarrant County can receive services at the hospital.  The dilemma is that under the Affordable Care Act (ACA, AKA Obamacare) undocumented persons cannot receive medical care except for emergency services mandated by law.  In Congress, Republicans agreed to support the ACA only if this requirement was added.  This is one federal law that puts mandates on the state that Texas has not challenged in federal court and as it has done to other federal legislation. 

Money hungry Republicans placed this limitation on the law because according to them undocumented persons are a burden on society, because they put stress on public services without contributing their share of taxes.  These so called fiscally conservative Republicans are practicing what is nowadays called “fake news” or in other words, lies.  Everyone pays taxes.  By denying services to persons that have no voice politicians now have more money for other pet projects.  That is how governments work, by creative financing and telling lies. 

The significance of denying medical care is the children of undocumented workers who need the medical care.  Lack of medical care has an impact on a child’s performance in school.  It can also be a threat to other children in the case of contagious diseases.  Republicans are now talking of repealing Obamacare.  This is not a time for “fake news.”  One third of Texas’ congressional delegation surround the metroplex area.  Undocumented persons may not have a voice but we do.  In the case of medical care for children, we should provide medical care to all children because our own children will be protected.  Politicians need to find a more creative way to raise money.  It is in our best interests.


Pancho Claus is coming to town

Pancho Claus is Coming
to Town and Needs
Your Help LULAC
Council 4568 will
be holding
its 16th annual party
for underprivileged
children in our community.
Santa’s cousin
Pancho Claus is expected
to arrivein his lowrider
sleigh but he is a
little worried this year.

LULAC Council 4568 will be holding its 16th annual party for underprivileged children in our community. Santa’s cousin Pancho Claus is expected to arrive in his lowrider sleigh, but he is a little worried this year. Event organizer Alberto Govea and Council 4568 President is concerned, “We have never had these many families apply as this year”. Mr. Govea went on to say that while they normally get about 60 kids to help each year, this year it was 125! Reportable most years the council members and few friends can take care of the kids, but maybe not this year. That is why we are reaching out to the general community for help to ensure we do not leave any child out.
Each child receives at least one toy and sometimes and article of clothing from Pancho Claus at the end of program. However, before Pancho arrives there is chocolate and cookies for all, a sing along and our Miss Senorita Scholarship winner reads the Pancho Claus story to the kids. In addition, they make sure each family also takes home a bag with fruit, other basic food items and a smile. Mr. Govea would like for people to request children’s list and adopt one, two or better yet make it a company or organization Christmas project. However, if time does not allow for that a donation of $50.00 will cover the cost of about 3 kids and a bag of fruit. To find how you can help email Mr. Govea at or call 817-797-4015—All donations and gifts must be in by December 10th as event will be held on December 17th.
By E. Martinez


Announcement from Fort Worth City Councilman Sal Espiño:

Elizabeth and Sal Espiño

During the past two election cycles in 2013 and 2015 after much discernment and deliberation with my family, I ultimately made the decision to seek re-election to the Fort Worth City Council District 2 seat for a fifth & sixth two-year term.   For this upcoming election cycle in May 2017, I was going to wait until the first of the year to make a final decision.  However, after much deep reflection and thought during Thanksgiving Week, the decision became even clearer to me.  Therefore, rather than wait, I am announcing today that I will NOT seek a seventh term to the Fort Worth City Council District 2 seat.

My family and I are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve.  Since first elected in May 2005, we have met so many wonderful citizens and residents who care deeply about our neighborhoods, community, and city.  Serving on the Fort Worth City Council has been a great honor and privilege.  It is one of the highest honors of my life.  

Thank you for the outpouring of support you have provided to me during six terms and what will be twelve years of council service.  I look forward to completing my term through May 2017 and serving in other capacities.  Looking forward to the next chapter of my life.  God Bless You and God Bless Fort Worth!

The Fort Worth City Council elections will take place in May 2017 and city council candidates have declared.  Please join me and my family in supporting current city Zoning Commission Chair and North Side Neighborhood Association President Carlos Flores for the Fort Worth City Council District 2 seat (North Fort Worth).

Carlos is also supported by Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) Board Member/former FW City Councilmember Jim Lane, FWISD Board President/District 1 Trustee Jacinto Ramos, business/civic leaders like Steve Murrin (Stockyards), neighborhood leaders like Burl Hampton (Far Greater Northside), Ron Shearer (Diamond Hill), Tom Bainter (Marine Creek Ranch), and many other good folks in North Fort Worth and in our city.

Carlos Flores is a third-generation Texan with deep roots in our community.  He is a lifelong resident of North Fort Worth.  Carlos has worked very hard on behalf of our community and city. Listed below is his very impressive service history reflecting his extensive service on neighborhood boards, city boards/commissions, city task forces/committees, nonprofit boards, and church organizations.

Carlos and his wife Isabel have two children, one of whom attends All Saints Catholic School.  Carlos also attended All Saints and graduated from Nolan Catholic High School.  He is an engineer with a degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Carlos is also bilingual as he speaks English and Spanish.

He possesses a keen mind with a servant's heart.  With his extensive record of service and leadership, he is well versed on the many issues faced by the Fort Worth City Council:  public safety, roads/transportation, budgets/fiscal matters, educational partnerships, jobs/economic development, central city revitalization,  code compliance, animal control, parks, libraries, etc.

Carlos is uniquely qualified & well prepared to be an outstanding council member.  He will work hard to earn your vote!  

Please reach out to him at Carlos is indeed a community champion with community roots, service, and leadership.



The Rude Awakening

Domingo Garcia


The United States and the world woke up November 9, 2016 to a rude awakening, Donald Trump had been elected president of the U.S. 

Thousands of books will be written about this election by thousands of professors and political pundits about the election. Every textbook will try to answer, how Trump won and how Hillary lost.  The numbers will be looked at demographically for every racial group in America in every state, county district, you name it.

Trump’s victory was not a foreseeable event.  Contrary, he should have lost. In the beginning, it probably was not a plan.  It was a plan that was born out of the rallies that he had.  It started with Mexicans. 

The plan that Trump concocted from the beginning was simple.

The strategy:

Destroy Clinton
Destroy the media
Destroy confidence in the American democratic process.
Divide America into White and Non-White. 

The tactic: Attack, Attack, Attack, Destroy, Destroy, and Destroy!

Each rally had its, lock her up, build the wall, Megyn Kelly sucks, media sucks. The people that attended the rallies had them all memorized.  The chants spread like wildfire.  These chants would be repeated at retail establishments, restaurants, everywhere.  The media got duped into providing free publicity and Trump knew how to get the media riled up.  Trump was a media creation. 

Issues did not matter.

Trump was successful in making Whites feel like a superior race.  He made Radicalized Whites feel like they had lost their place in society because of all these Muslim/Mexicans, etc, that have killed American citizens, stolen your jobs, blah, blah, blah.

Rude Awakening for Radicalized Whites that supported Trump. 

There have been reports of children chanting in middle school, build that wall.  Bullying directed at minorities.   This is a learned behavior.  Learned at home.  This is the behavior that I experienced in 1962 from grown up Whites.  It was a bitter lesson for many Whites in the 60’s that the learned behavior was not socially acceptable.  It still isn’t.  Some lessons are hard to learn as Mayor Beverly Whaling found out. 

All the “Radicalized Whites” that supported Trump must face a real world. This is not 1962.  This is 2016.  Whites must now compete with minorities for the spoils of America.  They are going to face minorities at every level of government, in the corporate world, educational institutions and in private business.  They will be working for minorities and taking classes from minorities.  White are no longer in absolute control of the mantle.  Competition is tough.

Felix Alvarado


I Love This Country but ...

I cannot become a flag waving American because of my history which involves discrimination in all life domain areas. In School I was treated differently than Anglo students, low expectations blue collar tracking. Not to mention as stated in a previous article receiving the business end of a board to my behind for speaking Spanish. Missing job opportunities and promotions due to my race, being told by a banker I did not qualify for a loan without taking my application. Asking about an apartment with a sign that said apartment was available and then hearing sorry full now. And low and behold when I asked my wife to ask suddenly apartment was available (my wife could pass for white). I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Don’t get me wrong I have moved passed it all but I can’t forget, it is there and when I asked for help from authorities I was told sorry that is just the way it is.  Today there are laws to protect us from ignorant and bigoted people, now I know stuff still happens but that is why we must all continue to be diligent. As the saying goes if you forget history, you are doomed to repeat it. This is especially true this election year as once again ignorance has reared its ugly head this election year. That being said I am proud of the progress our country has made which makes the 4th of July even more special every year. However, you won’t see me waving a flag, but if in this presidential election ignorance is defeated you just might!
By A. Govea


Cowboys Beat Steelers—But Then
An Elephant Walks into The Room

In what many including myself have tabbed as one of the top 5 Cowboy games in regular season, our rookie duo had perhaps their best game in their short NFL career. Dak went 22 of 32 for 319 yards with a 121.7 passer rating, while Zek had 209 all-purpose yards. This against a tough Pittsburg defense that was determined not to let itself be dominated by the Cowboys O-Line. At the start of game, it appeared it would be business as usual for the Boys with Zek for a first down, then Dak 19-yard completion to Dez for another.

But then the Steelers decide to blitz and force a Dak fumble, they recover and score a TD on a short drive. They go for 2 and miss, this was to become their MO for the rest of the game as well, which had their fans scratching their heads with what the H***.  The Steelers hung in there and in all we had 7 lead changes in this game, which made it the most exciting game of the season. I will say that Dak had some throws that were concerning, I wondered if he had enough arm strength. However, in the end with under a minute left he seemed like 10-year veteran instead of a rookie he handled the pressure to win this game 35/30.

The Elephant

Back in August of this year I wrote an article with the title “Adios Antonio AKA Tony”, he had not yet played in Seattle, a game that had him out this season for 10 weeks. In fact, all the talk was about how good he felt and how this might be his/their season. There was a lot to be excited about with rookie Ezekiel Elliot expected to carry a big workload on offense. A healthy Dez was also expected to have a great season and Witten not showing any signs of slowing down. And even the defense had to be better than last season, after all they must have learned something. All this came crashing down in the pre-season dress rehearsal game against Seattle, Tony goes down with another back injury. In the same article, I wrote in August I stated that one more serious injury and would likely have to say Adios Tony. I considered the alternatives and that time it was Kellen Moore with 0/2 Cowboy record or some rookie named Dak Prescott.

Well that “some rookie”, has turned into “Some Real Quarterback” out of nowhere, for sure he was not the Cowboys first or second or third draft choice for that position. No one saw this coming, Cowboys 8/1 with a rookie QB leading this team. But it did happen and it lead to; “what about Tony when he recovers from his injury, does he take the team back?” Well it was a question that was widely debated, most went back and forth with the answer. And with Tony still not fully cleared for practice most were glad to keep delaying the answer. We all saw Tony on the sidelines week after week and wondered what he was thinking. At 36 he might be facing retirement, after all his body has taken a real beating in his 10-year career as a starter. The Cowboys have not always had a great O-Line, we all have seen Tony run for his life back there and sometimes lose the race. As I wrote before, 36 is young but in Q. years it is 50 or more, we all must face our own mortality. The spirt is willing, but the body is not, life moves on with us or without us. Which leads to the 11/15/16 press conference a day that will live infamy (well not really, sorry got carried away).

Tony Romo has now vacated the Cowboy throne as America’s team QB and he did so in a selfless and classy manner. Without going in all the details of the press conference, he basically said it is now Dak’s team, he has earned it. He went on to say that this season has taken him to a personal dark place because of his latest injury. He felt he let his team and fans down as untimely his job is to win a championship and he cannot do that standing on the sidelines. Tony went on to say just as others helped him when he was young Quarterback he would help Dak. He went on to say that Dak knows I got his back and he has mine. This should always be about the team, not any individual.

By. A. Govea


“My Life is a Telenovela”
Premiered October 7th 
Not Yet Rated
Adult Language

“My life is a Telenovela” premiered on WEtv Date and Time gives you exactly what the name of this hilarious television show offers, but instead of a scripted soap opera this show is based on the real lives of six Actors, Models and Musicians. Charged with back handed complements, deep seeded resentment and extravagant fun this show is entertaining for Adults; definitely not for children.

Enrique Sapene, a dedicated completely self-obsessed actor who has his sights set on a vastly sought after role on a popular Telenovela, uses gossip and backstabbing fake friendships to make his way through the harsh world of television and movies. Marie ‘Raquenel’ Portillo’ according to the WEtv Website reveals how she was discovered at the age of 15 by Sergio Andrade, she sang with Gloria Trevi in the girl group “Boquitas Pintadas” and now she is a Telenovela Actress for Telumndo with secrets and a past that could destroy her career…according to Enrique. You quickly notice the lack of a sincerity between the two “friends”, Enrique and ‘Raquenel’. Gustavo Pedraza an Actor infatuated with the spotlight is even willing to throw his fellow cast mates under the bus during red carpet interviews. Gustavo and Sissi Fleitas alliance against ‘Raquenel’ she seems to have her work cut out for her. There are no true friends here. WEtv also ads in Liliana Rodríguez Morillo, the daughter of Jose Luis Rodríguez (El Puma) and Lila Morillo known for their music and work on popular Telenovelas in Latin America. As well as Alina Robert a Cuban American actress, best known as co-host and model on, “Sabado Gigante a very popular a successful television program, as well as many other movies and TV shows, she has proven to be quite successful and the television industry.

This show although very entertaining, it is not for the faint at heart as it does have plenty of bad language and dinner table brawls. Reality Television may not be a preference for many but this one is definably worth a try as you will find yourself laughing throughout the episode. You can catch the next episode November 18 Friday at 11 p.m. on WEtv.


Tequila, Taco & Cerveza Fest
Coming to Dallas in 2016 - 2017

Festival coming to Dallas in 2017

The wildly infamous Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest is coming to DALLAS, TX in Winter 2016/Spring 2017! (Venue & Dates TBA on our event tab) RSVP to your cities event link & share with your amigos to lock your cities date in!!!

This is an event geared to showcase diverse Mexican beers & worldwide tequilas plus unique taco recipes from all of your local will feature 10 (.25oz) Tequila samples included with ticket price plus Taco Food Trucks, Mexican Beers, Live Bands, DJs, Branded #TTCFest Shot Glass, Spanish Music, Mariachis, Water Pong, CornHole, Red Beers, Margaritas, Mexican Candies & So Much More Amigos!

DATE | Winter 2016/Spring 2017 (RSVP & Share !)
TIME | 2pm-8pm. Time Subject to Change.
LOCATION | TBA in Dallas, TX

ADVANCE TICKETS | $30 (Includes 10 Tequila (.25oz) samples, entry, commemorative #TTCFest shot glass, & branded Koozie! Available at online at Advance tickets will be available until 1pm on the day of this event. Very limited ($40) tickets will be available at the gate, but advance holders will be honored before walk ins if fire code occupancies are reached. This is a 21+ event, valid ID required. No exceptions. Additional Tequila samples will be $1 each at the designated Sample Refill bar. Cervezas, Vending, & Food sold individually. Limited seating available.

Cash & Credit accepted at the gates for ticketing. There will be ATMs available, but we encourage you to bring your own cash beforehand to avoid lines & to purchase additional/individual alcoholic beverages along with food from our vendors.


Art Tooth and the Fort Worth Black House invite you to join us in celebration of our growing art community for a night of food and drinks. Bring your own beverage of choice and a dish for a potluck dinner at one of our favorite places in Fort Worth. You can bring a cash donation in lieu of a dish. Tables and chairs will be available for everyone as well as plates etc. Children welcome.


America Recycles

America Recycles Day

Saturday at 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.
LaGrave Field, 301 NE 6th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Fort Worth residents can stop by to drop off any of the following items: paper (for shredding), tires, batteries, and light bulbs.



Winning is not fun when half the people don’t like you

Domingo Garcia

George Bush quickly learned that it was hard to govern when half the people love you and half the people hate you.  Trump is in that situation.  Demonstrations have already occurred in California and New York against his election.  What makes this country so great are the systems of checks and balances that we have.  The president is not a dictator.  To get anything done he must go through congress.  The strongest check that he has is the senate with its rules that requires 60 senators to allow any legislation to be considered.  The check that the house has are the two-year terms of the members of congress.  If we do not like how the local members of congress are voting they can be replaced in two years.  Senator Ted Cruz will be coming up for reelection in two years. That most powerful weapon that legislators have are term limits, just voting politicians out of office. 

The ultimate weapon that we as Americans have and most effective are protests and demonstrations.  Politicians pay a lot of attention to these tactics because most people that protest are voters and politicians do not want to be voted out of office.  Politicians are also afraid of deadly confrontations as have happened before.  Yes, a president can be forced out of office.  Ask Richard Nixon.

This is the time for you to get involved.  Hold your representatives accountable. Let them know how you feel on issues.  We will print their names and contact information next edition.  Politics is a 24/7 responsibility.  Politicians do not always have your best interests.  You must make sure they do.  Only you can do that.

Felix Alvarado


Morning After To-Do List:

  1. Michael Moore
    Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably.
  2. Fire all pundits, predictors, pollsters and anyone else in the media who had a narrative they wouldn't let go of and refused to listen to or acknowledge what was really going on. Those same bloviators will now tell us we must "heal the divide" and "come together." They will pull more hooey like that out of their ass in the days to come. Turn them off.
  3. Any Democratic member of Congress who didn't wake up this morning ready to fight, resist and obstruct in the way Republicans did against President Obama every day for eight full years must step out of the way and let those of us who know the score lead the way in stopping the meanness and the madness that's about to begin.
  4. Everyone must stop saying they are "stunned" and "shocked". What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren't paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair. YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew. Along came a TV star they liked whose plan was to destroy both parties and tell them all "You're fired!" Trump's victory is no surprise. He was never a joke. Treating him as one only strengthened him. He is both a creature and a creation of the media and the media will never own that.
  5. You must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: "HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!" The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Period. Fact. If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don't. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump. The only reason he's president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we'll continue to have presidents we didn't elect and didn't want. You live in a country where a majority of its citizens have said they believe there's climate change, they believe women should be paid the same as men, they want a debt-free college education, they don't want us invading countries, they want a raise in the minimum wage and they want a single-payer true universal health care system. None of that has changed. We live in a country where the majority agree with the "liberal" position. We just lack the liberal leadership to make that happen (see: #1 above).

Let's try to get this all done by noon today.

Michael Moore


Son of Zorn

Premiered September 11, 2016
8 p.m. FOX

Son of Zorn
Premiered recently

As fall comes around it usually brings along a variety of new television shows. This season “Son of Zorn” was introduced, and I am hooked. What really grabbed my attention was the hilarious aspect that while all of the Characters are regular humans, the main character Zorn from Zephyria is a cartoon character. While this is clearly a comedy, the plot line is also quite touching. Zorn, a seriously self-involved father played by the voice of Jason Sudeikis has been absent for the majority of his teenage son’s life (Alangulon “Alan” Johnny Pemberton), too busy fighting battles in Zephyria where he is known for being a dedicated gruesome warrior and wrapped up in his new challenges of living in the real word, it is not the easiest task. Unfortunately, Alangulon and Zorn are having trouble connecting as there is a clear culture gap as the son is a kind hearted, meager teen boy while Zorn is an inconsiderate, selfish, violent brute who often sees no fault in his “lifestyle”.

As if the Son and Father aspect isn’t funny enough, the sons mother Edie (Played by Cheryl Hines) and step father Craig (played by Tim Meadows) bring balance to the absurdness of Zorn as they continuously support the relationship of Zorn and his son. Sadly, for Craig (the stepfather), despite his efforts to make friends with Zorn he often finds himself at mercy to Zorn’s shenanigans, making the wife a content referee between the two. Son of Zorn, rated ages 14 and up is a perfect show to watch with you teen kids as it always holds some sort of life lesson; you may have to sift through loads of comedy, but it is there.


Let the Purge Begin

The Purge

The Purge is a movie that first came out about five years ago, since then three others have followed. The premise of the movie is that once a year all crime is legal for 12 hours between 7.00pm and 7.00am, including murder. This is to allow American Citizens a specific day and time to allow their inner demons to come out, it is presented as a (SIK) cleansing. In addition, it brings unemployment down to 1% and makes for a strong economy.

The first purge in the movie series takes place on March 21 2017, let’s hope that reality does not imitate art as it often does. But if it did I would bet on it happening under a (hard to say) Trump administration. After all we have just elected a president that; has garnered support from the KLAN; has used vulgar language in public that should embarrass most Americans; has cheated numerous hard working people out of the livelihood; has proven not just to be a liar but A Damn Liar; has insulted American Veterans; has insulted minorities left and right; has made fun of the physically impaired; and on and on. So yes, I repeat if ever a movie could become a reality it would happen under Trump.

But, will it? I say no we still have numbers on our side, Hillary lost the election but appears to have won the popular vote. We as American citizens still have the right to make our voices heard, given this election we may need to be louder and we will! This is not a time to hide in a corner and lick our wounds, no this is a time to rise and be counted. I for one will stand Tall against anyone or any polices that would reverse the clock 50 years and if you love your family and your country you should as well.

By A. Govea


Legalize It!

By Denise Jimenez

Retail Cannibis

Colorado is now widely known for its controversial decision to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana in 2014. Soon other states like Alaska, Oregon and Washington followed suit. While there has been plenty of opposition to the new law, there has also been a lot of positivity. A lot of politicians see the potential benefit in the legalization of Marijuana. According to the Colorado department of revenue,  in 2015 they accumulated $587,834,219 in Taxes for the recreational sales alone. The state has officially surpassed their alcohol tax revenue with medical and recreational sales from marijuana.  This has proven to be exceedingly beneficial for public schools in Colorado, they received 35 million dollars in school finding in 2015. While Colorado is seeing the benefits when it comes to tax revenue and school funds, there are other advantages legalizing marijuana can have.

Information compiled through the DPA has shown that in 2014 violent crimes have gone down 2.2 percent compared with the same period in 2013. At the same time Colorado’s capital, Denver has seen a 9.5 percent decrease in burglaries and an 8.9 percent decrease in overall property crime. In addition to the lower crime rates, marijuana possession dropped to almost 84 percent. This saves taxpayer’s money as well. Along with benefiting from tax revenue and falling crime rates, Hemp has many industrial uses.

Now being referred to by some as Colorado’s “Green Gold”, industrial Hemp has a variety of advantages. Due to its wide array of uses which can range from making clothes to paper, and even textiles it is seen as a “Cash Crop”. Hemp costs very little to grow and maintain so farmers of this crop see more of a profit.  Industrial hemp is also clean, environmentally safe and carbon negative to almost all of nonrenewable and toxic resources we consume today. There are even health benefits that can be extracted from the hemp plant that are non-psychoactive and can alleviate debilitating symptoms associated with a variety of diseases.

There has been a lot of negativity surrounding the notion of legalizing marijuana, but some would say that Colorado has successfully proven all the naysayers otherwise. A recent poll taken by Texas Lyceum says that over 46 percent of Texans support the legalization of Marijuana and up to 57 percent are in favor of lighter punishments for offenders. Maybe it’s time for Texas to reevaluate their marijuana laws and take notes from Colorado so we can attain the same advantages that Colorado is starting to see.

Update: California, Massachusetts and Nevada have now Legalized the use of Recreational Marijuana on Tuesday.


Tequila, Taco & Cerveza Fest
Coming to Dallas in 2016 - 2017

Festival coming to Dallas in 2017

The wildly infamous Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest is coming to DALLAS, TX in Winter 2016/Spring 2017! (Venue & Dates TBA on our event tab) RSVP to your cities event link & share with your amigos to lock your cities date in!!!

This is an event geared to showcase diverse Mexican beers & worldwide tequilas plus unique taco recipes from all of your local will feature 10 (.25oz) Tequila samples included with ticket price plus Taco Food Trucks, Mexican Beers, Live Bands, DJs, Branded #TTCFest Shot Glass, Spanish Music, Mariachis, Water Pong, CornHole, Red Beers, Margaritas, Mexican Candies & So Much More Amigos!

DATE | Winter 2016/Spring 2017 (RSVP & Share !)

TIME | 2pm-8pm. Time Subject to Change.

LOCATION | TBA in Dallas, TX

ADVANCE TICKETS | $30 (Includes 10 Tequila (.25oz) samples, entry, commemorative #TTCFest shot glass, & branded Koozie! Available at online at Advance tickets will be available until 1pm on the day of this event. Very limited ($40) tickets will be available at the gate, but advance holders will be honored before walk ins if fire code occupancies are reached. This is a 21+ event, valid ID required. No exceptions. Additional Tequila samples will be $1 each at the designated Sample Refill bar. Cervezas, Vending, & Food sold individually. Limited seating available.

Cash & Credit accepted at the gates for ticketing. There will be ATMs available, but we encourage you to bring your own cash beforehand to avoid lines & to purchase additional/individual alcoholic beverages along with food from our vendors.

Special Edition #2

Week # 40

Is Comrade Putin going to be the new president of America?

The standard for American democracy has always “been one man, one vote”.  Anyone caught cheating got punished.  Difficult to say how many politicians got elected because they cheated.  There are many rumors, few facts.

It has always been easier for government institutions to cheat for example, the infamous Jim Crow laws.  Since the Voting Rights Act, institutions have changed the way they discriminate. Take for instance, North Carolina where the number of locations where African-Americans normally vote were reduced from 16 to 1.  Or taking the names of African-Americans from the voter rolls.  These are voter suppression tactics intended to prevent people from voting.  Because the government is in control of elections, disputes must be settled in Federal Courts as violations of the Voting Rights Act.  Locally, a complaint was filed with the Justice Department by the UHC against the TEA Party for intimidating senior citizens.  Yes, voter suppression is alive and well in America and Tarrant County.

In this election, we face a different type of cheating.  We have one man who is not even   American citizen, cannot vote, does not live in America yet has influenced millions of Americans by manipulating the news.  Millions of emails were hacked by WikiLeaks from the Democratic Party.  No one knows for sure which emails are factual and which have been changed to be damaging to the Clinton campaign.  These emails have been slow leaked to the press.  Everyday a new batch appears.  Each day Trump has more trash to bash Hillary with.  Trump’s campaign of gutter politics is going well.  Many people believe his lies. 

The idea of “one man one vote” does not apply to this former KGB agent named Vladimir Putin he is Russian prime minister and he wants Trump to be our president.  We must show Comrade Putin, the TEA Party and splintered Republicans that their trash does not belong in Texas.  We want rational politics that benefits all Texans.  Anything less is unacceptable. 

Show your anger by voting!!!!



Please report any voter intimidation tactics
to 1-800-252-8653 or in case of violence or threats of violence call 911

Cowboys 35/Browns 10
A Trap Game

It wasn’t, many feared that Dallas would have a letdown after playing Green Bay and conference foe the Eagles. After all the hapless Browns were winless and now they will remain that way, at least until there next game.

However, I was concerned on the first Brown’s first drive as they seemed to be moving down the field easy in the air.  But alas the Cowboy defense stiffened as (I am almost afraid to say it) they have all season and they had to settle for a field goal. The Cowboys then come back and march down the field with their usual worker men like style and capped off the drive with a pass to a wide-open Witten for the go-ahead TD.

Cleveland came back to attempt another field goal which hit the uprights and came back to earth like a wounded bird. It was yet another insult to injury after a season of sorrow, which just adds to all the other bad memories that have plagued them for a decade or more. In addition, they lost their starting center (Cam Erving) in an already weak O-line to a stupid personal foul. The Cowboys also lost a defense player (David Irving) as both players got ejected from the game. (Erving and Irving go figure) However, based on the final score 35/10 you must deduct it hurt the Browns more. And for sure their new QB starter Keesler was on the run most of the game, something the Cowboys Romo remembers well.

Dak wound up with just under 300 yards passing, 3 TDs and a QB rating of well over 100, Elliott ran for 92 yards on just 18 carries. Both were pulled late in the 4th quarter for Alfred Morris and the forgotten man on the Cowboys Mark Sanchez for cleanup. This well-oiled machine travels to Pittsburgh next week for yet another test for our Cowboys but for now we are on top of NFC East and top in the NFL period.
By A. Govea 


Want to be happy get into the correct cycle

I opened the Bible to Ezekiel and started reading what he had to say. Ezekiel was a prophet in the Old Testament. Most of his writing in the Bible talks about God punishing the Israeli people because they turned away from him and became immoral. They had become proud and believed they did not need God. The people were breaking all the commandments and also worshiping idols. Ezekiel goes on and on about how God will punish Israel. The people did not believe him until finally all that he had prophesized came true. After that the people started listening to him and began to turn back to God and living in the ways of God. This is a cycle mankind keeps getting into.

If you read the Bible you see what God was doing for thousands of years. He created millions of people. Of those millions only a few would rise to the top as cream does when milk is processed. That cream is what God kept when he declared his chosen people.

The Bible then tells us how God gave his chosen people many blessings and were allowed to prosper. He also told them how to worship and make sacrifices to him for forgiveness of their sins.  God then told them how to build the temple in which there was to be a tabernacle where God’s presence was to dwell. They were to worship and praise God in that temple. God was creating the Jewish faith from which the King Jesus Christ savior of the entire world was to come from. This religion kept many records and writings of what God wanted the people to know. The writing of God’s communication with us is called the Bible. It is also called the word of God.

The Bible has stories of how the Jews would get comfortable and proud. This pride made them feel that they no longer needed God. They would start to worship idols made of gold, which I interpreted as worshiping money. They also worshipped many other idols, some of which represented sex.  That made God angry. After many warnings for them to change their ways, he would punish them. He would allow them to be conquered and enslaved.   Those years of punishment would cause them to realize that when you turn away from God you fall from grace and the true God will not protect you.   

I believe the cycle of people turning from God has now returned.  I have witnessed that many of the young people are not going to Church much less believing in God.  They are not taking part in the domestic church which means; introducing and teaching their young children about God. The home is where faith in God is first introduced. So those people that are not taking part in the domestic church are breeding people of no faith.  I may not be Ezekiel but I can see where some of you may be heading and causing your children to also go in the wrong direction.

If you are looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for happiness through false idols such as booze, sex and money you will be disappointed. None of that lasts as true happiness.  The only thing that will last forever as true happiness is when you realize what God has to offer you. He offers you a way to be happy with him in his Glory forever after this world ends. You have to make yourself worthy for the next world during this life you are currently passing through. So make an effort to find God and receive his message. Talk to a pastor or a Priest in your area. Get on the internet there are lots of sites giving you information. Go to the EWTN channel on your TV and get good information there. Get into the cycle that will take you into God’s wonderful glory.  If you want to, email me at with any questions you may have. I will answer you to the best of my ability.

Peace be with you all,
Joe Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty it is to Evangelize.


Fort Worth Hillary Campaign Office Spokesman Jesse Jimenez
conducts interview on Sunday with Quartz on Line World Wide



Feliciana Mancera and Luzmaria Perez
Final Push For Hillary in north Fort Worth.



The New Color TV

By Denise Govea

Or Don’t Complain,
You Lost That Right

Growing up I was a huge fan of television shows and sitcoms. My family would relax together in the living room and watch our favorite shows like Threes Company, Soap, and newer shows like The Office or Arrested Development. We loved shows from any decade. Although I enjoyed all of these programs,

I soon realized I was not represented in any of them. Even when they featured an ethnic character, they were usually very stereotypical.  Similarly, the commercials failed to represent people of color as well. These ads usually contained nothing but fair skinned, blonde, blue eyed women telling us to “love the skin you’re in” while only representing one idea of how a woman should look.

Thankfully this trend of leaving Hispanics and other minorities out of television programs is becoming less prevalent. There are more programs based around the lives of Hispanic families or friends than ever before. One of my favorites right now is “Jane the Virgin”, a hilarious show about a Latina saving herself for marriage who had been accidently inseminated by her alcoholic gynecologist and subsequently thrown into motherhood, love triangles and family drama.

This show represents our Mexican American culture and mixes both English and Spanish in the dialogue. Another enjoyable show is “Devious Housemaids”, and I admit the title threw me off.  I wondered if it was another stereotypical stab at Hispanic women but I was pleasantly proved otherwise. The main character seems to be just a regular maid like her friends but she is actually a former college professor who has gone undercover to investigate a murder and prove her son’s innocence. This show can be scandalous; however, it is entertaining.

I have heard Hispanic women talking about how these shows made them more confident in their skin, they now further embrace their dark hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. To have our personalities, humor and culture represented in a non-stereotypical way is giving our community the opportunity to be seen in a new light. In addition to the two I mentioned there are also more colorful shows like Master of None, The Mindy Project, and Fresh off the boat so now there is something for everybody.

The entertainment industry is slowly but surely making efforts to further include people of color in their movies and films. After the boycott of the 2016 Oscars in protest of lack of acknowledgment given to minorities so the Oscar Academy decided to make some major changes.

The Oscars appointed almost half of their new Voters’ Class to non-whites. Another step towards giving everyone the same opportunity no matter your skin color. All these changes may seem small in comparison to other issues minorities face today but they are necessary to advance us as an accepting and fair country.


Was the price worth the sacrifice?

By Felix Alvarado

Mexicans first appeared in the North Texas landscape in the 1870’s working on the railroad first, then the coal mines to feed the trains.  When coal mines started shutting down coal miners scattered in all directions north and to surrounding areas that needed workers like Cement City and the meat packing plants and rolling mills of Fort Worth.  When oil was discovered in Ranger Mexicans came to work there.  The thriving North Texas economy was built on the back of immigrant labor, mostly Mexican. 

Once we were part of the landscape and we could call this home, we responded when called to serve.  Thousands of Mexican-Americans died in WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and the latest Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts.  We have paid for the freedom we enjoy.  Freedom has a price.  It also has responsibilities.  One is serving the other is voting.  All the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that gave their lives, they cannot vote.  Do not disrespect all these Mexican-Americans that gave their lives so you could vote.  When you cast a vote, you are voting for them that gave all.

Placeholder image

In looking at the early voting results, the ballot boxes are empty.  Thus, far in the four predominately Latino areas of Fort Worth only 6,970 people have voted.  Contrast this to Contrast this to Southwest Sub-courthouse where 17,522 people have voted.

Yes.  Looking at the voter turnout in four predominately Latino voting places, the turnout has been dismal.  Nothing to brag about.

Can we do better?  Yes, we can.  But there is only one way.  Go vote.

Better yet.  Take all your family with you.

Throughout the state, Texans are voting in record numbers.  Not us Latinos here in Tarrant County.  We are still snoring.  The giant is still dormant. 

If you have not voted, you are the sleeping giant.  Wake up and go vote.

Only when you vote can we hold elected officials accountable. Ted Cruz needs to explain why he is supporting Trump.  So, do all the other elected officials.  Trump and all those that support him have disrespected us, insulted us and treated us as non-citizens. 

As long as you do not vote, anyone can govern with impunity.  It is time to say “Basta ya”.

Very soon we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day.  When you cast, your ballot remember that a Mexican-American of North Texas gave his or her life so that you could enjoy this freedom.



Vote Early!

By Denise Jimenez

This has undoubtedly been one of the most bizarre presidential election campaigns in our history. This has been the first time a woman, Hillary Clinton has become the presumptive nominee for a major political party. As the month of June nears its end, the Republican nominee closes with nearly 14 million votes, breaking an all-time record of most primary votes in the history of the Republican Party. In addition to all the drama a presidential campaign can sometimes carry we now have faster and quicker access to the internet, which means more people than ever before are consuming information at larger rates. This unfortunately includes misleading information, usually based on personal opinion or conspiracy theories. Sometimes when discussing elections or the voting process it’s a common idea to hear that people feel like the voting process is not as honest as it should be. This could be credited to lack of education when it comes to this government’s voting process.  People would feel a lot more comfortable with the results of a campaign or any election if they knew what exactly they are voting for.

Candidates can begin campaigning months before the Primary Elections in most states. The primary elections are made up of multiple candidates from each party. If a president is running for reelection they usually have no competition within their party. Each state is given a different number of delegates, depending on how many people live in that state.  Any Democrat or Republican in their state is eligible to become a delegate. If you are registered to vote, you can vote for the candidate that you feel fits your needs best. The candidate who receives a plurality or over fifty percent of the vote wins the Primary Election. After the Primaries, each party holds a convention, officially nominating the winning nominee to run as President for that party. Candidates usually announce their vice president shorty before or during the Convention.

Placeholder image

After the convention, the candidates focus more on their own policies to further persuade the public and individual states to vote for them. This Kicks off the Electoral College. Electors are selected depending on the states process. Finally, on election day is when citizens cast their vote for the next president of the United States, but your vote does not go directly to the candidate. Your votes go to an Elector who is supposed to vote for the candidate that received the most votes. The constitution does not keep them for voting for whoever they want. Depending on the state, doing so can result in fines. There have only been four occasions where this resulted in a president winning the election despite winning the popular vote.

Although this process may seem complicated or even unfair to some people, it is all necessary to keep the elections balanced and equal. It is vital to participate in all your local and general elections. This makes encouraging our immediate and extended family members to educate themselves on current policies more of an urgency. According to the Pew Research Center there are 4.8 million Hispanic eligible voters in Texas, the second largest population of eligible Hispanic voters statewide. We can make a real difference; the numbers are on our side. It is completely up to us to take advantage of the power we hold as a community. Make our current polices a household topic so our families are more incited to go out and vote for what better improves their community and quality of life. Talk with all your friends and family about the importance of the process, and how our participation is what makes it work. Despite any difference of opinion on policies or ideas by running candidates you should continue to encourage your family and friends to go out and vote.


The Legacy of Our Seniors

by Linda Carrasco

The young woman commented that she disliked that her mother-in-law came by the house so often and most of the time she dropped by when it was not “a good time” for her. The other young woman added that she was glad that her mother-in-law lived so far away that she could not visit very often. What the discussion revealed is that the mother-in-laws wanted to see their grandchildren but the young mothers seemed to think that at any time…it was not a “good time” for them to visit.

It is such a sad affair when grandparents are not allowed to visit or be a part of their grandchildren’s lives. Children and young people lose out on the “treasure” that “old” people have accumulated over the span of their life...their experiences, their wisdom, the stories that reveal elements of our culture and family that could be shared with the younger generation.

It shouldn’t be like that. “Old” people have a legacy that should be shared with their families.

Stories from the past can encourage, are a source of pride, and can even be a source of laughter. The stories, the sayings, and the idioms can reveal the marvelous legacy of our culture.

One of the stories that I told my children, was the story of my mother-in-law. It is an interesting and unique element of our background. She told me the story and had she not told it to me I would not have been able to share it with my children and grandchildren.

My mother in law was one of sixteen children born to her parents. Three of the children died in childhood. My mother in law was the only one in her family that was a United States citizen. Her other siblings and her parents were born in Mexico.

My mother in law was born during Pancho Villa’s time. The rumors were that if Pancho Villa and his followers came into the village, they would take what they wanted and women would be raped. The people of Tierras Nuevas and the surrounding villages were afraid when he was rumored to be nearing their homes.

The day she was to be born, her father took his wife, nearing time of delivery, and his children, and they crossed the Rio Bravo to escape Pancho Villa. They made it as far as the hills near the bank of the river, on the United States side. The best they could do was place a blanket on the opening of a small cave. The expectant mother now in labor, laid in that cave, and that is where my mother-in-law was born, on United States soil.

My mother in law was noble, intelligent, grateful, and a woman of many talents. She did not have a formal education but she learned how to read and write Spanish. She was a wonderful storyteller. I loved to listen to her, especially when she told stories that revealed details about our culture.

I want my grandchildren to get to know her through stories that I tell about her, especially during the times when I prepared a dish that she taught me how to cook. It is part of the legacy that she left.

Old people have something very valuable to contribute and that is how we preserve the beauty of our culture.  I say to the older generation, “Do not become discouraged.” Share your stories about your family and your past so that the young people will not forget where you came from and so that they can see that you have a “treasure” to share.

To the young people I say, “Take the time.” Take time to listen and appreciate what “old” people have in their “treasure trove” of valuable stories and experiences.

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Million Mask March

Million Mask March Saturday at 11 a.m. at Sundance Square 420 Main St, Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Million Mask March 2016 will take place in Ft Worth at the Sundance Square.
Let's try something a little different to engage more people.
Also, the 5th falls on a Saturday this time around.
Details of the event will come soon and update through the year as the time once again approaches. Back

My Friends,
Our Beautiful Hispanic traditions stay alive through Fort Worth's own Ballet Folklorico.
Please support this group of kids.
 They work so hard to learn all the dances and 
then preform marvelous shows for all of us to enjoy. 
          Benefit Dance for Ballet Folklorico de Fort Worth
             Music by DJ Mix Special appearance by: "Texas Soul Beats"
 Saturday, November 5, 2016 at "Celeste Ballroom"

Miss Senorita
Miss Senorita Anay Gonzalez receives hug from Pauline Valenicano after receiving her scholarship.

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