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El Weekender

No. 50

Woman's March

Saturday at 12 P.M. - 3 P.M.

1895 Tarrant County Courthouse

100 W Weatherford St, Fort Worth, Texas 76196

Route is Similar to Stock Show Parade.

Meet at Courthouse.

We have applied for a permit.

No merchandise will be sold.

Say No To Trump!

The Mick

Tuesday 8:31/7:31 Central Time

With the new year came new programs, and Fox has been “on a roll” when it comes to giving the audience a break from the stresses of everyday life and taking us to a twisted, yet hilarious world filled with side splitting mishaps and inappropriate jokes. This is definitely not a show for children.

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Mickey, played by Katlin Olsen from the successful comedy series “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”, is a quick witted mooch who seems to always be on her last leaf. Desperate for some cash, she heads to her wealthy sister’s mansion to ask for the funds but ends up staying longer than expected. To her surprise, her sister and brother in law are involved with some illegal activity, leaving her to watch after her overindulged niece and nephews while their parents straighten everything out with the feds. Hoping for a large payout, Mickey agrees to babysit but soon realizes her stay might be more permanent than previously believed.

The children prove quickly to be a hand full but thanks to her hilariously paired sidekick Alva (Carla Jimenez), the house keeper who is filled with uncomfortable stories about her home in Guatemala, is the voice of reason that Mickey desperately needs.

Filled with obvious feelings of abandonment from her parents. Sabrina, the oldest (Sofia Black-D'Elia) is as rebellious as ever, refusing to mind her dinghy aunt but quickly realizes her shenanigans won’t get her far and in fact they might just put her in a far worse situation; not limited to being drugged to be kept from going out to party. Chip, the older brother (Thomas Barbusca) attempts to claim stake as the new head of the family but being as he is only 13, his cries for respect are quickly drowned out by his new guardian. Ben (Jack Stanton), the youngest of the gang turns his trauma into new habits like swallowing anything, including special balloons with unknown substances in them.

From crazy run -ins with casino loan sharks, or weird instances involving imaginary friends, Mick and her newly acquired children learn to stick together through it all even if they are screaming and kicking the whole way down.

By Denise Jiménez


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The population of Texas around 1800 was about 5,000. Mostly they were Mestizo, mixed Spanish and Indian.  Most lived in South Texas.  There were a handful of Spaniard brought in from the Canary Island in 1731 to San Antonio.  Above San Antonio extending beyond North Central Texas and North Texas there were thousands of Native Indians of every make and every model. 

Texas was sparsely populated because Spaniards did not want to come to Texas.  Texas being as large as it is they could have grabbed as much land as they wanted to.  The had heard about Indians and the harsh life in isolated Texas.  The Spaniards were not enticed by free land regardless of how big.  Americans on the other hand were hungry for land.  Texas above San Antonio was available.

There were incursions into sovereign Spanish Territory.  The most notable were the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Zebulon Pike expedition to Colorado and by Philip Nolan who was killed by Spaniards nearby in Bosque County.  Zebulon Pike fared better he was only imprisoned.  Cajuns were sneaky enough to enter into Spanish Territory to trade rifles for furs.  They too were aware that if they were caught there would be consequences.  Philip Nolan’s marker states that his death led to the Texas Revolution.  The US was posturing during this period trying to figure out how to take all the land west of the Mississippi.  The US interpretation of the Louisiana Purchase was that the purchase extended to the Rio Grande. 

When Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 there were about 40,000 Americans and 10,000 Tejanos in Texas a 10 to 1 ration.  These are only estimates.  All bells and whistles set aside about the event, Mexico refused to ratify the Treaties of Velasco granting Texas its independence because Santa Ana signed the treaties, one public and one secret, under coercion. 

When the US annexed Texas it actually annexed a part of Mexico since Texas was still a part of Mexico, Mexico never having granted Texas its independence.  There was an issue of the territorial limits of Texas.  The only way to resolve the issue was to have a war. 

The Mexican American War in 1848 settled forever the question of who owned Texas and its territorial limits. The US sent troops to Mexico knowing that Mexican sovereignty was being violated.  The Mexican military attacked the US troops and the war was on. 

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo did basically three things; 1.  It legitimized the annexation of Texas by the U.S.  2.  It granted American citizenship to those Texas Mexicans (Tejanos) that wanted to remain in the conquered land.  3.  It granted ownership of land owned by Tejanos.  4.  The U.S. purchased land claimed by Mexico north and west of Texas. 

The saying goes “to the victor belong the spoils” and the US got what it wanted.  Manifest Destiny became a reality, the US from coast to coast.  The US compensated Mexico fifteen million dollars for all the territory west and north of Texas.

Felix Alvarado


The Civil War and the Confederate Flag

By Denise Jiménez

Throughout time it seems as if the Confederate Flag has lost its true meaning; most people waving the flag claim it stands for southern pride. However, it is important to remember why this flag was created in the first place. Much like many southerners today, in 1860 Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States claimed the south was seceding over States Rights. The South felt the federal government had too much power over individual states. However, some southerners fail to mention the only right southerners were in fear of losing was the right to own another human being. No matter how hard anybody tries to downplay the true reason for the south succeeding from the Union, the facts are clear as day; it was all about slavery.

The documentation of the pure racism that drove the south to leave the Union is harsh to say the least. Southern Democrats often referred to President Lincoln as the “Black Republican”. The Vice president of the Confederate States was quoted saying slavery was the “immediate cause” of the Civil War and succeeding from the United States. Other states like South Carolina wrote in their Declaration of Immediate Causes of Succession, “increasing hostility on the part of the non- slave holding states to the institution of slavery” as part of their reason for leaving. Mississippi, leaving no question as to why they were succeeding, stating how preserving slavery is the reason for succeeding.  

All the efforts of the Confederate army to preserve slavery proved fruitless, and on May 10, 1865 Jefferson Davis was captured by federal troops, then two days later Lee surrendered. Years after the Civil War had finally ended some confederate veterans began to give sugar coated ideas of States Rights being the reason why they fought in the Civil War. But, Nathan Bedford Forest a wealthy slave trader disregarded their reasoning and exclaimed how the only reason he fought was to “Keep his N** and other folks’ N**”, I cleaned up the quote but I am sure you get the picture.

There is too much evidence showing the true meaning of the confederate flag, and no matter how you try to spin it, it will always stand for hate and racism.


Son of Zorn

Premiered September 11, 2016

8 p.m.  FOX

As fall comes around it usually brings along a variety of new television shows. This season “Son of Zorn” was introduced, and I am hooked. What really grabbed my attention was the hilarious aspect that while all of the Characters are regular humans, the main character Zorn from Zephyria is a cartoon character. While this is clearly a comedy, the plot line is also quite touching. Zorn, a seriously self-involved father played by the voice of Jason Sudeikis has been absent for the majority of his teenage son’s life (Alangulon “Alan” Johnny Pemberton), too busy fighting battles in Zephyria where he is known for being a dedicated gruesome warrior and wrapped up in his new challenges of living in the real word, it is not the easiest task. Unfortunately, Alangulon and Zorn are having trouble connecting as there is a clear culture gap as the son is a kind hearted, meager teen boy while Zorn is an inconsiderate, selfish, violent brute who often sees no fault in his “lifestyle”.

As if the Son and Father aspect isn’t funny enough, the sons mother Edie (Played by Cheryl Hines) and step father Craig (played by Tim Meadows) bring balance to the absurdness of Zorn as they continuously support the relationship of Zorn and his son. Sadly, for Craig (the stepfather), despite his efforts to make friends with Zorn he often finds himself at mercy to Zorn’s shenanigans, making the wife a content referee between the two. Son of Zorn, rated ages 14 and up is a perfect show to watch with you teen kids as it always holds some sort of life lesson; you may have to sift through loads of comedy, but it is there.


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