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Las Nuevas Plus

No 8

Women’s March on Fort Worth

By Denise Jimenez

Women have struggled with equal rights throughout American History, but the Suffrage Movement sprouted from the Abolition Movement of the 1830s. Abolitionist like Sojourner Truth, a former slave most known for her “Ain’t I a Woman speech” gave women speaking and writing opportunities on behalf of slaves. Then finally in 1848, the first U.S. Women’s Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York.

Since then, women have acquired new rights, from earning the right to vote in 1920, the right to have equal opportunity for work and school in 1967, and even the right to not be discriminated against for being pregnant in 1979.

Now in 2017 things have come to a head, possibly stemming from the tapes leaked in 2016 of President Trump making disturbing remarks regarding him using sexual harassment to entice women for a date. Trump supporters excused this odd behavior as “locker room talk” but I would consider that more of an alternative fact. In addition to the horrendous words spoken on that tape, Trump became widely known for berating women, specifically Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 Presidential Election. He often interrupted Clinton during debates with crude; sometimes unintelligible remarks. Trump also made his stance on abortion clear when he revealed how some people in the Republican party believed women should be punished for having abortions. These are just few of the actions and words Donald Trump has done to invite criticism from women, and feminist organizations around the world.    

Donald Trump won the presidency despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million. His Inauguration had a less then desirable turnout and although exact numbers have not been released, it has been estimated that over 200,000 attended. It seems as if people were saving their energy for something much bigger.

January 21, 2016 marked one of the largest demonstrations in United States History, with an estimated amount of over 2 million attending. The Women’s March was not only happening in the United States, but around the world From London to Tokyo; over 5 million women and men were marching for equality. And Fort Worth did not let this moment pass without making some noise of our own. Thanks to Leah Price Suasnovar a Fort Worth Citizen who realized there was no march happening at home; decided to organize one herself. Citizens were now given a platform to express their concern and love for their country.  Starting at the Tarrant County Courthouse, over 2,000 women, men, children and even my grandparents made their way through the streets of Fort Worth. Alongside the rest of the world, Fort Worth citizens showed their support for women everywhere.

Now we must remember, action does not stop at demonstrations; no matter how impressive. Women’s March on Washington has put together a 10-step plan to influence change and step 1 is to send your Senator a postcard expressing your concerns. Following your first action, it is important to stay informed and involved with your community.

If the Women’s March showed us anything, it demonstrated the intense solidarity that American citizens do have with one another and all hope is not lost. 


Cowboy Fans Take Heart—
Atlanta 44-Green Bay 21

Was glad to see Atlanta take away Rodger’s smug look, in fact that was nothing to smile about either. The truth, there never really is in an embarrassing blowout, I know many of their bandwagon fans have already gotten off. They will probably see if they can climb on with the Patriots since they won the AFC Championship game on Sunday. And they always have a lot of “Me Too” Fans.

Atlanta’s’ offense could not be stopped, just too many weapons; sound familiar? And, Green Bay’s offense just could not get any traction, their kicker even missed what should have been an easy 41-yard field goal. God knows he could not miss against the Cowboys and the Green Bay receivers had a lot of drops. Yes, Green Bay has had a lot of injuries both on offense and defense, in fact the game announcer said “I guess all the injuries finally caught up to them”. So, was it the injuries or the Atlanta defense that had them in check all day for the most part?  As for the Atlanta offense, they could have easily hung half a hundred on them (If they wanted) as Barry Switzer used to say.

  Back to the Boy’s, the Cowboy offense should have been able to slice up the Green Bay defense just like Atlanta, in fact they did score 31 on them. So why didn’t’ they, Dak slow start, dumb penalties and dumb mistakes; a la clocking the ball for No reason. And this is going to sound like sour grapes or homerism but Rodgers was also lucky. Yes, luck sometimes does enter the picture and Rodgers was lucky against Dallas, but it ran out in Atlanta. Now don’t’ get me wrong, I am not saying that if it wasn’t for luck; Dallas would be headed to Houston. Nope I think Dallas defense would have not been able to stop Atlanta, the offense would have scored but in the end, don’t think it would been enough. Dallas needs help on Defense before they can become real contenders. At least that’s the way I see it, de mi casa.

By A. Govea


Steve Thornton Candidate for Fort Worth City Council District 2

He is the populist candidate

This is a return trip for Steve Thornton.  He ran last time barely losing the election to the incumbent.  The close election led him to believe that he had been robbed a little.  In his words, in a firefighter’s words “Firefighter’s finish the task.”. That is why he is running. To finish the task.

Steve Thornton believes in the status quo but he is not running as a rubber stamp for city hall.  He feels that the neighborhood has been forgotten and neglected too long and needs better representation.  He is committed to be a part of the community and “Make my barrio better place to live.”

Steve Thornton moved to North Texas from San Antonio to attend North Texas State University.  He got his degree in History specializing in Pre-Colombian History.  He became a teacher but left to follow his wife to Fort Worth.  He got into the restaurant business.  To pursue his dream of getting a Master’s Degree he left the business and became a firefighter for the city of Fort Worth.  Being from the West Side of San Antonio and bi-lingual he was a natural fit to serve the people of the North Side. 

Steve Thornton a product of the "Robin Hood" schools is acutely aware of the necessity of children growing up with positive role models. He supports naming a street after Cesar Chavez.  Commemorating his accomplishments gives our children the opportunity and pride to celebrate our heroes just as we do the many other great heroes in our society.


Amigos in Business
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El Weekender

No. 50

Woman's March

Saturday at 12 P.M. - 3 P.M.

1895 Tarrant County Courthouse

100 W Weatherford St, Fort Worth, Texas 76196

Route is Similar to Stock Show Parade.

Meet at Courthouse.

We have applied for a permit.

No merchandise will be sold.

Say No To Trump!

The Mick

Tuesday 8:31/7:31 Central Time

With the new year came new programs, and Fox has been “on a roll” when it comes to giving the audience a break from the stresses of everyday life and taking us to a twisted, yet hilarious world filled with side splitting mishaps and inappropriate jokes. This is definitely not a show for children.

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Mickey, played by Katlin Olsen from the successful comedy series “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”, is a quick witted mooch who seems to always be on her last leaf. Desperate for some cash, she heads to her wealthy sister’s mansion to ask for the funds but ends up staying longer than expected. To her surprise, her sister and brother in law are involved with some illegal activity, leaving her to watch after her overindulged niece and nephews while their parents straighten everything out with the feds. Hoping for a large payout, Mickey agrees to babysit but soon realizes her stay might be more permanent than previously believed.

The children prove quickly to be a hand full but thanks to her hilariously paired sidekick Alva (Carla Jimenez), the house keeper who is filled with uncomfortable stories about her home in Guatemala, is the voice of reason that Mickey desperately needs.

Filled with obvious feelings of abandonment from her parents. Sabrina, the oldest (Sofia Black-D'Elia) is as rebellious as ever, refusing to mind her dinghy aunt but quickly realizes her shenanigans won’t get her far and in fact they might just put her in a far worse situation; not limited to being drugged to be kept from going out to party. Chip, the older brother (Thomas Barbusca) attempts to claim stake as the new head of the family but being as he is only 13, his cries for respect are quickly drowned out by his new guardian. Ben (Jack Stanton), the youngest of the gang turns his trauma into new habits like swallowing anything, including special balloons with unknown substances in them.

From crazy run -ins with casino loan sharks, or weird instances involving imaginary friends, Mick and her newly acquired children learn to stick together through it all even if they are screaming and kicking the whole way down.

By Denise Jiménez


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The population of Texas around 1800 was about 5,000. Mostly they were Mestizo, mixed Spanish and Indian.  Most lived in South Texas.  There were a handful of Spaniard brought in from the Canary Island in 1731 to San Antonio.  Above San Antonio extending beyond North Central Texas and North Texas there were thousands of Native Indians of every make and every model. 

Texas was sparsely populated because Spaniards did not want to come to Texas.  Texas being as large as it is they could have grabbed as much land as they wanted to.  The had heard about Indians and the harsh life in isolated Texas.  The Spaniards were not enticed by free land regardless of how big.  Americans on the other hand were hungry for land.  Texas above San Antonio was available.

There were incursions into sovereign Spanish Territory.  The most notable were the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Zebulon Pike expedition to Colorado and by Philip Nolan who was killed by Spaniards nearby in Bosque County.  Zebulon Pike fared better he was only imprisoned.  Cajuns were sneaky enough to enter into Spanish Territory to trade rifles for furs.  They too were aware that if they were caught there would be consequences.  Philip Nolan’s marker states that his death led to the Texas Revolution.  The US was posturing during this period trying to figure out how to take all the land west of the Mississippi.  The US interpretation of the Louisiana Purchase was that the purchase extended to the Rio Grande. 

When Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 there were about 40,000 Americans and 10,000 Tejanos in Texas a 10 to 1 ration.  These are only estimates.  All bells and whistles set aside about the event, Mexico refused to ratify the Treaties of Velasco granting Texas its independence because Santa Ana signed the treaties, one public and one secret, under coercion. 

When the US annexed Texas it actually annexed a part of Mexico since Texas was still a part of Mexico, Mexico never having granted Texas its independence.  There was an issue of the territorial limits of Texas.  The only way to resolve the issue was to have a war. 

The Mexican American War in 1848 settled forever the question of who owned Texas and its territorial limits. The US sent troops to Mexico knowing that Mexican sovereignty was being violated.  The Mexican military attacked the US troops and the war was on. 

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo did basically three things; 1.  It legitimized the annexation of Texas by the U.S.  2.  It granted American citizenship to those Texas Mexicans (Tejanos) that wanted to remain in the conquered land.  3.  It granted ownership of land owned by Tejanos.  4.  The U.S. purchased land claimed by Mexico north and west of Texas. 

The saying goes “to the victor belong the spoils” and the US got what it wanted.  Manifest Destiny became a reality, the US from coast to coast.  The US compensated Mexico fifteen million dollars for all the territory west and north of Texas.

Felix Alvarado


The Civil War and the Confederate Flag

By Denise Jiménez

Throughout time it seems as if the Confederate Flag has lost its true meaning; most people waving the flag claim it stands for southern pride. However, it is important to remember why this flag was created in the first place. Much like many southerners today, in 1860 Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States claimed the south was seceding over States Rights. The South felt the federal government had too much power over individual states. However, some southerners fail to mention the only right southerners were in fear of losing was the right to own another human being. No matter how hard anybody tries to downplay the true reason for the south succeeding from the Union, the facts are clear as day; it was all about slavery.

The documentation of the pure racism that drove the south to leave the Union is harsh to say the least. Southern Democrats often referred to President Lincoln as the “Black Republican”. The Vice president of the Confederate States was quoted saying slavery was the “immediate cause” of the Civil War and succeeding from the United States. Other states like South Carolina wrote in their Declaration of Immediate Causes of Succession, “increasing hostility on the part of the non- slave holding states to the institution of slavery” as part of their reason for leaving. Mississippi, leaving no question as to why they were succeeding, stating how preserving slavery is the reason for succeeding.  

All the efforts of the Confederate army to preserve slavery proved fruitless, and on May 10, 1865 Jefferson Davis was captured by federal troops, then two days later Lee surrendered. Years after the Civil War had finally ended some confederate veterans began to give sugar coated ideas of States Rights being the reason why they fought in the Civil War. But, Nathan Bedford Forest a wealthy slave trader disregarded their reasoning and exclaimed how the only reason he fought was to “Keep his N** and other folks’ N**”, I cleaned up the quote but I am sure you get the picture.

There is too much evidence showing the true meaning of the confederate flag, and no matter how you try to spin it, it will always stand for hate and racism.


Son of Zorn

Premiered September 11, 2016

8 p.m.  FOX

As fall comes around it usually brings along a variety of new television shows. This season “Son of Zorn” was introduced, and I am hooked. What really grabbed my attention was the hilarious aspect that while all of the Characters are regular humans, the main character Zorn from Zephyria is a cartoon character. While this is clearly a comedy, the plot line is also quite touching. Zorn, a seriously self-involved father played by the voice of Jason Sudeikis has been absent for the majority of his teenage son’s life (Alangulon “Alan” Johnny Pemberton), too busy fighting battles in Zephyria where he is known for being a dedicated gruesome warrior and wrapped up in his new challenges of living in the real word, it is not the easiest task. Unfortunately, Alangulon and Zorn are having trouble connecting as there is a clear culture gap as the son is a kind hearted, meager teen boy while Zorn is an inconsiderate, selfish, violent brute who often sees no fault in his “lifestyle”.

As if the Son and Father aspect isn’t funny enough, the sons mother Edie (Played by Cheryl Hines) and step father Craig (played by Tim Meadows) bring balance to the absurdness of Zorn as they continuously support the relationship of Zorn and his son. Sadly, for Craig (the stepfather), despite his efforts to make friends with Zorn he often finds himself at mercy to Zorn’s shenanigans, making the wife a content referee between the two. Son of Zorn, rated ages 14 and up is a perfect show to watch with you teen kids as it always holds some sort of life lesson; you may have to sift through loads of comedy, but it is there.


Amigos in Business Needs Your Help

We are building a bilingual business directory of honest and reliable business for North Texas. However, we want only the best, so we need your input to compile a list that of businesses that you would feel comfortable recommending to your family and friends. Please submit your list of businesses that you have used that meet the following criteria; Honest and fair pricing—Prompt service—Good work—Highly professional and bilingual staff a plus. In addition, please submit your favorite restaurant with their specialties and entertainment venues. Be among the first to submit and we will reward you with a free meal at your favorite restaurant for two.  Please send to 


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Las Nuevas Plus

No 7

“Finish the Fight!”

That was the rally call coming from the Cowboys and their fans, it even became a popular hashtag. However as with many made up calls to action it met a premature death in the 4th quarter with about 5 seconds left in the game.

It was not that our home team did not fight hard, they gave it their all or at least all they had. But when you are playing against a future first ballot Hall of Fame Quarterback on a hot streak; fighting hard sometimes is not enough. Aaron Rodgers went 24 of 38 for 356 yards with 2 TDs, he also had one passed picked off. However, in the end it did not matter as the Cowboy defense had no real answers to his punishing onslaught. It was like a hot knife cutting through butter and then placed in a tortilla but that’s another story.

Our Boy wonders Dak and Zek put up a brave fight, in addition Dez had one of his best games in a long time. Dak went 24 of 38 for 302 yards 3 TDs and one pick, he was a little wobbly at the start of the game and when they went down 21 to 3 the Romo calls started. Well at least in my home, Troy Aikman also made a passing reference to that possibly. Zek ran for 125 yards, Dez had 9 catches for 132 yards and 2 TDs. When you look at all these numbers you would think it would equal a win, (Pero No) it was not to be.

So, what happened? Simple answer Aaron Rodgers and I think the coaching staff had an off day as well. The offensive coordinator could be blamed for the dumbest penalty I ever heard of, when Brice Butler was given a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike penalty. This was because he was in the huddle but then ran off and was not in play. Per the rules if you join the huddle or are even within listening distance you must participate in play. Now I did not know that, but I am not an NFL coordinator, someone on the coaching staff should have known that. Just like the defense coach should have known that if you are going to change out player on 3rd and short against Rodgers chances are he will catch that, run a play and presto! You get caught with too many men on the field.

The winner of dumb calls though, came when the Cowboys had just gotten a first, thanks to a Dak to Witten first down to the Green Bay 40. So they now had a fresh set of downs on the 40 with time for the go ahead T.D. But instead of having four plays they basically wound up with 3 when Dak was asked to spike the ball to stop the clock. This not only hurt their chance for a possible touchdown and they had to settle for a game tying field goal, it also left about 40 seconds on the clock. Even they had just run one more play it might have prevented Rodgers from having the time to lead his team to a winning field goal to make it Green Bay 34 Cowboys 31. So, that’s it, no more, No Mas, Fin the end.

By A. Govea



By Denise Jiménez

After the Orlando Florida shootings, where 49 people attending Pulse Night Club were shot and killed while another 53 were injured, there was an overwhelming feeling of grief, yet there was also a sad sense of familiarity to the sick and disheartening tragedy. In the same week Christina Grimmie, a former contestant of The Voice was slain right outside the venue where she had just performed, her own brother tackling the assailant who then killed himself. These disasters although shocking, often instantly leads to a never ending gun debate. Leaving nobody any time to even process such a great loss to everyone in this country, but especially to the family and friends who are left with nothing but anguish and pain. These debates generally don’t lead us to any new solutions or plans to fix this problem. A lot of the focus is on the guns themselves; when there seems to be a trend with the mental illness of majority of the shooters. What often seems like a gun problem, this could be a mixture of both this fascination with weapons, and the vast amount of individuals who suffer from mental illness in this country.

Mental illness used to be something that nobody wanted to talk about and there was a time when if you had a mental illness you could be thrown into an overcrowded Asylum where you could easily be lost amongst all the other patients and never be treated. Now things have changed, it’s now finally becoming a part of household conversations, instead of being swept under the rug. While we have come to a place where we are making efforts to learn, and educate more about mental illness, there still seems to be lack of progress when it comes to finding proper methods on treating the illness. According to a report by the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 3 in 5 American adults take prescription drugs. With statistics like this people should seek to become more aware of what their doctors are prescribing you and your children. An AccessMonitor report from pharma sales consultants at ZS Associates stated that only about 53% of doctors restrict access from pharmaceutical representatives. Some doctors may be more interested in their incentives to prescribe you something for your anxiety rather then send you to a specialized therapist who could more properly diagnose you and possibly treat you without a long list of anti-depressants and other psychiatric medications. This poses a serious problem when you add unlimited guns into this sea of psychiatric drugs and psychiatric illnesses.

December 14th 2012, started like any other school day for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary, but would end in tragedy with 20 children ages 6-7 and 6 adult staff members shot dead. Adam Lanza who was 20 years old at the time of the murders had suffered from various mental disorders ranging from sensory integration disorder, to obsessive compulsive disorder, his father even stated that he could have suffered from undiagnosed schizophrenia. He was prescribed Celexa as treatment but stopped taking the medication without the supervision of a doctor. While his mother knew of these serious problems she was still known as a “gun enthusiast” and owned at least a dozen fire arms. It was stated by her sister in law that she often took her two sons to a shooting range, and never considered his mental problems when showing him how to use guns.  Not only did she instruct her son on how to use weapons, but she failed to secure them in a safe or hidden place. This unfortunately led to the demise of 26 innocent people. All of this could have been prevented if Adam Lanza would have received proper treatment and if his mother would have been more aware of the immediate danger of owning firearms and not securing them. How many more lives need to be lost before we finally learn our lesson?

When we decide to finally take a stance and make moves to assist everyone with mental illness, with proper treatment is when we will stop having to burry innocent people to senseless violence. Everyone can do their part to help resolve this problem. Talk to your kids about depression and anxiety. Let them know they are not alone, and if you own guns please keep them in a locked safe out of reach from your teens and children. There has to be further research on Mental Illness and the long term effects of Psychological Medications. As long as we continue to find new solutions, we could hopefully end these disastrous mass shootings.


Poison Snacks

By Denise Jeménez

What would you say if I tried to sell you a piece of coal tar as candy? You would refuse to pay for such an absurd snack, but some of us eat snacks like Starbursts, Doritos, Mountain Dew and several other products that contain Tatrazine; a dye derived from coal tar. GMOs and Artificial food additives are a hot topic right now; families are starting to realize the negative effects these can have on the health of their loved ones.

Most consumers don’t even know what exactly a GMO is.  A GMO is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there. These practices are made to protect a crop from outside interferences like bugs, and even dry weather. Artificial food additives can be a variety of weird ingredients like Tatrazine, Borax, and even Arsenic to add color and enhance taste. Some don’t see the harm in these GMOs and Artificial additives but evidence shows the adverse effects they could have on our health and even our environment. While biologist George Wald admits that this new technology is the “biggest break in nature that has occurred in human history” He also advised that the technology could cause “problems unprecedented not only in the history of science but of life on earth”.

As if those warnings about GMOs weren’t scary enough, the FDA has found some alarming findings about Artificial food flavorings, specifically yellow dye #5.

The Food and drug administration has found evidence of a connection between yellow dye #5 and adverse behaviors in children, ‘including those related to hyperactivity”, these findings are controversial as some experts believe that this side effect is only in children who had a previous condition, but weather this side effect is due to a precondition or not, it doesn’t seem safe, especially to children.

Often consumers complain about the high prices of organic food, or food specifically not containing artificial flavors but Authorities in Zambia and Zimbabwe rejected the import of food aid from the United States genetically altered foods due to health concerns and trade deals with Europe as Europe did not want their imported crops to become contaminated with GMO seeds.

Luke Mumba, a senior molecular biologist at the University of Zambia in Luska, said “a big factor in Zambia’s decision was a negative report on the safety of GMO foods “published in 1999 by the British Medical Association. Zimbabwe and Zambia would rather have their citizens starve than accept maize seeds that are genetically altered. Which begs the question, if countries in desperate need of food aid refuse to accept genetically altered seeds, why are we spending our hard-earned money on it. Since early 2000, consumers have urged companies like McDonalds to stop using genetically altered foods; like potatoes. The pressure to stop selling these kinds of products to consumers has worked in some cases.

For Example, in 2000, Monsanto Co. eliminated a line of genetically altered potatoes as J.R. Simplot Co. the chief supplier of French fries to McDonalds was 85% of   business, the company claimed that although they could see the use of GMO seeds productive for third world countries, they had to adhere to what the consumer wants. The food industry is finally starting to listen to reason when it comes to providing food without weird additives, and if we continue to refuse unhealthy foods, they will maintain this pattern of good change.


Class Act – Success breeds success

Luis Castillo receiving award.

Members of Cultivating Leaders Achieving Scholastic Success (CLASS) gathered at Dayspring Family Church in Irving to recognize those members of the community that have excelled as role models and leaders.  The message was simple.  God wants you to achieve success.  There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. It just takes attitude.  A positive attitude.

CLASS raised scholarship money so students can continue their education and be successful.

One of the honorees was Luis Castillo, LULAC member and several other organizations..  Congratulations Luis.  Well Done. 

Felix Alvarado


Amigos in Business Needs Your Help

We are building a bilingual business directory of honest and reliable business for North Texas. However, we want only the best, so we need your input to compile a list that of businesses that you would feel comfortable recommending to your family and friends. Please submit your list of businesses that you have used that meet the following criteria; Honest and fair pricing—Prompt service—Good work—Highly professional and bilingual staff a plus. In addition, please submit your favorite restaurant with their specialties and entertainment venues. Be among the first to submit and we will reward you with a free meal at your favorite restaurant for two.  Please send to

El Weekender

No. 49

Farewell to The First Family

A Real Class Act

After the election was decided back in November of 2008, I kept a promise to dance in the street with my wife. Not sure if any of our neighbors saw us, our young granddaughter Denise shared the celebration with us that night. We also danced around the Obama sign we had just put out that night, I know it was the only one in our block and maybe the whole neighborhood.

It certainly was not because I was ashamed of supporting Obama, or was somehow wanting to be sure I was backing a winner. Like so many bandwagon fans of winning teams do. No, the reason was I had learned my lesson of being careful when I had a bumper sticker that said “Meanness is not a family value” during a time when the Republicans were pushing how they were the party that stood for “family values”; I was flipped off and cussed at several times on my maiden voyage with my new sticker. The sticker came off, not because I feared those idiots but because I was worried my car might get damaged by those cowards. I only had one car then and I needed it for work. I will say, though the people I encounter on my trip proved my stickers point. Around that same time, I saw a sticker on an old pickup truck that read “If I had known this I would have picked my own dam cotton”

Once Obama was elected the negative and downright ugly stickers got worse, unfortunately I soon became to accept them as an everyday norm. On the night of the election I was proud of our country, somehow, I thought we had grown as a nation and that maybe, just maybe bigotry would become a thing of the past. Well it did not and certainly we all know it reared its ugly head in this Presidential election, however as President Obama reminded on Tuesday night; hope is not lost.

No one person can represent hope for us and no one person can take it away and as Michelle said “When they go low we will go high” I truly believe this to be true and yes, the sun will come out tomorrow and when it rains it rains on the just and unjust the same. To believe in fairness and human decency is still one of the most important values to possess. We may need to talk a little louder in the coming years to ensure that is not lost, but I have hope that in the end our values will prevail.

Last I just want to thank President Obama and the first family for making me personally proud to be a citizen of this great country. I wish them all well and pray that they continue to work for progress and unity for all of us. As we all must do.

By A. Govea


Click to see larger image
Picture from Ranger Museum

Learning your  roots (cont)

Ranger Texas

Eighty miles west of Fort Worth is the small delipidated town of Ranger.  Once upon a time Ranger was a booming town of over 16,000 people.  You could say that once upon a time Ranger was the Saudi Arabia of North Texas, it had the oil to prove it.

W. K. Gordon manager of the coal mine in Thurber knew that oil was a much better source of fuel for the trains.  He sat out to find the oil.  He found it in Ranger Texas in 1917.  Again, Mexico was the source of healthy strong men to work the oil fields. 

With the discovery of oil in Ranger there was no longer a need for coal.  Oil spelled the end of the coal mining era in North Central Texas.  Coal miners were offered to transfer to other coal mines or return to their country of origin.  Some Mexicans decided to return to Mexico.  Most scattered to other parts of the US, and the metroplex.

The train depot is now a museum where you can see the rigors of working in the oil fields.


Over Rated

By. Denise Jimenez

The Golden Globes proved to be especially eventful, and what would be an eventful award show without a little controversy; right? One of the most standout instances was when Meryl Streep used her award acceptance to speak out against the President- Elect.

Meryl Streep’s speech without naming any names spoke out against the rhetoric that has been spewed throughout the 2016 presidential election, at one point saying with heartfelt concern, “…And this instinct to humiliate when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing…”. As the camera panned through the on looking crowd of A- List celebrity faces you could see how some filled with inspiration, and others even had tears in their eyes. However, there were a few Actors like Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn who were seated next to each other, who didn’t look too amused with the speech; not that it matters seeing as how nobody seems to be amused with them anymore anyway.  There has been mixed emotion, amongst viewers as some felt it was the wrong time and place to get into politics and others are grateful that she used the time to speak out against bigotry. Of course, the President- Elect could not let this moment pass without letting his thoughtless emotions out on twitter, claiming Meryl Streep is over rated, and refused to accept responsibility for mocking a press remember with a disability; despite video proof.

Double click for larger image

Another noteworthy moment was when Diego Luna from the newest installment of the Star Wars Film Series “The Rouge One”, presented the award for Best Screenplay in Spanish; shocking viewers as none were expecting it. The Golden Globes are making efforts to become more divers. Although, frankly they need to step it up as there has only been 10 Golden Globe winners of Hispanic Decent since 1961.




By. Denise Govea Jimenez

 Summers in Texas for most families usually consist of your family vacations, amusement parks with plenty of thrill rides, and water parks to keep you cool during the sweltering Texas heat. Some families however make what criticizers might say, a controversial and selfish decision to go to Sea World. Sea World opened its gates in 1964, as a Marine Mammal park that holds a large variety of sea animals. Ranging from sea turtles, various fish, dolphins and of course the widely admired Killer Whale. They also offer live shows, where killer whales perform dances and tricks, until 2010 trainers would even ride on the backs of these Killer whales and swim with them. These shows presenting an inspiring idea to “Believe” a powerful message filled with hope and freedom. The sad irony wrapped around this message is almost morbid, and it seems that park goers don’t seem to “Believe” the lies, and secrets the parks keep from us anymore.

Hiding behind the guise of being animal rescuers. Sea world has stolen killer whales and other sea creatures from their family, and home, they are then placed in a pool that is nothing like their natural environment. The groundbreaking documentary “Blackfish” shined a light on the dark and grim truth of what the whales and trainers go through, and the danger they face.

Filmmaker of the documentary Gabriela Cowperthwaite obtained Footage taken from various YouTube accounts showing family vacations, old footage from trainers, and even footage attained by Fair Use Laws show the deplorable conditions these intelligent and emotionally aware animals are forced to dwell in. Whales in their natural habitat swim up to 100 miles daily, but while in captivity they are confined to small pools that only go as deep as 40 feet. The USDA at Sea World in San Antonio even documented that the dolphin tanks and the areas surrounding the Orca tanks were riddled with cracks and rusty beams. This poses an immediate threat to the health of the animals. They also brought to Sea World’s attention that falling concrete pieces can be ingested by animals and “do not facilitate cleaning and disinfection.” Orcas is captivity are often filled with anxiety and boredom so they bite on iron bars or gates which causes breaks in their teeth, this can lead to infection, often their teeth are drilled down to nubs without anesthesia. The average age of death of orcas who have died under Sea Worlds care is age 13.

Not only does it seem like the whales are mistreated, and basically forced to live their lives in a bathtub, trainers have fallen victim to this outdated circus like entertainment as well. The most well-known incident, is that of Dawn Broncheau who was a Senior trainer at sea world. A very experienced professional who had been swimming with orcas for 15 years, she was the poster girl for Sea World. Sadly, not even her long-time experience could save her from her completely avoidable and violent death. Killed by Tilly, short for Tilikum, while conducting an exercise, Tilly got frustrated and dragged the trainer underwater, autopsy reports she died of blunt force trauma and drowning. Dawn is one of four trainer total killed by captive whale, not all from Sea World. Since the incident OSHA now prohibits trainers from getting in the water with the whales.

“Blackfish” might have had a real impact on the attendance at Sea World. The company announced that stocks have dropped to $12.7 per share, the lowest since they went public in 2013. Attendance has been at a record low dropping to 7.6 percent as released in their second quarter earnings report. Although Sea World reps excuse the poor attendance due to bad weather and poorly timed holidays It appears the general public is starting to realize the injustice the animals and trainers face. To add insult to injury new regulations, prohibit Sea World from breeding Orcas at their facilities. Maybe this is the beginning to the end of keeping Orcas and other intelligent mammals’ captive for profit.

Update: Tilikum passed away January 6, 2017 at the tragic age of 32. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Orca Whales (Killer Whales) can live form 50-80 years in the wild.


Ft Worth Stock Show Parade,
LeGrave Field Ft Worth, Texas


Date: 14 Jan 2017 8:00 AM

Ft Worth Parade

January 14, 2017

301 NE 6th St

Fort Worth, Texas

Come join Louise and Richard Burney who have hosted the Fort Worth All Western Parade for several years. The parade starts at 11:00 AM. near the stockyards. Camping overnight at LeGrave Field prevents heavy traffic tie-up Saturday morning. Louise has blankets for your saddle so we will have a uniform appearance.

Call Louise at 254-709-9714 for details of the schedule.

Directions to LeGrave Field: Go north on I-35 W to exit 52E. Turn west or left on E Northside. Turn left on Main Street and go to 6th or 7th street. Either road will end in the parking lot of LeGrave Field.


Saturday at 10 A.M.- 2 P.M.

3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107-2744,

Wear your favorite Victorian ensemble and join us at the Kimbell Art Museum for their exhibit Monet: The Early Years. The exhibit is the first ever devoted to the young genius of Claude Monet, and will feature approximately 60 paintings from the first phase of the artist's career, from his Normandy debut in 1858 until 1872, so wear anything from hoop skirts to bustles!

After we enjoy the exhibit, we'll head down the street to La Madeleine (6140 Camp Bowie Blvd.) to enjoy lunch.

Tickets to the exhibit are $18, and can be purchased in advance through the Kimbell Art Museum's website.


Las Nuevas Plus! 

Issue Number 6

Defense Wins Championships

The general wisdom once you get to the playoffs defense trumps offense, although the Packers just beat the Giants highly rated defense. Which proves that you still must have some offense, as Eli and company have been struggling to put up points all season. The Giants only managed to score 13 points against Green Bay on Sunday and for a while their defense kept them in the game. However, Aaron Rodgers is about the hottest Quarterback in the league right now and they put up 38.

The Boys have already faced Green Bay this season in the regular season in October and they won handily 30 to 16. Zek ran for 157 and Dak threw for 247 and that was without Dez Bryant in the game, Beasley and Butler both had good games. It appeared that the Green Bay corners have real trouble with speed receivers.

  Now for the defense, in that game they held Rodgers to 1 TD, 1 INT. recovered 3 fumbles and generally controlled the line. And that was without Orlando Scandrick and the play of David Irving on D. Line that will also have a healthy and rested Demarcus Lawrence. The Cowboys look really good going into this game both on offense and defense but, you don’t’ play the game on paper. However, they are a solid 4-point favorite as of this writing but you never make the mistake of counting any team out based on the regular season. The Packers are riding a 7-game winning streak, however the Cowboys had an 11-game winning streak going and have the look of a winner. So, get your nachos and favorite adult beverage ready, the last time these teams meet in the playoffs it came down to 1 play. Which of course was the Dez catch that was ruled a non- catch. Given all the new weapons, they will not let that happen again, my money is on the Cowboys!

By A. Govea


A New Hope

By Denise Jimènez

This was surely a gut-wrenching election, riddled with lies, propaganda, racism, prejudice, extreme sexism and apparently; Russians. While some were pleased with the outcome of the election, there was a large number of disheartened individuals who were completely side swiped with how it all ended. However, amongst all the chaos we now call our President- Elect; there is a glimmer of progress, change and opportunity and her name is first Latina Senator Catherine Cortez.

Senator Cortez, was born in Nevada where she was raised by Joanna Cortez  and Manny Cortez who worked his way up to become head of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors authority, in addition to being the County Commissioner. Cortez showing the same drive as her father, went to graduate with a business degree in 1986 and made her way to Gonzaga University School of Law where she earned her law degree in 1990. Her career had an interesting start as Nevada Governor Bob Miller’s chief of staff and was assigned to coordinating logistics for a visit to Las Vegas by President Bill Clinton, along with her now Husband Paul Masto who was a former U.S. Secret Service agent.

Catherine Cortez would move on from working at the Governor’s office to work as a civil attorney. From there she would become a federal prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. and continue to work her way up.

According to her website, in 2007 Catherine became the 32nd Attorney General of Nevada, where she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of families, the elderly and women. In 2013 she supported a Bill that would make Sex Trafficking a Federal Crime in Nevada and gave women the right to sue their accusers, making vast improvements to the fight against Human Sex Trafficking.

In addition to her dedication to families and women, she also had a strong position on the removal of drugs like methamphetamine from neighborhoods and communities. Cortez worked with law enforcements to put together concrete plans to alleviate this vast epidemic taking over Nevada. Along with settling with Bank of America for almost $2 billion for their predatory lending practices and mass foreclosures which they refused to accept responsibly for, she proved to try her hardest to hold the “bad guys” accountable.

After her term for Attorney General of Nevada was over in 2015, she was not unemployed for long as Senator Harry Reid was retiring the same year and was passing the torch to Catherine Cortez.     She opposed Republican Candidate Joe Heck in November of 2016 and won 47% of the votes (520,658 votes) becoming the First Latina Senator in United States history. She gave her victory speech before the President- Elect and exclaimed “I will promise you this, I will be one hell of a check and balance on him”. Senator Catherine Cortez has shown she has the power and stamina to take on any hard hitting issue and I am excited to see her future achievements unfold.


Fake News and Such

One of the most discussed topics bantered about during this election season is Fake News and Russian hacking of the presidential election. 

Cloak and dagger games have a long history.  The objective was always to get the upper hand on the opponent.  The Romans were masters at psychological warfare or propaganda as it is often called.  They could scare an enemy into submission without a fight.  Hacking is the modern equivalent.  Putin being a former KGB agent learned these psychological games well.  We play the same games.  We just did not have Assange on our side.  In the Army, we used to call these games “brainwashing.”

And except for Trump, intelligence agencies and the military, the rest of America is ignorant of psychological warfare or brainwashing even though the advertising that you see in TV is a form of brainwashing, sound bites or framing.  So, answer the question, “how many times have you gone to the store and bought something that you saw advertised on TV?” 

What was different about Russian hacking this time was that the intent was to influence the outcome of America’s presidential election.  As an astute leader Putin looked at the election and determined that he preferred one candidate over the other one.  And he set out to get his preferred candidate elected that being Trump.  We all heard of Trump’s accusation of rigged elections.  The Russians released information damaging to Hillary daily.  Information that Trump used in his speeches.  His involvement worked.  We will never know how many Americans changed their vote based on the leaked information.  The information was intended to sway public opinion.  Judging from the crowds that attended his rallies and the chants of “build the wall” plus many more brainwashing worked.

All this is important because America is not just the 50 states.  It is the 50 states plus countless treaties and agreements that we have with other countries including the United Nations.  All arrangements that we have ever made with the rest of the world were intended to make America safer and stronger.  If it benefitted the other party, it was just a coincidence. 

Enter Meryl Streep and Donald Trump.  She criticized him at a Hollywood awards ceremony.  He replies insulting her.  We live in a world of sound bites.  His followers must hear from him that he is the winner and those that did not vote for him are losers.  We do live in a precariously balanced world and Trump’s attitude can disturb that balance.  It is up to Congress to step up to the plate and reign in this out of control person.  Trump stands to learn from a Spanish saying “en boca cerrada mosca no entra.”  Sometimes it is best to keep mouth shut. 

Felix Alvarado




By Denise Jiménez

Bullying is ascendingly becoming an alarming problem in the U.S. With social media at the fingertips of virtually every pre-teen and teen, these problems have taken a different direction. Maybe before social media a student or child could have a break from bullying at school when they finally made it home, but now bullied students have no escape.

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, 90% of students who report being cyber bullied have been bullied at school. In 2014 14.8 % of high school students stated they were bullied online.  These statistics are no surprise when LGBTQ students, students who struggle with weight issues, disabilities and even minorities are affected offline at high rates. The National School Climate Survey says that 63.5 % of students who identify as LQBTQ felt unsafe due to their sexual orientation and 43.9% felt the same because of the gender they identify with.

The American School Health Association reports that 64% of students enrolled in a weight loss program are teased or bullied about their weight. They also stated that 84% of students have witnessed someone being bullied because of their weight. Unfortunately, it seems these bullied students are left to wander their school halls and deal with their bullies all alone.

This “bully culture” that schools across America have become accustom to is not only downright mean, it can turn deadly. Alyssa Morgan, described by her mother to be a joyful young girl who loved makeup, video games and drawing would become withdrawn and depressed. Tragically she would take her own life; no longer able to handle the pressure of being maliciously bullied every single day at school. Before he death, Alyssa eventually was taken out of school to attend daily therapy sessions but that didn’t stop the cyber bullying. Investigators believe the distraught student received a message or notification that would be the last straw, unfortunately parents and police could not unlock her phone to see this message.  This student is one of many who have been bullied to the point of feeling so hopeless; they commit suicide. Like for Alyssa this is a massive problem for LQBTQ students.

The CDC released information stating there is a connection to bullying and teen suicide but only due to the symptoms victims of bullying exhibit. Center for Disease Control says that bullied students often show symptoms of anxiety, depression, and have greater risk of mental health issues.

Do you know if your child is being bullied? Or worse, could your child be the bully? As more social media outlets come out each year, and as the phones get smarter; parents and educators alike must take control of their children and schools. Summer is finally coming to an end and with that is the start of a new school year. Parents should require themselves to remind their children to be respectful and understanding of everyone despite their race, weight, sexual orientation or gender preference.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children and adults ages 10-24. Although these suicides are not all from being bullied, it is from lack of caring for one another. This problem is no longer a dirty secret swept under the rug and it is clear that an issue is present; it is time to act. 


Amigos in Business Needs Your Help

We are building a bilingual business directory of honest and reliable business for North Texas. However, we want only the best, so we need your input to compile a list that of businesses that you would feel comfortable recommending to your family and friends. Please submit your list of businesses that you have used that meet the following criteria; Honest and fair pricing—Prompt service—Good work—Highly professional and bilingual staff a plus. In addition, please submit your favorite restaurant with their specialties and entertainment venues. Be among the first to submit and we will reward you with a free meal at your favorite restaurant for two.  Please send to 

El Weekender

No. 48

New Year, New You

By Denise Jimenez

Whether you have decided to go to the gym more, eat less junk food or maybe you have gone a more internal route and decided to work on yourself; you are viewing the new year as a “fresh start”.  Some laugh at this tradition, as research shows only 8% of people follow through with their new year’s resolution. However, even with a small chance of achieving your goal, it is always good practice to deem yourself accountable for character flaws that could be improved.

There are various tricks you can use to your advantage if you are already thinking twice about your New Year’s resolution. First, it is important to keep in mind that you are no magician, and you will not be a changed person overnight. Try to look at your desired changes as small improvements. Keeping your expectations conceivable will help you with your goal.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with a random list of resolution ideas in your head. This will only distract you from what you want to set your sights on. Write your ideas down as specific bullet pointed goals, and aim to read that list daily. As long as your list isn’t overwhelming, it will remind and encourage you of your ambitions. As you continue to move forward with your resolution, keep track of your progress. This gives you an idea of what you have accomplished, and also gives you an excuse to celebrate little victories along the way. Sharing your accomplishments with supportive friends and family will encourage your progress as well.

2017, like the years before will likely come with setbacks that may deter you from your goals. While, sometimes your resolution may be put to the side permanently, remember; there is always next year.


Mexican North Texas

By Felix Alvarado

If you had been in the areas of Thurber, Coalville, Mingus, Gordon, Strawn or Bridgeport in the late 1890’s, you would have seen the area teeming with Mexicans.

They came to North Texas during a period called the Porfiriato in Mexico. Porfirio Díaz, President of Mexico, may have been a strong ruler, but the only ones that had to fear him most were the rich and powerful willing to take a chance and displace him. For most Mexicans, life consisted of work, church and an occasional trip to the cantina. Life in Mexico was simple and peaceful. Except for the occasional bar fight or drunken disturbance, life was tranquil.

Porfirio wanted Mexico to be an economic powerhouse. He opened the country to foreign investment. Money from Britain, France and the United States poured in. Transportation was the key to economic development so a railroad system to connect all of Mexico had to be built first. Once the railroad was built there was a need for coal. Coal was found in Zaragoza, Coahuila. Mexico had experienced railroad workers or traqueros as they were called and coal miners. They were the best of Mexico.

Texas businessmen also saw the need for a railroad in Texas and encouraged the legislature to invest money in building a railroad in Texas. Railroads were needed to connect Texas to the gulf coast and to the Rio Grande. They also saw a need to connect Texas going east to New Orleans, west to California and north to Chicago. There was only one detriment to building the railroad. Comanche’s. North Texas was Comanche country. “Is changed with the end of the U.S. Civil War Army resources could now be used to remove this menace.”

Astute Texas businessmen knew where to get experienced traqueros. Astute Texas businessmen knew where to get experienced miners. Right across the Rio Grande in Mexico. It was not too hard to get the traqueros to sign on to install the railroad track in Texas. There was no more railroad to install in Mexico. Pay may not have been great but it beat being unemployed. There was only one stipulation. You could not be afraid of the "Natives".

Most of the rail was being installed in uninhabited rural areas of Texas. Food and sleeping accommodations were provided by the railroad. Traqueros lived out of boxcars, in it was everything the workers needed. On a good week 12 miles of track could be laid. Occasionally, entertainment available was provided by the railroad.

Not everyone was pleased with the Porfiriato. Working class Mexicans were known to voice their displeasure against the government in various ways like strikes or work slowdowns. When the government was unresponsive to the needs of its workers, Mineros voiced their displeasure the only way they could, with their feet. It was the only voice they had and they used it. Trekking north mineros found work in gold, silver and coal mines in America. They came with their family and made America their home. Traqueros and mineros are the birth of Mexican North Texas and beyond.


What will your Legacy be?

In recent articles that I have written about religion I have given you a number of good reasons for being a Christian through the Catholic Church’s teachings. I have explained why God became a human, suffered, died then was raised from the dead after three days.

I hope I have stimulated your desire to get closerto the Church. The Church gives us all of Christ’s teachings. If we follow those lessons, pray and worship God, He will bestow grace upon us as we become part of the body of Christ. You will then be worthy of the next life with God forever.

We will have perfect bodies in the next life but in order to get one we need to follow Christ’s teachings that help us control this current esh of ours that always wants something. Like more chocolate, more tacos, more and more desires of the esh. Some of those desires are labeled as sins.

Most of us learned what sins are because we are taught by our parents and by our religious upbringing. But what if our parents did not learn what sins were because they were not religious. What if we were raised in a world that thought that it was al- right to kill someone if it would gain us something? We would not know any better because everybody was doing it so it must be right. Many laws are made because of that mentality. A good example of that is abortion.

Guess what? You won’t get to heaven because of man’s laws. You will only get there if you obey God’s Laws. Those who live by God’s laws are saved. Those that do not will be tossed into Hell!

That brings me to what will someday happen in the future. It is described in the Bible and is in the section called “The Book of Revelations”. Part of what is described there says a whole bunch of bad stuff is going to happen before the world is made new. Here is part of what I got out of reading it.

Before all the bad Revelations action starts, Jesus will pull all his people up to heaven. This phase is called the Rapture. Jesus will save all worthy Christians from what is getting ready to happen on earth. That will leave people like the Jews, Muslims, all non-Christians and bad people in a world that will be full of war, diseases and much suffering. You may not be alive when this happens but your children or great grandchildren may have to live in it. This will only happen to them if you don’t teach them about Jesus or get them involved in the church so that they can learn about being a Christian.

What will your legacy be? It can be one that lands you and your seed, also called your ancestry, in a beautiful place for eternity. You and only you have that power. Get active, join a Church learn about Jesus and his promises. Make sure your children also learn about God’s word. Then you or your seed will be counted as one of the many missing from this world after the “Rapture”.

Yours in Christ,

Joe M. Govea


Learning your roots

Fifty-five miles west of Fort Worth are the remains of what used to be a thriving town of close to 10,000 people all involved in coal mining. 

Coal mining was a dangerous job.  To minimize injury to workers required that the miners be skilled.  The closest source for this skilled labor was Mexico.  Bosses were sent to Mexico to recruit coal, silver and gold miners to come to the coal mines of North Texas one being Thurber. 

Once the mining operation shut down miners were offered the opportunity to return to their Mexico or relocate to other mines or other jobs around the country.  This diaspora extended north to Illinois and states in between the railroad being the conduit by which Mexicans travelled north.  About the time that the mines were shutting down there was a demand for workers in Dallas and Fort Worth to work the cement factories in Dallas and the meat packing plants and rolling mills in Fort Worth.  The coal mines provided the early labor workforce of the metroplex.


Visit the W.K Gordon Museum in Thurber.
Visiting Hours
 Tuesday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Adults (12 years and older): $5.00
Children (5-12 years old): $2.50
Seniors and Military: $4.00
Free Admission for Children 5 years & under and Tarleton State University Students, Staff and Faculty.
If you would like information on how to trace your roots email me, Felix Alvarado,


Cowtown Social Run coming January 7

Join us for the annual Cowtown Pancake Social Run on Saturday, January 7th at 7:00am.

There will be 3 different route options: 3 miles, 6 miles or 14 miles. After your run, enjoy some pancakes with fellow runners at the office. *This social run is FREE* No sign up required, just show up at 7 a.m.

There will be NO support on the courses other than fluid stations. Our office will be shutting down around 10:30 a.m.-11 a.m. 

All courses will start and finish at The Cowtown Marathon office: 2617 Whitmore St. FW, TX 76107. There will be street parking available on Whitmore St. and Weisenburger St.


Amigos in Business Needs
Your Help

We are building a bilingual business directory of honest and reliable business for North Texas. However, we want only the best, so we need your input to compile a list that of businesses that you would feel comfortable recommending to your family and friends. Please submit your list of businesses that you have used that meet the following criteria; Honest and fair pricing—Prompt service—Good work—Highly professional and bilingual staff a plus. In addition, please submit your favorite restaurant with their specialties and entertainment venues. Be among the first to submit and we will reward you with a free meal at your favorite restaurant for two. 

Please send to 


Las Nuevas plus!

Issue # 5

Week 50

Romo Ties Dez

Domingo Garcia

Tony Romo finally gets into a game in 2016 and now has tied Dez Bryant (Yes that Dez the receiver) for touchdown passes this season. Romo has not played in a regular game since Thanksgiving Day 2015, he is only appearance this season was in a pre-season game August 25th against Seattle where he suffered another back injury. All this led to wonder boy the 4th round draft pick Dak Prescott not only coming in relief for Romo but replacing him as the starter.

Romo went in for 1 series of plays with 13 minutes left in the 2nd quarter to spell the now number 1 Quarterback. It was great to see number 9 back in a game and he did not disappoint he went 3 of 4 for 29 yards and he scored the only touchdown of the game for the Cowboys. A three-yard T.D. strike (his 248th) to Terrance Williams in the end zone that was not spectacular but was monumental for him personally. I was both happy and sad to see this, as most Cowboy fans know that might be it for our favorite Mexican Quarterback. Dak was ready on the sidelines to congratulate Romo with a playful shove, Romo was all smiles as were all the Romo Homers in Cowboy Fandom.


We also had what most have been a first in an NFL game, two Mexican Americans Q.B.S play in the same game. Mark Sanchez came in right after Romos’ 1 and only series to finish the game, however he did not fare as well as Romo. Sanchez went 9 of 17 for 85 yards but had 2 INTS and was sacked 3 times for a horrible Q.B. rating of 27.5. And unlike Romo which is expected to be traded in the offseason, he may not have any suiters. Sanchez has been plagued with turnover problems which has caused him to lose starter consideration and may find himself out of the league, unless a team gets disparate or the Cowboys keep him. Which is possible as Dak has really taken a liken to him and the starting Quarterback has a voice in some offensive personnel decisions.

As for the final score Eagles won 27 to 13 in a game that really meant nothing for the local Boys other would have been nice to get to 14/2 record. However, the most important part of this game was to get through it without any major injuries which is why to his disappoint Zek saw no action. A combination of McFadden, Dunbar and Morris came in for him and only managed 60 yards between them. So now it’s off to the playoffs in 2 weeks, I hope you are excited! It has been a while, I will set the table for that next week. Oh and Happy New Year!
By A. Govea


Hold on for the ride

Normally I would say that whatever the president does or does not do has no effect on us.  At this level local offices are normally much more important.  I am doing an about face.  We live in a very precariously balanced world.  What happens at the national level has ramifications at the international level. 

In the aftermath of WWII Europe was in ruins.  Two superpowers emerged, the United States and the Soviet Union with its Communist form of government.  We joined to beat the Nazis and after the war we became bitter rivals both competing with each other for world dominance, one democratically the other dictatorially.  Both were armed with nuclear bombs.  More important both had the means to deliver the nukes. That is what made the Soviets dangerous.

To check Soviet power in Europe the US formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  There were many members but there was only one that counted US.  France showed its disdain for American hegemony by withdrawing its military from the alliance and kicking American troops out of France.  The Soviet Union countered by forming the Warsaw Pact Alliance.  We entered an era called The Cold War.  It was not always cold.  Sometimes there were skirmishes along the border. 

On the other side of the globe we had Japan in ruins also.  We kept a military presence to keep out adversaries mainly the Russians and the Chinese. We hated communists. Communist China reinforced our fear of Communism when it attacked Korea during the Korean War. It was Nixon’s trip to China that minimized the Chinese threat and opened the door to Chinese-American trade.

The American public never got to see the military games played by the super-powers.  Americans were too busy enjoying life. Except for the occasional scare caused by practicing for nuclear war. The serenity of American society was spoiled by the Vietnam War. We were afraid that if Vietnam fell to the communists that the rest of Asia would follow or as the idea was called the “Domino Theory”.  The fear was not well founded.  It did cost 50,000 American lives. And led to the migration of thousands of Vietnamese that helped us. Thousands more were left behind to suffer the wrath of the victorious North Vietnamese Army.  

Iraq was invaded supposedly because it had weapons of mass destruction. We went to Vietnam because supposedly our navy had been attacked in International waters.  Both motives were proven to be incorrect. 

NATO was not there to protect Europe, it was there to protect America.  If we kept the Soviets preoccupied in Europe we did not have to worry about them attacking us.  It may have been costly but the security it brought to America was worth the cost.  Certainly, Europe did not need our presence for economic reasons. 

The Soviets discovered in Afghanistan that a large military was not going to defeat a determined foe that conducted guerilla warfare.  Something that we found out in Vietnam and had been learned earlier in Cuba, France, Spain and Russia have shown their disdain for American hegemony. America is no longer the king of the hill. 

Yes, presidents make mistakes and congress does not always do its job in keeping a check on the president. Our wages are not sufficiently high that we can afford to pay a 35% increase in the price of goods because of some tariff. In January 2017, we get a new president. What we know about him is that he is erratic. You cannot believe anything that he says.  A leader must speak clearly and distinctly. World leaders don’t want to guess what he has said. They don’t want to hear from surrogates to make interpretations. Clinton left a budget surplus. Bush II squandered the money. He left the Middle East in disarray. Obama had to work hard to get the American economy going again. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act many Americans have health insurance that they could not get before.

We Latinos most of whom are of Mexican American stock cannot remain silent. We the people must stand up and vote. That is the only tool we have. We do not have strong Latino politicians.  We have one that is interested in changing the name of the Texas Railroad Commission as if that was the most important legislation in the world. Mr. Politician, we need healthcare better schools and we need you to fight against sanctuary cities, border fences and all issues that affect us. 

We need Latino leaders.  Donde estan?????

Felix Alvarado


Soda Tax Sounds Better
Than It Tastes

By Denise Jimenez

Most Americans are guilty of drinking a sugary soda, every now and then. 1 in 4 Americans drink at least one soda per day. The variety of consequences that may come along with drinking one soda a day should be enough to deter people alone. Harvard revealed in a study linking obesity with drinking soda, children who drink soda from age 12 increases their chances of being obese by 1.6 percent. Soda also causes plaque to build up at a faster rate which may cause gum disease, cavities and countless dollars at the dentist office.

Some cities have taken measures to deter people even more from drinking these sugary sodas. Philadelphia is amongst the very few cities who have implemented a soda tax. Just a few days ago a 1.5 cent per ounce Soda Tax adds $1.02 to the cost of a 2 liter of soda on top of the 8% sales in Philadelphia. The new tax will fund many different public resources like the expansion of the preschool program, recreation centers and even tax credits that will go to stores who sell “approved” healthy drinks.

Of course, some people are not happy with this new tax, claiming that it is unfair to families with a lower income. This argument is contradictory to the new Soda Tax. With new evidence of the side effects drinking soda on the daily basis carries, it seems like bills for the doctor’s office will surely follow. The clear goal here is to have less families buying this product, to promote a healthier diet.

While this could be a definite negative to popular soda companies who have seen some drop-in sales since 2015, it is great for the general health of the citizens of Philadelphia. Maybe parts of North Texas would be interested in this new idea to promote healthier citizens.


Amigos in Business

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Las Nuevas Plus
# 4

Cowboys 42---Lions 21

Domingo Garcia

There was a lot of talk about resting your starters for this game and next, after all the Boy’s have clinched the division and home throughout the playoffs. And, after watching the Oakland QB go down with a broken leg over the weekend, that might be the safe to do. After all as in golf,  if you are up by 3 on the last hole you usually just lay up, no need to fly the hazard from midfield. But, this group of Cowboys do not play safe, perheps it is youth, perhaps it is a now or never mode or maybe that just how they play the game.

This team looks like it’s having fun and that was the most evident when in the 2nd half you had Dak  fake to Zek, that then appeared to be a reverse to Dez that utimately had Dez throwing a TD pass to Witten. That one had me smiling and saying “What! Wow” to no one but myself as I watched the game alone, except when my wife would walk in the room and ask “Who’s winning” That play I think is very representative of this Cowboy season it has for the most part just boys having fun. And Dez became the only other NFL player to catch 2 TDS and throw for one in NFL history. In addition Dez is second only 2nd  on the Cowboys to the great Bob Hayes in touchdown receptions.

However it was not all fun and games in the first half as the Cowboy defense looked like it was reverting back to the 2015 model. The Lions seemed to be able to run the ball at will and of course when you can do that it sets up for freeway passing. This against the Cowboy defense that is nunber 1 in defending the run and the Lions last in runnung yards. This went on in the first half  but in the 2nd half Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli had his group throw a shutout. Going in we all wondered how they would perform with DeMarcus Lawrence, Cedric Thorton and Tyrone Crawford out with injuries. Wonder no more this no name Defense continues to get better and may yet earn the nickname Doomsday Junior.

Even though it may seem redondunt, now Dak had another great game and I, and most are really immpressed with his ability to read defenses and audible out of a play for a better fitting one. As for Zek he did not have his usually 25 carries or more but had a huge 55 yard TD run and could have stayed in but what for. McFadden came in relief and did a good job as did the rest of the offense, and they should have improved on their dismal 19% 3rd down conversation rate. As for Romo he continues to wait on the sidlines perhaps already thinking about next season and what that may bring.

By A. Govea  


George Michele
June 25th 1963 – December 25th 2016

“Take Me Dancing Tonight”

By Denise Jiménez

George Michele “Faith”

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, or most famously known as ‘George Michele’ passed away Christmas Morning in his sleep at the age of 53.  Born June 25th, 1963 in East Finchley, London, England, George Michele’s fame began to flourish as a member of Wham!. Their famous hit “Wake me Up Before You GO-GO” is part of 80’s history, as a classic with its fresh “post-disco dance pop” sound.

As a Solo Artist, George Michael continued to grace the world with his iconic vocalist style, as his first ever solo Album “Faith” released in late October 1987 sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

While George Michele had a clear passion for music, he truly cared for sick children in need. In 2003 he paired up with other celebrities to raise 20 million dollars for terminally ill children with the help of the Rainbow Trust Charity.

George Michele surely did not leave this world without leaving behind a beautiful legacy, with numerous awards won including two Grammies from eight nominations, and millions donated to various charities throughout his career. He will forever be a part of music history.


Hope you had a Merry Christmas

Our fond hope at Nuestra Voz is that everyone had a very Merry Christmas accompanied by family and friends.  Hopefully, Santa was good to everyone and everyone got what they hoped for. And if you did not, remember that Santa takes presents to people that have been good all year.  So, if you did not get everything you wanted, remember to be good all year.  Hopefully, family grudges were set aside and that family relationships took priority over petty differences.

For us Catholics, next is Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day) on January 6.  It is a second chance to receive presents although I would not count on it.  If you have not ordered your Roscas de Navidad better go to your favorite Panaderia.  Nobody is counting but I would guess that thousands will be eaten January 6, 2017. 

Felix Alvarado


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