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World History will Record ...

Alberto Govea

Record this election as the (Dirty laundry election) as if you have any past sins/dirt it will come out in the rinse cycle. Hillary emails, Bill who is not running was made to face his former sex scandal accusers in last debate. So much that after last debate Alex from Lubbock posted on face book “That’s it, am not voting for Bill”. Funny but ugly at the same, what is not funny is all the ladies that have reported being sexually assaulted by Trump. Many I spoke to shared that they felt compelled to take a shower after the debate.

It appears that this was the tipping point for many Republicans that had given their support while holding their nose. It was not when he attacked the Mexican community by the way if you think well that’s not me I am a Mexican-American, think again. Just ask Judge Curiel an American of Mexican descent and of course he has not stopped there he has attacked Muslims, Veterans, POWs, Handicapped people and on and on. But now he has gone too far, he has attacked American White Woman. And please do not suggest that I am being racist because I am not, I am just being real. But hey if that what it takes to stop a monster, I am ok with it.

Now it is up to all good people to go out and vote, to ensure that all know that we as a people will not tolerate this type of rhetoric and behavior. He needs to be trounced in order to ensure we do not get others like him coming behind him. This I believe will be good for both parties, a cleansing if you will. And to be clear I do believe in the two party system, however the Republican party has allowed itself to be hijacked by a Wolf in Tea Party clothing. We must have balance and work together to assure our country continues to be the light of Freedom in the world.
By A. Govea

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Trump campaign pulling out all stops?

With less than 30 days to go until the election the Trump Campaign has decided that it is pulling all stops on civility. The engines have all been started and the Trump Rocket is on the way to November 8, engines abasing. The strategy is set and the venue is the gutter. The old saying is “desperate times require desperate measures” and when you are double digits behind on major polls you go for broke. Simply Trump has nothing to lose except the election. For Trump this election is not about issues it is not about America it is about the monumental ego of a decrepit old man. No matter what negative information is reported about him Trump the campaign will respond with lies, lies, and more lies. They are going to saturate the airwaves with lies, lies, and more lies about Hillary Clinton. The plan is to keep Clinton busy responding to the lies. Trump has dug a hole so deep his only strategy is to bring Hillary down to his level. You couple Trump’s lies with the Russians hacking the DNC emails and the formula is bad for our democracy. The Russians want Trump to win. They too have pulled all stops on international diplomacy. Trump and all surrogates have their marching orders, Trump pukes and the surrogates clean up the vomit. It is now a patriotic duty to vote. We cannot let the Russians decide who our next president is going to be. The sleeping giant, sleeps no more. Vote. back


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Debate now history

The much anticipated debate between Trump and Clinton is now history. On the aftermath of Presidential Debate I – the Mauling, this debate like the first debate all that Trump had to do was show up and act like la buffoon and Clinton presidential and he would be declared the winner. This time he exceeded expectations, the buffoon was dressed in silk. The Spanish have a saying about this, “aunque la mona se vista de ceda, mona es y mona se queda.” The Italians put it this way, “a Sheepherder dressed in silk, still smells of sheep”. Trump acted like Trump, puro macho. So it was with Trump. Still sporting claw marks from the first debate and a huge wounded ego. This time he came prepared for the debate. He was not going to get mauled again. He had his A Team, all of the women that accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. That was his front line of defense against the released video where he speaks of grabbing a woman’s private part. They were there for the world to see that no matter how sinful it was what he did, what Bill Clinton did was much worse. Trump claims that what he said was no more than locker room chatter. Obviously, he has never been to a locker room. This claim is so outlandish that only a diehard Trump supporter would ever believe this. Bottom line, he did not come to debate he came to get even. He was on attack mode. His eyes were brimming with red and blood was coming from the side of the mouth. And Hillary was his target. He was going to whoop her. This is my takeaway from this debate. Hillary was cool and composed. She took his shots. Trump tried hard to distract her. He could not. Trump is totally unqualified for the office of president. He does not have a working knowledge of any issue domestic or international. His bullying behavior will get him nowhere in the international scene. The elephant in the room needs to be returned to the circus. Felix Alvarado Editor back


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He's a Ro Mo Homer

I admit to being a Ro mo Homer and not just because he is a Mexican type, no it goes way beyond that. There is the underdog angle as he came in as an undrafted rookie, kinda like the pup in the liter that nobody wanted. Thank the football Gods that Bill Parcels saw his potential, that lead him to be called a Jedi, yes he was soon lifting a mediocre or less team to heights that had been seen since the Aikman days.

However, his playmaker ways came with a price, he took a beating for many seasons but when you are young you can hide many sins. Not so anymore, his injures have been well documented and they were seen by all in the light of day last season. And of course he and all the Cowboy fandom expected him to come back strong this season, there is no way we could have a repeat of last season. How could we lose our starting Q.B. and star receiver again.

But we did, enter rookie Quarterback Dak Prescott which has not only eclipsed possibly all rookie Q.B.records already he is 4 and 1. Couple this with no interceptions in well over 100 passes, not to mentation that defense must guard against a possible Q.B. option run. This past Sunday was to be his real test against the 7th ranked defense in the league. And if you did not watch let me assure you he passed with flying colors, they won the coin flip and never looked back, after that. Their drives were straight out of an offensive coordinator’s dream; it was exactly how you draw it up. Of course you can point to Zeke for Dak’s success also and you would be right. However, they had a good running game last season and we all remember that nightmare.

Others may say, well the defense has played better and they would be right which leads to the old age question “What came first the chicken or the egg? My answer is Dak the best defense you can have is a more than good offense. So as much as it pains me to say it “Romo must stay on the bench” you have to go with the hot hand. But that is not to say Romo may not have to come back, if Cincinnati was the first real test then the next opponent Green Bay will be the final exam.

By A.Govea


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Does freedom have a price?

We have all heard freedom has a price. We often confuse the price with war.

Price has many definitions. During the Chicano Movement many paid a heavy price for the freedom to express their opinion. They were called the “Four Horsemen of the Chicano Movement.” Reies López Tijerina, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, José Ángel Gutiérrez and Cesar Chavez. At a time when Mexican-Americans had no inspirational leaders they led the movement to bring social justice and equality to a people that had long been denied equal status with Anglos. The price the Four Horsemen paid was being vilified throughout America and incarceration. They were not the only of the Chicano Movement, they were just the ones that were the most prominent. There was also Ruben Salazar who found an untimely death in a Chicano demonstration in California.

There was also Willie Velasquez who fought for political empowerment through voting and education. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) founded in 1929 and the American GI Forum founded in 1948 had a similar vision. You can be patriotic and fight in every war as Tejanos and Mexican-Americans have going back to the Civil War having fought on both sides. Patriotism gets you nothing except campaign medals or hero medals if you are lucky or burial at a national cemetery. All of these individuals and groups had the same vision, political empowerment through voting and education. Their means was political protests. Of course, equality and social justice did not come the same to all Tejanos and Mexican-Americans. Those with light skin color could easily pass as Anglos. Those with an education and wealth were more palatable. They were just a small insignificant minority. They were what we could all inspire to be. These successful people were the exception and not the rule. For the vast majority there was poverty. Unfortunately, too often those that became successful did not give back with the same gusto as they took from the community. The few successful ones hardly represented us well. In an era when the vast majority of us were Mexican-American somehow no one had the courage to stand up and reject the use of the word Hispanic to identify us.

This innocuous gesture robbed us of our identity even using the word Hispanic in a time period when this area was still a part of Spain. Yes, for 300 hundred years we were Spaniards. The good news is that the hard work has already been done for us. A lot of people made a lot of sacrifices so that we could someday be in an equilibrium as Anglos. The gains came at a price. Everybody, recent or multigenerational Mexican-American has opportunities that were not available at one time. La Lucha is now fought in a different arena. La Lucha is now in the education system in the classroom. And we can have the best schools around and we can be the envy of the whole nation. All we have to do is register to vote and vote. Equality comes at the ballot box and not the battlefield. Let’s show the word that there is no sleeping giant. Felix Alvarado Editor back


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Campaign to name a street for Cesar E. Chavez

Please join us as we start a campaign in Fort Worth to have a street named in honor of Cesar E. Chavez.

Please copy the letter below enter your name address at the bottom and send it to you city council person. Here are the email address:

  • Mayor Betsy Price
  • Sal Espino
  • W.B. Zimmerman
  • Cary Moon
  • Gyna Bivens
  • Jungus Jordon
  • Dennis Shingleton
  • Kelly Allen Gray
  • Ann Zadeh


Subject: Naming a Street in honor of Cesar E. Chavez

To: Mayor Betsy Price

We know how important role models are to the social and educational development of our children. Role models can be the difference between finishing school and being a productive member of society or being a dropout and a burden to society. This is a fact that does not need statistical data. In trying to improve how our children view themselves we feel that having an iconic leader they can look up to is very important.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Cesar E. Chavez, the most well-known Mexican-American leader is obscured by the lack of a street being named after him. Fort Worth is the largest city in Texas that does not have a street honoring Cesar E. Chavez. The US Postal Service printed a stamp to commemorate him. The US Navy named a ship after him to commemorate his service to the Navy and to America. It is only right that Fort Worth also honor Cesar E. Chavez. Cesar E. Chavez’s struggle for a forgotten, ignored, and mistreated people at the bottom of the working class labor pool should be recognized. For it was through that labor pool door that many of our Mexican ancestors were able to migrate to the United States. Cesar E. Chavez spent most of his adult life leading the fight to improve the working conditions of the farm worker. His efforts opened the eyes of the American people. They saw how cruel some people could be for the sake of profit. This awareness transcends to all people who are considered unskilled labor. We are better Americans because of that awareness. It is not only our Latino children that need to learn how their roots, Non-Hispanics would benefit from this knowledge also.

Naming a street after Cesar E. Chavez is a win-win for Fort Worth. A textbook that devalues and ridicules the contribution of Mexican-Americans to the economic development of North Texas is up for adoption by the SBEC. It is obvious that the author is ignorant of the history of Mexican-Americans and Tejanos in Texas. This would not happen if all school children learned our history. We are asking for your support in the City Council to name a street after Cesar E. Chavez.

Thank You,

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