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Chicano Art to Fund Education

Joe Ruiz did not start his life planning to open a Custom Car Shop.  No, his goal was simpler than that. In High School, all he wanted to do is to be able to have a car of his own (A 1976 Monte Carlo) and he figured if he could learn to fix himself that would increase his chances of doing so. That of course are normal desires for most teenagers, in fact I think most of us can remember their first car, a thing of beauty maybe not, but hey it was wheels. And besides if it needed a little work, who better to do it then yourself, the Lowrider Onda was big then and was not only cool but spoke to his love of culture. As for me personally I never got around to matching my dreams to my car’s reality, but Joe did and still does today not only for himself but also for many area car enthusiasts that have the vision but lack the skills to make it happen. All this lead to starting his own business which in a sense was just an extension of the Lowrider Onda.

Joe has owned and operated Kustoms LLC for 22 years and it all started by attending Skyline High School automotive cluster program.  “A lot folks think that perhaps I followed by dad into the business.”  but that was not the case he said. Joe went on to say that his dad worked in a steel mill, he worked long hours and it was hard work. Not appealing to a would-be custom car guy, he would make his mark elsewhere. Today his shop is one of the top choices for people looking for the best, he admits to being a month behind in his work and that may cause him to lose the customers that want it now. However, his customers expect quality and he demands it of himself, after a full custom job starts with the car frame. Many might say who would care about that, well Joe does and his most demanding customers do as well. You might say it is like an artist that starts with a blank canvass.

Perhaps his eye for detail has now lead to the first Lowrider Art Show and Auction scheduled for November 26th (Info Below) which he hopes will become an annual event. All the art has been donated by local artists, (Over 60 Items) which will allow them to show off their work and raise money for an annual scholarship. Based on just the few items I saw, there will be something for everybody from unique tree orna-ments, canvas painting, air brush and

for the Cowboys fan you will be able to bid on a custom Tom Landry portrait. Along with the art auction there will be music, drink and food and perhaps more importantly an opportunity to help fund a student’s education, as all money raised will be donated to a new scholarship fund.  This he plans to work with the North Dallas Booster Club which will provide student applications.  Joe already hosts an annual car show at Fair Park that is now in its 16th year with over 3,500 attending. Money raised from that event supports a local Christ-mas program for needy children such as the Kids Night Out Program and others. In addition, he is always available to talk to young people at school career events that may want to follow in his footsteps. I asked Joe where he got his sense of giving back to his community, for that he credits his mom. She was always ready to help others in need whether it is with a warm meal or just a kind word. In closing he wanted to thank his business sponsor for this event (English Color) and the volunteers that are needed to make it happen. We at Nuestra Voz applaud Mr. Ruiz’s com-mitment to his community and would encourage others to do the same. No one can do it all, but we all can do our part. Please see event announcement on this page for complete information, hope to see you there.
By A. Govea


Back in the day

by Juan R Govea

Flipping through records of various artists past and present,

41-year-old veteran DJ Jason Guereca, peruses through vinyl at Lola’s Saloon’s record rummage in Fort Worth, TX. Forgotten talent mixed with music everyone should own, Guereca eyes the keepers and shelves back already owned albums. While searching, Guereca finds a white label bootleg of Blur’s “Song 2,” which he helped fund and produce. The self-retired DJ along with a generation of DJ’s and fans of old school dance music share experiences and memories of the hazy limelight of downtown Fort Worth.

Once owner and operator of R-Type records and resident DJ at late club venues in Fort Worth during the mid 2000’s such as: 8.0’s, Saffire Lounge, Duce and Vivid. Guereca, along with many club kids, ravers and some of Fort Worth’s best talent are credited for catalyzing the now popular Electric Dance Music (EDM) movement that has grown to popularity. A genre, which artists’ roots such as Calvin Harris helped rise to stardom, during the mid ’90s to mid 2000’s.

Fellow veteran DJ’s of past and present, friends and co-workers of the now vacant R-Type Records: Mark Joslyn, Mike Bentley, Bryan Coonrod, Eric Scholwinski and Nicole Bridges a resident DJ from Fort Worth who Guereca says was a good defender of the store from competing vinyl sellers from Dallas. R-Type patrons along with several other wave breakers in Fort Worth were all part of a musical movement that struck the nightlife of Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas. Sharing gig spots and taking to ear the next big vinyl record everyone wanted to own, R-type had become the hub for local DJ’s and dance music promoters in Fort Worth.

 well-known figure during the club scene and fellow R-Type patron, Mark Joslyn, began working at a few major nightclubs and updated club kids on new music coming out at Oak Lawn records in Dallas; his second job at the time and the premier dance music store in the country for 5-to-6 years.  At 6 years old Joslyn started collecting 45’s. With the help of his family and father growing up in a town near Detroit, Joslyn grew up with a musical funk and synth inspiration.  A sound that he says generated and influenced the dance music and rave scene to today’s EDM. “Every type of music evolves from something else and the styles go into different directions,” Joslyn says.

As the scene progressed, Joslyn states that producers in California that had an Aqua Boogie sound and label started to spring up in local venues bringing artists like DJ Icey to the area whom still visits the local nightlife.Mike Bentley, former co-worker, shared the stage with his fellow mates and nightlife providers from R-Type. Bentley started his musical career in 1999, becoming part of a local production company that promoted the rave scene at Austin Music Hall and several of Fort Worth’s best underground dance music events. Bentley shared the DJ booth at local spots like Ridglea Theater on Camp Bowie and Bryant Irvine. While several of his gigs were local, Bentley played musical events in Europe and South American and credits several artists and R-Type friends to the production of the dance music culture. Artists and producers such as Disco agents, Chinese Records and Granite & Funk were probably Fort Worth’s major players along with Groove-e Company. Combined, Fort Worth DJ’s innovated the popular culture and became global artists like Rob Vaughn and Burufunk; DJ’s who still play Dallas’ venues today, Bentley says.

As the scene grew, events like The Post Office party off I-35, which according to Bentley was one of the best rave parties ever thrown in Fort Worth that helped provide a nightlife to Fort Worth’s streets that has not been seen since. Several artists like Guereca and Bentley agree funk and a bit of Hip-Hop helped blossom the dance music scene. Hip-Hop being a big game changer in Fort Worth clubs early on, and many DJ’s catered to the audience, but Guereca states there were many tracks of House dance music that was overlooked in the downtown nightclubs. Club owners didn’t seem to care for Guereca’s taste in the genre, which he tried to introduce to listeners before the sound became popular, Guereca says.As the audience of dance music grew, nightclubs began taking recognition in what dance music DJ’s were playing. Events like the Post Office Party and major musical events began to sprout up, the Electric Daisy Carnival/Festival and Dallas’ Melt-down, to name a few.Taking its place as a genre of House, Breakbeats, Trans, Scratch and Drum and Base. Local artists always kept a lookout for the next big sound. Guereca and Bentley state there was always the challenge of finding the best vinyl record that would turn heads to the dance floor. Guereca states that there were several instances where he would look over the shoulder of Rob Vaughn and other big name DJs, while taking note of Nuestra Voz De North Texas 9 the vinyl track that sparked life to the dance floor, trainspotting. As of now there are not many venues in Fort Worth that support or recognize the old school dance music genres. DJ’s affiliated with dance music have moved to Dallas where the scene is still noticed. While Guereca and the old school dance music DJ’s of Fort Worth’s nightlife have lied dormant the DJ’s still play special events.

“With social media, it makes it harder to see who’s legit.” Bentley says, “Back then there was a ground game of people handing out fliers for the next club and rave events; it was a very vibe and diverse scene not only in fort worth but in Mexico, Europe and Colombia.”Bentley and Joslyn agree that with the rise of social media and the amount of music available with a Google search are the reasons why the EDM sound has become so popular, while keeping professional vinyl DJ’s of the dance music genres (House, Breakbeat, etc.) overlooked by club owners. Bryan Coonrod aka DJ Bryan C a resident DJ at Gas Monkey Live and Bar and Grill, played at Fort Worth Venues such as Vivid and Red Goose Saloon on Houston St. during his early years as a dance music DJ. Coonrod states that while the dance music scene seems to have become obsolete in Fort Worth there are venues such as Lola’s Saloon that cater his record rummage sale. Coonrod and those who provide old and new genres of music at the Saloon are an outlet to listeners whom may have never heard or know of the dance music scene and are more familiar with
the current EDM.

“The old saying is, people from people from Dallas would never go to Fort Worth and the people in Fort Worth would rather go to Dallas,” Coonrod says. “As for today it still seems being a DJ in Fort Worth is a foreign thing when trying to get a bar or club to let you spin


Scored a perfect score on the AP Science test
Miguel Padilla’s Biography

Miguel was born in December, 1998 in Grapevine Texas. His mother Maria, is from Monterrey, NL, Mex. and his father Michael, is from El Paso, TX. Maria, owns and operates a maid service business. His father is an IT Analyst for the City of Fort Worth. His father also holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, and Masters of Public Administration. Miguel has an older sister Ester, and a younger brother, Rafael. In January 2000, the family moved to Ft Worth.

Miguel attended elementary school at Worth Heights Elementary, from Pre-K to the 3rd grade. From there he attended Harmony Science Academy, followed by High School at Harmony School of Innovation. Harmony is a public charter school.

As a child Miguel played soccer and baseball at Worth Heights Community Center, and the YMCA.

As an adolescent, he competed in robotics and Math competitions. On the robotics teams, Miguel was responsible for software development and getting the device to do what it should. In Mathematics competitions, Miguel was always distinguished among his peers and was often ranked among other students older than him.

Miguel has been recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction, and as a distinguished Hispanic High School Student, and is a candidate for the Hispanic Student Recognition Program. Because of his academic standing, Miguel is a member of the National Honor Society. November 8, 2016 was proclaimed “Miguel Padilla Day” by the Fort Worth Mayor and Council.

Miguel’s current hobbies are reading and playing unorganized sports. Most of his activities revolve around his school and spends 6 days a week there. He’s a member of the robotics team, math team, chess club, student council, and honor societies.


El despertar rudo

Los Estados Unidos y el mundo despertaron el 09 de noviembre de 2016 a un rudo despertar, Donald Trump había sido elegido Presidente de los Estados Unidos. ! Que susto!

Miles de libros se escribirán acerca de esta elección por miles de profesores y expertos políticos sobre las elecciones. Cada libro de texto intentará de explicar, como fue que gano Trump y porque perdio Hillary. Investigaran los números demográficamente para cada grupo racial en Estados Unidos en el distrito de cada Estado, Condado, lo que sea. La victoria de Trump no fue un evento previsible. Al contrario, él debe ver perdido. Al principio, probablemente no fue un plan. Fue un plan que nacio de las manifestaciones que tenía. Comenzó con los mexicanos.

El plan que Trump invento desde el principio era simple.

La estrategia:

destruir Clinton destruir los medios de comunicación destruir confianza en el proceso democrático americano.

Dividir América en blanco y no blanco.
La táctica.


Cada manifestacion tuvo su canticos, encerrarla, construir el muro, y muchos más. Las personas que asistieron a las concentraciones tenían todo memorizado. Estaban embriagados.  Los cantos se extendieron como incendio forestal fuera de control. Estos canticos se repetirían en establecimientos comerciales, restaurantes, en todas partes. Los medios de comunicación consiguieron en proporcionar publicidad gratuita y Trump supo como excitar los medios de comunicación para su beneficio. Trump fue una creación de los medios de comunicación.

No importaba temas.  Esta no fue una campaña de temas.

Trump acerto como hacer que los blancos se sientieran como una raza superior. Les hizo sentir que habían perdido su lugar en la sociedad debido a todos estos musulmanes/los mexicanos, etc, que han asesinado a ciudadanos estadounidenses, robado sus puestos de trabajo, bla, bla, bla.

Rudo despertar para los blancos que apoyaron el triunfo.

Ha habido informes de niños cantando en las escuelas, “ccnstruir esa pared.” Intimidación dirigida a las minorías. Este es un comportamiento aprendido. Aprendido en casa. Este es el comportamiento que e experimentado en 1962 adultos blancos. Fue una amarga lección para muchos blancos en los años 60 que el comportamiento aprendido no era socialmente aceptable. Todavía no es. Algunas lecciones son difíciles de aprender como alcalde Beverly ballenera a descubierto.

Todos los blancos que apoyaron a Trump deben enfrentarse a un mundo real. No estamos en los 60s. Se trata de 2016. Los blancos deben competir ahora con las minorías para el botín de América. Que van a enfrentar las minorías en todos los niveles de gobierno, en el mundo empresarial, las instituciones educativas y en empresas privadas. Ellos trabajaran para las minorías y tomaran clases de minorías. El Blanco ya no tiene un control absoluto del manto. La competencia es dura.

Felix Alvarado


Después de la elección: los temores reales entre las familias inmigrantes mexicanas

por Linda Carrasco

Durante su campaña, el Presidente-electo Donald Trump llamó a inmigrantes Mexicanos criminales

y prometió construir un muro fronterizo, rescindir las iniciativas DACA (Acción Diferida para los

Llegados en la Infancia) y DAPA (Acción Diferida para Padres de Ciudadanos Estadounidenses y

Residentes Permanentes Legales) de la administración de Obama, y deportar en masa a millones

de inmigrantes indocumentados. Muchas familias se sienten con miedo y confusión.~~del documento de MALDEF "Derechos de Inmigrantes Bajo la Presidencia de Trump." Las noticias en todo el país reportan que después de las elecciones presidenciales se han hecho hostigamientos e intimidaciones dirigidos a estudiantes de minorías en las escuelas alrededor del país. Padres están preocupados por sus hijos y con buena razón después de lo que se dijo durante la campaña presidencial. Hay pasos básicos que se pueden tomar para traer cierta seguridad y ayudar a disminuir los temores de los niños.

Los hijos de los inmigrantes se deben asegura cada día de que sus familias no serán dañadas. No sólo una vez sino continuamente a diario. Los niños llevan la carga del miedo a un grado mayor que un adulto cuando escuchan a sus compañeros de clase hablando de lo que está pasando. A veces no tienen la madurez para hacer frente a y filtrar el racismo y la agresión a la que pueden verse expuestos en la escuela. Hay otros niños que vienen a la escuela bajo la influencia de los comentarios racistas sobre inmigrantes o mexicanos que oyen que hacen los miembros de su familia. Padres deben escuchar y observar a sus hijos por señales que en la escuela están pasando por incidentes de bullying, intimidación o hostigamiento. Hagan preguntas a sus hijos de lo que han oído en la escuela sobre las elecciones o sobre los cambios en el gobierno que conciernen a la inmigración. Pregúntenles si están siendo tratados de manera diferente por otros estudiantes o profesores. Es muy importante que platiquen con sus hijos y los escuchen. Tranquilícenlos explicándoles con palabras que puedan entender que el rechazo de leyes a favor de los inmigrantes y la deportación masiva de inmigrantes indocumentados no pueden ocurrir sin un debido proceso. La retórica política está lejos de convertirse en una realidad porque el gobierno tiene salvaguardias de estas acciones a través de los tribunales, el Poder Judicial y el Poder Legislativo, el Congreso. De lo dicho a lo hecho hay un estrecho. Los cambios legales no sucederán tan rápido como un niño se pueda imaginar.

Los padres deben seguir siendo informados e involucrados. Si un estudiante es acosado o intimidado debido a su raza o estado de inmigración, los padres deben ir a la escuela. Hablen con el maestro y luego hablen también con el director. Documenten los incidentes ocurridos y las fechas de sus reuniones con la maestra y el director. Su presencia en la escuela asegura al estudiante y lo hace sentir que no está solo. También la presencia de los padres manda un mensaje a aquellos involucrados en el comportamiento destructivo. No dude en ponerse en contacto con el consejero de la escuela para pedir ayuda con el problema.

Los padres que están preocupados y temerosos de su estatus de inmigración deben buscar organizaciones que pueden ayudarles con información actualizada. Busquen a personas de confianza que puedan proporcionar información sobre temas de inmigración. Busquen a personas de confianza: sacerdotes, pastores y otros que están pasando por el proceso ellos mismos pueden proporcionar contactos confiables, información correcta y ofrecer estímulo. Notario Públicos no pueden ayudar con asuntos de inmigración ni tienen experiencia legal en cuestiones relacionadas a la inmigración. Hay organizaciones sin fines de lucro que tienen personas dedicadas a esta área que ayudarán con asuntos de inmigración con discreción. Immigration Advocates Network tiene un sitio web donde se puede encontrar información sobre organizaciones en su área en la dirección:

Los padres que siguen con confianza esperando en lo mejor podrán enviar a sus hijos a la escuela con confianza y con poder para combatir el miedo y la intimidación. Tomen medidas para estar informados lo más que se pueda y con la información lo más precisa que se pueda. Esto ayudará a disipar los rumores y el miedo que se causa cuando no se tiene información precisa y oportuna.


God and Government

One thing that is being revealed by the Presidential elections is racism and prejudice.  Those kinds of feelings are dangerous.

One of the main reasons Jesus was crucified was due to prejudice. The Jewish leaders were prejudice against the Nazarenes. They could not accept that the Messiah would be a Nazarene. They believe the Messiah was supposed to come from the upper class of the Jewish nation.

They also believed the Messiah was supposed to create a new kingdom that would take over government powers under Jewish rule led by the Messiah.  Jesus did not do that even though he could have if he wanted to. No, he came to create another kind of Kingdom and that is the Kingdom of his Church.

His Church is a spiritual kingdom by which we can come to his love and gain enteral life after death if we live according to his teachings. He helps us by giving us a way to be forgiven for our sins when we make mistakes.

 For those of you that have not heard about Jesus let me give a quick history lesson.  Adam, the first man, created by God, failed to obey God’s only law at that time which was “do not eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge”. When he ate from it, that act made man unworthy of eternal life. Thousands of years later after the Jewish nation was established God created another man, he was to prove man worthy. That man was Jesus. He was God’s only begotten Son.  He was born of a young Virgin woman full of God’s grace and thus she was very Holy.  She was the Virgin whose name was Mary. That man’s Spirit was God. Thus, God came down from heaven was born of the Virgin Mary and became Man.  He was the new Adam.

While Jesus was on earth he taught us how to live, and how to worship God the Father.  Then he proved that man was worthy to be saved by obeying God even unto death. Those prejudice men conspired and had him killed by crucifixion. Jesus suffered and died a cruel death. He became the final Sacrifice for us and all mankind so that sins could be forgiven.  He proved his love for us. He made man worthy to be saved and live forever.  We know this because three days later after his death, he came back to life.  We call this the resurrection. He appeared to the apostles and gave them the power to forgive sins.” God had sent Jesus to forgive sins, but after his resurrection Jesus told the apostles, "‘As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.’ And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained’" (John 20:21–23). End of lesson.

Now back to my God’s kingdom article.

So, you see, Jesus came to establish his Church not a new Government. He said “Render therefore to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and to God the things which are God’s”.

He wants us to come to him because we want to do his will. He wants us to come to him because we want to and not because some law makes us do it. Here in the U.S. A. there are many people of different religions and faith. The government must be able to rule the masses equally without prejudice.
Jesus came to earth to save the souls of mankind. He did not come to earth to create a new government like the Jews were expecting the Messiah to do.

Jesus gave us a new Commandment which said, “to love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another”.

 Jesus’s Kingdom includes every nation, every race of all mankind. We are all his creation and he loves us all and wants us to love him.

During this election year, I have heard one candidate say something that made sense to me, and that was, “we must do things to prevent abortion’. To me that means, Christian should get involved in the church’s work to help the young accept Christ’s teachings and want to live according to those teachings. We should help to create God’s society which is his kingdom here on earth.

We must be willing to do more than just come to church service for an hour each week. We must always be evangelizing. We can do that if we follow Jesus’s teaching and then live that life. The actions we do and the things we say are examples of being Christian. Those examples will make people want to be like Christians. This equals conversion to Christianity.

 The new immigrants coming from the Middle East will be exposed to a Christian nation. What will they find? Will it be one of hate or one of love that is inclusive of everyone? Christ wants those people in his Kingdom as well. How will these people know what Christians are? Well they will know who we are by our Love.  Yes, they will know we are Christian by our love.

Love is the rule of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
Peace be with you all,

Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize.


“My Life is a Telenovela”
Premiered October 7th 
Not Yet Rated
Adult Language

“My life is a Telenovela” premiered on WEtv Date and Time gives you exactly what the name of this hilarious television show offers, but instead of a scripted soap opera this show is based on the real lives of six Actors, Models and Musicians. Charged with back handed complements, deep seeded resentment and extravagant fun this show is entertaining for Adults; definitely not for children.

Enrique Sapene, a dedicated completely self-obsessed actor who has his sights set on a vastly sought after role on a popular Telenovela, uses gossip and backstabbing fake friendships to make his way through the harsh world of television and movies. Marie ‘Raquenel’ Portillo’ according to the WEtv Website reveals how she was discovered at the age of 15 by Sergio Andrade, she sang with Gloria Trevi in the girl group “Boquitas Pintadas” and now she is a Telenovela Actress for Telemundo with secrets and a past that could destroy her career…according to Enrique. You quickly notice the lack of sincerity between the two “friends”, Enrique and ‘Raquenel’. Gustavo Pedraza an Actor infatuated with the spotlight is even willing to throw his fellow castmates under the bus during red carpet interviews. Gustavo and Sissi Fleitas alliance against ‘Raquenel’ seems to have her work cut out for her. There are no true friends here. WEtv also ads in Liliana Rodríguez Morillo, the daughter of Jose Luis Rodríguez (El Puma) and Lila Morillo known for their music and work on popular Telenovelas in Latin America, Alina Robert a Cuban American actress, best known as co-host and model on, “Sabado Gigante a very popular a successful television program, as well as many other movies and TV shows, she has proven to be quite successful in the television industry.

This show although very entertaining, it is not for the faint of heart as it does have plenty of bad language and dinner table brawls. Reality Television may not be a preference for many but this one is definitely worth a try as you will find yourself laughing throughout the episode. You can catch the next episode on WEtv.


After the Election: Real Fears Among Mexican Immigrant Families

By Linda Carrasco

“During his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump called Mexican immigrants criminals and vowed to build a border wall, rescind the Obama Administration’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) initiatives, and mass deport millions of undocumented immigrants. Many families feel afraid and confused.”~~~ From MALDEF document “Immigrants’ Rights Under a Trump Presidency.” News media outlets across the nation report that after the presidential election there have been incidents of harassment and intimidation directed at minority students in schools around the country. Parents are concerned and worried about their children. Concern and fear is understandable after what was said during the presidential campaign. There are basic steps that can be taken to bring some assurance and help decrease children’s fears.

Children of immigrants must be reassured that harm will not come to their family and be reassured not just once but continually on a daily basis. Children carry the burden of fear to a greater degree when they hear their classmates talking about what is going on. They sometimes do not have the maturity to weigh and filter out racism and aggression they may be exposed to at school. They may encounter children who come to school influenced by racist commentary about immigrants or Mexicans that they hear family members spew out. Concerned parents must listen to and observe their children for signs of bullying, harassment, or intimidation. Ask your children what they have heard at school about the election or about changes in the government that concern immigration. Ask them if they are being treated differently by students or teachers. Talk with them. Reassure them by explaining in words that they can understand that the rescinding of government initiatives and mass deportation of undocumented immigrants cannot happen without due process. Political rhetoric is far from becoming a reality because the government has safeguards from these actions through the courts, the judicial branch and the legislative branch, the Congress. As the Spanish saying goes, “De lo dicho a lo hecho hay un estrecho.” Legal changes will not happen as quickly as a child may imagine it.

Parents must continue to be informed and involved. If a student is being harassed or bullied because of their race or immigration status, go to the school. Speak to the teacher and then speak also to the principal. Document the incidents that have taken place and the dates of your meetings with school personnel. Your presence at the school assures the student that they are not alone and your presence sends a message to those involved in the destructive behavior. Do not hesitate to visit the school counselor’s office for assistance with the problem.

Parents who are worried and fearful of their immigration status should seek organizations who can help them with current information. Seek out people who can be trusted to give reliable information about immigration issues. Trusted priests, pastors, and others who are going through the process themselves can provide reliable contacts, information, and offer encouragement. Notary Publics or Notario Públicos are not immigration advisors nor do they have legal expertise in this area. There are non-profit organizations who are discreet and who have people dedicated to this area who will help with immigration issues. Immigration Advocates Network has a website where you can find contact information of organizations in your area at  

Parents who continue to stand confidently will be able to send their children to school with confidence and able to combat fear and intimidation. Taking steps to be informed as much as possible helps dispel the rumors and the fear caused by not having accurate and timely information.


“No” on the Senior Property Tax Freeze For Denton

By Alfredo Sanchez

So, what comes to mind when someone asks you to sign a petition to freeze property taxes for Senior Citizens and the disabled-- yes or no?  How a request is framed makes a big difference on how a person responds.   Now let’s take the same petition and reframe the question providing a little more information on the effects of the petition.  What will be your response?  Would you sign this petition to freeze property taxes for senior citizens and the disabled if: 1) you knew that those who will mostly benefit will be those seniors with more expensive houses, 2) the tax freeze will shift the tax burden to young people, renters, young families, etc., and 3) the tax freeze once implemented by the city can only be removed by the legislature in Austin?  Having all this new information, would you still be willing to sign the petition or even vote for this property tax freeze for seniors and disabled?  The property tax freeze that is primarily being pushed by some Robson Ranch residents would freeze city property taxes for seniors and disabled. 

The original purpose for a tax freeze for seniors and the disabled is to help seniors and disabled that needed assistance with their property taxes.   Not to help seniors with expensive homes and are still earning a good salary or pension.   We must not lose sight of the original intent of the tax freeze for seniors and the disabled.  The senior citizens that will most benefit from the tax freeze for seniors and the disabled will be those seniors with the more expensive homes.   The problem with this proposed tax freeze is that it does not differentiate between those seniors in need and those well-to-do seniors.   The magic number for having your taxes frozen is age 65.  It has nothing to do with the value of your home and what you can afford.  Since when does turning 65 automatically put you in the poverty category of needing assistance?    Why should the tax property burden of well-to-do seniors be shifted to young people that are struggling from month to month?  Seniors that support this freeze, argue that seniors have paid taxes all their life and now it is the young who need to pay taxes.  Property taxes have nothing to do with paying taxes all your life; it has to do with paying taxes based on the value of your property.  If you don’t like paying high property taxes, downsize.   The younger generation that is struggling is not responsible for maintaining the well do senior’s life style.   Less property taxes means that there are fewer dollars for schools, fire, police, roads, sewer, etc.  With less funding available it puts pressure on cities to cut services or raise property taxes on those under 65.

Denton has been very generous with helping seniors and disabled (see table below) There is a segment of this senior population that is never satisfied. Property values and the senior population are both expected to rise in the long term.  The senior cap could become a nightmare for cities with large senior populations.  One third of Denton’s population is seniors.  There are other options for helping seniors that need assistance without helping those that don’t need assistance thereby shifting the property tax burden on those who cannot afford it.   Cities around the metroplex are finding new solutions.  The logic behind the senior tax freeze is flawed.   It assumes that all seniors are not well-off and has nothing with having the ability to pay. "It's poorly conceived," said Michael Pagano, dean of urban planning and public affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Those that are pushing to put this proposal on the ballot in May 2017 have been busy obtaining signatures.   They are on track to collect enough signatures to put this proposal on the ballot in May 2017. Denton citizens must push back against this proposition.  In May 2017, this proposal will be on the ballot. Seniors’ responsibility is to help shape the next generation, not take away from the next generation.  Make sure to read the language on the ballot carefully so that you don’t vote to pass the freeze by mistake.

Had the freeze been in place in 2015 the City of Denton would have lost $910,000 in property tax revenue. Currently in Denton, there are 18,297 owner-occupied single family homes of these 6,874 would qualify for the over 65 property tax freeze (over 1/3 would qualify) and 260 would qualify for the disabled homeowner’s property tax freeze.   

Please read the article below, to get a better understanding of this issue and the impact it is having on surrounding cities.  There are alternatives to helping low income seniors.  If we short change the next generation, we short change the future (because the next generation is the future) ultimately we short change America.   

Article on the Dallas Morning News by Theodore:                       

Property Tax Cap for Seniors puts some Dallas-Fort Worth Cities in a Bind.

Current Denton exemption by Property Owners: Taxes paid Include City, County and DISD taxes.
Landlords current tax exemptions: (0)
no property exemptions for landlords, so pass full expense of taxes to tenants. 
Property owners under 65, current tax exemptions: (2)
City taxes --.05 % $5000 minimum (house valued at least $100,000)
Seniors current exemptions: (5) if tax freeze is adopted they would have 6       exemptions
City taxes:  $50,000—Want city Taxes also frozen/Tax freeze for seniors
County taxes-- $55,000
Denton ISD taxes--   $25,000 + $10,000= Total of $35,000 plus school                  taxes are also frozen               
Person with Disabilities (4) if tax freeze is adopted they would have 5    exemptions
City taxes--$50,000 want city taxes also frozen/Tax freeze for disabled
County taxes--$15,000
Denton ISD taxes--$25,000 + $10,000= $35,000
Veterans with Disabilities –VD or VDS –Spouse/ In addition to the above exemptions
VD—10%--29%  $5000 exemption,  surviving Spouse $5000
VD—30%--49%  $7500 exemption, surviving spouse $7500
VD—50%--69%  $10,000 exemption, surviving spouse $10,000
VD—70%--100%  $12,000 exemption, surviving spouse $12,000
Military veteran with 100% service connected disability does not pay taxes.
If you want to help me push against this issue, please contact me at 940-453-1505 or e-mail me,  Thank you.  Alfred Sanchez   



A life filled with potholes

My name is Belinda Flowers and I am twenty-three years old. I am a divorced mother of two wonderful children. I have two outstanding and supportive grandparents who I consider to be my "parents." After all, they raised me throughout my life. I am currently living with them in Podunk, Texas. I am a responsible, mature young woman.

Since I was born, I have lived a rough, violent life. I was abused on a daily basis by my alcoholic, drug-addict mother and stepdad. Being the oldest of three children meant that an enormous amount of responsibility had been laid upon me-already. Over many months I experienced horror and confusion at what was being done to me. I didn't do well academically in school. The questions always crossed my mind, "Aren't I somebody? Why is' this happening to me?" My biological dad was in and out of prison throughout my life. I saw him occasionally and he was also abusive towards me. I ran away numerous times to get away from the violence and get help from police and Child Protective Services. On one occasion, when I was sixteen and a runaway, I tried to enroll myself in school to finish high school. In the process I got arrested and sent back to my parents.

I got pregnant in the same year with my first daughter. At age seventeen I moved in with the father of my child and got married. Three months after my first child was born, I was pregnant with my second child. I went back to high school and tried to get my diploma, but my ex-husband forced me to drop out of school. During the whole six years I was with him, he kept me and our kids inside the house and abused me every day.

In the year 2008, I decided to get out of the relationship. I did not want my kids to go through what I went through. I pressed charges against him for beating me up and went into a domestic violence shelter. He took off with our kids and hid them and served me divorce papers.
Since I couldn't afford a lawyer and Legal Aid wouldn't help me, he got full custody and put me on child support. After what he did to me, I became unstable. I moved place to place and worked on and off. I decided to go back to the domestic violence shelter to get help. After that program, I became homeless, living on the streets in Guarache, Texas.

In April 2009, I desperately wanted to see my kids because I had not seen them for five months. At that moment my ex told me that if I gave him some money, he would let me see the kids. Since I was homeless and had no income at the time, I cashed a fake payroll check for someone who said I would get one hundred dollars for every check cashed. I thought I would be able to see my children so I went ahead and did it. Instead, I ended up getting arrested and spent six days in jail, one year out on bond and put on deferred prosecution probation on July 13, 2010. When I was placed in the program, I had to move in with my grandparents for twelve months, enroll in school and get my GED.

Since then I've changed my life around in so many ways. I have a positive outlook now. I finally have what I've missed while growing up discipline, stability and structure. I am finally living life now the way I want. Currently I am in a relationship, going on a year and a half, and we are engaged now. I realize just because a lot of people out there in this world are bad, there are good people also.

My short-term goals are to get my driver's license and get a car. Another goal of mine is to further my education in college and, in the long-term, achieve my medical assistant's degree. I want to major in the medical field to work in pediatrics because I love kids and enjoy being around them. I would like to assist in dialysis. I know a lot of people close to me that are going through dialysis, and have some experience taking care of diabetics.

My plans are to stay at Mountain View College for two years, then transfer to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, to finish my majors. Also I want to write a book about the ups and downs in my life. When I get it published I'm going to donate the proceeds to domestic violence shelters. I want to give back for what was given to me and help women realize there is a positive way out.

My downfall is that I have no income, but I am really striving to achieve my goals to the fullest. Another challenge I face is that I have a learning disability and am hearing impaired. School is a big challenge for me, but I can do it. Along with my college courses, I am enrolled in The Trio Focus program and I go to the learning skills center for extra help from tutors.

Whatever it takes to succeed in life, I go for it. Despite a lack of adult support in the past, I have built a normal life as a caring wife, parent, daughter and sister. After I am financially stable and can provide for my kids, I am going to get a lawyer to get my children back into my life. When I look back, I believe all the cruel things that happened in my life have made me stronger. All the stuff I dealt with and experienced has caused me to become resilient and courageous.

In my future I will face many different challenges. I can succeed in more ways than one. A college education will make me a more positive role model for my children. I will be better qualified to gain satisfying lasting employment. Most of all, it will allow me to look back upon the horrible environment I came out of and say "My past did not defeat me." I rose above many struggles. I am somebody and I still am rising to the top.


A Message from Newly Elected
Victoria Neave

The voters of House District 107 spoke, sending a loud and clear message to the special interests in Austin. Over a year ago, we started this campaign focused on standing up for working families left behind by politics as usual. And after a tough fought battle, we’ve secured victory.

“I got in this race because I believe every Texan deserves a chance to get ahead. We deserve leaders who understand that education is the greatest gift and that working-class values are Texas values.

“Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to working with and listening to the constituents of House District 107 as we prepare for the legislative session. Regardless of how you voted this election, I’m committed to representing you. Together we can ensure Texas families who work hard and play by the rules receive a fair shot to get ahead.”


Let the Purge Began

The Purge is a movie that first came out about 5 years ago, since then 3 others have followed. The premise of the movie is that once a year all crime is legal for 12 hours from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., including murder. This is to allow American Citizens a specific day and time to allow their inner demons to come out, it is presented as a (SIK) cleansing. In addition, it brings unemployment down to 1% and makes for a strong economy.

The first purge in the movie series takes place on March 21 2017, let’s hope that reality does not imitate art as it often does. But if it did I would bet on it happening under a (hard to say) Trump administration. After all we have just elected a president that; has garnered support from the KLAN; has proven to be charismatic; has used vulgar language in public that would embarrass most Americans; has cheated numerous hard working people out of the livelihood; has proven not just to be a liar but A Damn Liar; has insulted American Veterans; has insulted minorities left and right; has made fun of the physically impaired; and on and on. So yes, I repeat. if ever a movie could become a reality it would happen under Trump.

But, will it? I say no we still have numbers on our side, Hillary lost the election but appears to have won the popular vote. We as American citizens still have the right to make our voices heard, given this election we may need to be louder! This is not a time to hide in a corner and lick our wounds, no this is a time to raise up and be counted. I for one will stand Tall against any one or any polices that would reverse the clock 50 years and if you love your family and your country you should as well.
By A. Govea


As the saying goes –

“take no prisoners”

The 2016 election campaign was characterized best by a well know saying of unknown origin “take no prisoners”.  Armies don’t take the battlefield to tie or lose.  They take the battlefield to win.  Campaigns are as such.  In my political campaigns one of my sayings was “Campaigns are like gladiator events, if you can ‘t stand the sight of blood you don’t belong in politics.”  The Trump campaign applied the principle well.  Anyone that opposed him was summarily deposed of.  Ted, Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, to name some.  Another saying is “to the victor belong the spoils”.  So, we see Trump applying pressure to the Republicans that opposed him to join the “winning team”.  That goes with the saying “slay the king”.  In this case King Donald is not dead so all Republicans must kowtow to the king.  We must remember that America is not a land of kings, so we must be ever vigilant to anything that Trump may do that smells like he is acting like a king. 

Drain the swamp

When you are up to your neck in alligators it is difficult to remember that the original objective was to drain the swamp.  One of Trumps campaign promises was to go to Washington and “drain the swamp.”  Of course, the swamp is filled with alligators and crocodiles all of which are used to devouring raw meat.  I recall Ronald Reagan’s disappointment, after eight years in office, he could not change Washington.  We have previously spoken of the “gluttony beast”.  The gluttony beast is the bureaucracy.  Every level of government has a bureaucracy.  All taxes raised are used to feed the gluttony beast. 

Any new programs like building a wall must be accompanied by a way to raise the money to pay for the program.  You either increase taxes or you take the money from some other part of the bureaucracy like the pentagon with its massive budget.  Or you take away what Washington calls “entitlement” programs like Social Security and Medicare.  Washington is one huge indestructible bureaucracy.  It is in place and only Congress can change and only incrementally.  Sadly, Congress must yield responsibility for managing the bureaucracy to the president who appoints secretaries to run the departments. 

Another way Trump was going to drain Washington was to impose term limits on Congress.  He could do this as “King Donald”.  As president Donald, the task becomes insurmountable since the constitution must be changed something that has not been done much.  The pay and benefits for members of Congress are lucrative so the possibility of them changing to get rid of them, well not too good. 

There may be two sides to every argument just like there are two sides to every coin.  In politics, one side is more correct than the other one.  Unfortunately, we tend to vote on emotions and not one what is best for most Americans.  We cannot look at election outcomes as a chance to “put it to the other side.” 

Be wary

Beware of what you say, beware of what you teach your children. Trump’s election has unleashed a flood of racist comments by adults and especially children in school.  Suddenly Confederate flags and KKK hoods are everywhere.  All these people should remember, the South got its butt kick once.  That should have settled the issue.  Actually.  It did.  Whites did not win the election.  Americans won the election. 

What Trump did not tell his followers was that there are consequences for voicing racists comments at people.  Unfortunately, children are being victimized by their parents.  Children that bully or use offensive language directed at minorities are going to be punished for their undesired behavior.  Likewise, Administrators and Teachers that use offensive language at minorities must be terminated.  What is good at the swamp is not good in our schools or socially acceptable behavior.

America belongs to all the people regardless of race, religion, color, sex, you name it.  There is only one America and it is color blind.


Record 15 million Texans registered to Vote!

By Jesse Jimenez

Yes! By the strong efforts of many grassroots organizations we have been able to achieve a record goal of registered voters. Texas has 15,015,700 voters registered according to a preliminary estimate — over 777,000 more than were registered in time for the March primaries. Let me make this as clear as I can.


Through the efforts of many organizations we have registered or motivated people to register to vote and many of them were Latinos or Hispanics. I know that the two organizations that I have had the privilege to work with have just begun and will continue to work hard in the Latino and Hispanic Community. These two organizations are the Hispanic Cacaus of Tarrant County and the Latino Democrats of Denton County. They have a membership of community leaders that for years have fought long and hard for their respective communities and these leaders are teaching new comers that have moved here like myself what needs to be done and why. The next phase is to inform the voters about the candidates and solutions and allow them to make their own etermination as to which candidate and solutions fit in with their point of view.

That is our democracy and the American way. We must fight against corporate money flooding our elec- tions with dirty money, trying to influence our vote. Here locally KOCHPAC funded by the KOCH brothers have dumped thousands of dollars of campaign contributions into races. As reported by Rollingstone magazine and other publications Koch industries has been dumping TOXIC waste into our TEXAS lands for years. Are we were not good enough to worry about our health and our children’s health. Just think what if this TOXIC waste starts to seep into our drinking water. I would say you have another “FLINT MICHIGAN” on your hands. I always say follow the money and it will lead you to the reason. They are dumping funds into a local politician’s race to help him win and Ron Simmons – Republican for Texas House District 65 is the chairman of and sits on various committees that make the laws that allow the KOCH brothers to dump TOXIC waste into our TEXAS lands. Ron Simmons is trying to do a magic trick showing us the shiny things in his hands so that we are distracted and don’t pay attention to the things that are in his head.

That is why I support Alex Mendoza for this seat. Alex has a plan to protect our TEXAS lands from TOXIC waste dumpers. He has many of the attributes and points of view that match not only with the Latino community, but with the community as a whole. One of the goals of the two organizations is to encourage Latinos and Latinas to run for office up and down the ballot. That way we can finally have representative government. Look at Alex Mendoza plans on his website and make your own determination. He comes from a Mexican Immigrant family, is a Marine Corps veteran, graduate from the University of North Texas, business owner and runs charities that empower single mothers to provide for themselves and their families in two countries. I encourage all Latinos and Latinas to go to the polls starting October 24, 2016 and on the last day November 8, 2016.


Matilde gets to vote

Actually no one calls her Matilda…every­one calls her Grandma or Grandma Tillie…but Matilda is on her voter registration card. My 90-year-old grandmother immigrated to the US (in California) from Mexico when she was 23 years old...marrying a Mexi­can-American citizen.

She became a citizen, here in Texas, under President Reagan’s amnesty plan. She started out working as a waitress and eventually became a bi-lingual secretary working for the YMCA. At 90 years old, she still has her wits about her…she still drives her car, she lives alone and can cook up the best Mexican food on the planet! Believe it or not, she is computer literate…she has a Facebook page and writes emails to family all over the world, and even plays video games with my kids. My grandmother was raised Catholic but by spending over forty years in California she has adapt­ed an “open minded” and unpretentious edge you would not expect. She is non-judging, has extreme compassion for people of all races, gender and sexual orientation, and is the most generous woman I have ever known.

I have learned a lot from this wonderful woman and she touches everyone’s heart as soon as they meet her. But on October 24th I have the honor of taking her to vote for the next president of the United States. This isn’t her first election. She cast her first vote ever for President Bill Clinton and she attended her first political rally in Dallas in 2008 when Hillary was in town. She admits that she was disappointed when our girl got beaten by President Obama. But we both recovered quickly and cast our vote for the Democratic ticket…the “party of the people”. After all, “people” are what is most important to her, so she naturally sup­ports the “party of the people” …. Democrats. She is excited to vote in what she says is the most important election of her life. She says this not for the reasons you might think. Not because she is 90 years old and this could very well be her last election…her mother lived to be 104 (so we expect my grand­mother vote again). And not because she finally gets to see the first female president (a woman for whom she has a tremendous amount of respect) win a presiden­tial election. No…This is the most important election because the stakes have never been higher. She fears what a Trump presidency would bring on the country she loves and the impact it would have on her 5 living children, 17 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 1 great, great grandchild. Yes…on October 24th, Matilde gets to cast her vote on behalf of all the people she loves. I look forward to being with her on election night on November 8th and seeing the joy on her face when Hillary wins…for the people!

Sally Ortega Haynes



James A. Drago

Joseph A. Drago  is a Democratic Candidate for the 348th Judicial District Court, Tarrant County

December 19, 1967  - Lifelong resident of Fort Worth, Texas

Nolan Catholic High School

B.B.A. – Marketing, University of Texas at Austin – 1990 J.D. – Baylor University School of Law – 1993

Employment: Brackett & Ellis, P.C. – 1993 to Present, Shareholder

Family: Renee Elisabeth (21) and Gabriella Josephine (16).  Son of the late Judge Joe Drago III – Criminal District Court No. 4.

I have over 22 years of experience in various areas of the  law,  including litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, commercial litigation and insurance.

I have practiced in both state and federal courts and represented my client’s best interests within the framework of Texas statutory and case law.

In the February bar poll, I was rated “well qualified” or “qualified” by 88.77% of those rating me which was higher than my Republican opponent.

I believe a judge should exhibit fairness, integrity, and an even temperament and possess the requisite experience to handle cases regardless of the circumstances that come before the court.  

ALL people have a right to be heard, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and economic status.  The overriding goal of any judge should be fairness under existing law as set forth by the Texas Constitution, Texas State Legislature, United States Constitution and federal law.

As Judge of the 348th Judicial District Court, I will work hard for ALL citizens of Tarrant County to achieve fairness, promote integrity and treat all litigants and lawyers with respect and forthrightness.


Sandra Lee

Sandra says, my priorities are:
Education Reform
Healthcare Reform
Livable Wage
Equal Pay
My opponent once tried to take $550,000 from students with disabilities for minimal tax relief and he voted against the free and reduced lunch program. It's time for representation that puts
#PeopleOverPolitics in Austin.''
Facebook Sandra D. Lee @sandraleetexas P.O. Box 1106 Kennedale, TX 76060
817-443-11 S7
Here qualifications include:

  • Mansfield ISO Truancy Officer
  • Member of Forest Hill COC
  • NAACP Life Member

Mansfield Minority Chamber of Commerce Life Member Board of Managers McDonald Southeast YMCA



by Dorothy Kuhn

For many, there’s nothing your doctor can say that’s scarier than “You have dementia.”
Dementia robs us of so much. Dementia happens when your brain loses more and more brain tissue, brain cells. While our good doctors can diagnose dementia, they tell us they cannot fix it.  You can prevent dementia when you act early, very early.
The earliest signs of dementia are the subtle ways in which your brain and your body “talk”, to each other. This brain-body “conversation” goes on within you continually, ceaselessly. Just like a person-to-person conversations, the brain-body conversation can get off track. When it does get off track, the early damage shows up in small and important ways. Here are some of the subtle signs to look for and to act on quickly:

    1. Tremor in hand or foot, especially in writing or other fine work
    2. Weakness in a limb
    3. Spasms or jerking
    4. Head forward of shoulders
    5. One side of body “curling” in a bit
    6. Handwriting not as good
    7. Others notice smells, but you don’t (and you used to)
    8. “Swimmy” vision, especially in one eye
    9. Feeling “foggy headed”
    10. Forgetful, and not able to back-track to get the memory

Why act quickly? Loosing brain tissue (neurons) is like termites in your foundation. What they’ve eaten away is gone forever. Rebuilding is possible, but the greater the damage, the harder, longer, and more expensive the recovery.
So what’s behind this loss of brain tissue? The good news is: You’re in control of the common things that trigger your body to attack your own tissues. There are four types: What you put in your body,on your body, have around your body, and what you do with your body.
To get more so you can avoid dementia and related chronic conditions including diabetes, go to 
AUTHOR’S NOTE: “Dementia” is an umbrella term for disruptive memory loss or unclear thinking. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s. Other forms include Parkinson’s, Lewy Body and more.


A Fort Worth Eyesore
– the Uhlmann Grain Elevators

By Franco

The Mexican-American community at the Worth Heights neighborhood traditionally had three major sources of employment: The Texas Steel foundry (Tejas Steel), the Uhlmann Grain Elevators (Los Molinos), and the Nash Manufacturing company (Los Patines). These were convenient places to work, a ten-minute walk at most. They offered a stable source of income for most residents without ever having to leave the neighborhood. Nash continues to operate while the other two employers no longer exist. 

Texas Steel and Astute Mexicans

The history of Mexican Americans in the Worth Heights area stretches back to the late 1800 century as documented by Mexican-American historian Felix Alvarado. The first Mexican families were miners who made their way to what is now the Worth Heights neighborhood. They shared the neighborhood with working class whites.

Between 1907 and 1908 there were about 16,500 Mexicans working for the railroad companies, many of them for the Katy. When the Katy Railroad made its way through Fort Worth in 1915, it brought its Mexican workers. One thing these Mexican railroad men noticed was that there were Mexican communities living in Fort Worth, and the beautiful Mexican girls. This convinced many Mexican railroad workers to settle in Fort Worth.

These Mexican arrivals were worldly men, they came from Central Mexico avoiding the Tejanos in South Texas and making their way from El Paso to the railroad companies that transported them across the central plains region of the United States. They were an ambitious lot, like the founder of the Salinas family, who played an important role in bringing thousands of Mexicans to Fort Worth. He was a railroad engineer trained in Mexico who worked for the Katy railroad.

A big opportunity came when the great steel strike hit the US in 1919. The union members at the Texas Steel foundry, mostly Italians, went on strike. Texas Steel responded by recruiting Mexicans from the neighborhood. Texas Steel sent some of them to Mexico to enlist their townspeople with a promise of a job. Entire families moved to Worth Heights, they came from the states of San Luis, Jalisco, and Michoacán. This worked out so well for Texas Steel that Steel mills in Chicago started recruiting Mexican workers from Fort Worth. Hundreds of Mexicans went to Chicago from Fort Worth to work the steel mills. Texas Steel foundry no longer exists; it was razed to the ground.

Uhlmann Grain Elevators the Eye Sore of Worth Heights Neighborhood

The other major source of employment for Worth Heights residents was the Uhlmann Grain Elevators. Located at the corner of West Dickson and Alice Streets. This was a dangerous place to work because of the airborne contaminants from grain storage structures, which can develop toxic gases from grains. Also the grains were fumigated, and these pesticides can cause cancer. Some died of lung cancer after years of work at the grain elevators, one such person was my uncle Fernando who had to quit the grain elevators after developing lung problems, spitting blood, fevers, eventually he would die of lung cancer. Who knows how many others died from the same condition. 

The infamous grain silos still stand, an eyesore for the neighborhood. Abandoned, creepy, they continue to generate hordes of vermin rats which invade the neighborhood houses throughout the year, especially during the winter. A few years ago African immigrants made the silos their home. At dusk it was common to see entire families of African refugees making a beeline toward the Silos, getting ready to settle for the night. Another group that uses the silos are the homeless drug addicts and alcoholics who litter the silos with urine and feces. Some residents of the neighborhood have heard rumors that developers want to tear down the silos and build apartments on the site, something that seems difficult to believe because it will take millions of dollars just to demolish the silos and remove the debris. Also the prospect of building apartments in that location doesn’t go well with residents of Worth Heights who would much prefer to see a park built on the site with a memorial to all the Mexican families who founded this proud community in Fort Worth.

Some Worth Heights residents voiced their lack of confidence in the city government to take any action to remove this eye sore. One resident who identified himself as Jose stated, “the city will send out their code enforcement agents to slap a violation on our homes for any small detail, yet they will not give themselves a violation slip for the huge mess they are responsible for in our neighborhood, the Molinos (silos).”  


Nancy Bean

Nancy Bean is a native Texan, the granddaughter of dust-bowl farmers, and the daughter of a teacher and a preacher.

Nancy is also a public school educator for over 22 years. Currently she serves as a counselor for special needs children with Arlington ISD.

She has been married to Rev. Dr. Alan Bean for over 38 years. They have three grown children, Lydia, Adam, and Amos, who also serve the community.

Nancy earned a Masters of Arts degree for Counseling from West Texas A&M University; a Masters of Divinity degree for Pastoral Studies from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Relations from The University of Kentucky.

Nancy is a fighter, and if you send her to Austin, she will fight for you and your family. She will fight for full investment in public education, for access to health care for all Tejanos, and for a living wage.

Luchando por nuestras familias.


La Campaña Electoral de 2016
por Linda Carrasco

La campaña electoral se ha descrito con frases como impulsada por los medios de comunicación, enfocada en los aspectos negativos, ninguna campaña como esta en la historia del país, debates sin discusión sobre los problemas que enfrentan la nación, una campana llena de ataques personales. Lamentablemente, el resultado es que un porcentaje de los votantes están declarando que no se presentaran a votar y están pensando "ya pa 'que." No se les puede culpar considerando lo que ha transcurrido.

La historia política registra que antes los votantes informados podían informarse de un candidato con examinar sus principios personales, cuales declaraciones políticas había apoyado, y su orientación política. Hoy en día, no se puede juzgar fácilmente. Pero eso no es una excusa válida para no votar. Hay demasiado en juego.

La fecha del 8 de noviembre del 2016 no se trata solamente de la elección del Presidente y Vicepresidente. La lista de votación incluye los candidatos para el Representante de EE.UU., la oficina del Director de Ferrocarriles, la Junta de Educación, el Tribunal Supremo, candidatos para los jueces del Tribunal de Apelaciones Penal, el senador estatal y el representante del estado. (Boletas ejemplares con enlaces a la información de los candidatos se pueden alcanzar en y en español en

Para los que dicen que no hay mucha opción para el oficio de Presidente y que por eso no votarán, hay otros candidatos que se encuentran más abajo en la lista de votación que todavía necesitan su voto especialmente los del nivel local, donde unos cuantos votos pueden determinar si es elegido o no. La elección de los jueces de los tribunales y jueces que analizan los estatutos, los reglamentos, y las decisiones judiciales que hacen afectan a toda persona en la ciudad y el estado. Los Jueces del Tribunal Supremo son nombrados por el Presidente, pero tienen que ser confirmados por los senadores que son elegidos por los votantes.

La frase "De todos modos, mi voto no cuenta" es pensamiento expresado muy peligroso al sistema político. Un voto cuenta ya sea directamente o indirectamente, pero cuenta. ¡Su voto es su voz!

La Constitución establece la creación de tres ramas del gobierno, Ejecutiva representada por la Presidencia, Legislativa representada por el Congreso, y Judicial representada por la Corte Suprema y otras cortes. Junto con las tres ramas, la Constitución formo un sistema de cuentas y balances, para que ninguna de las ramas pudiera tomar el poder absoluto. Cada rama tiene sus propios poderes y tiene la capacidad de servir como control para garantizar que otra rama no abuse de su poder.

La pregunta de si importa que la persona elegible para votar tome su lugar en la casilla electoral se puede contestar con, “Absolutamente, sí.” De acuerdo con la Constitución, la Presidencia es sólo una rama de poder de las tres. Hay otros candidatos que están contando con el voto este año y dependiendo de que los votantes se presenten en los lugares de votación este noviembre.

Este mes, el Presidente Obama en una campaña demócrata en Norte Carolina explicaba que cuando se presentó como candidato de la Presidencia, él tuvo sus desacuerdos acerca de los problemas políticos con sus oponentes, pero durante ese tiempo él creía que la agenda que propuso su partido fue el mejor programa para los Estados Unidos y simplemente pensaba que representaba una filosofía diferente. El Presidente llamó las diferencias entre él y sus oponentes parte de la naturaleza y el precio de la democracia.

La campaña de 2016 ha revelado las diferencias y los cambios en la plataforma de los partidos políticos. Cuando fueron formuladas cada plataforma reveló lo que ha cambiado. Hay pocos votantes que han leído las plataformas de los partidos a pesar de que son disponibles en el Internet, la Plataforma del Partido Demócrata en y la Plataforma del Partido Republicano en -republicana-partido-plataforma. Stephen Engel, Profesor de Ciencias Políticas en Bates College dice que son documentos que demuestran la oportunidad para que los partidos afirmen sus principios, decidan cuales son los principios del partido y enseñan la área de sus fuerzas.

Hay candidatos que están dependiendo de que las plataformas de los partidos sirvan como “el agenda" y “la filosofía" de las cuales se refirió el Presidente, y que una vez más sean los documentos que definen la visión de los partidos, y que sirvan como guía para los votantes que harán su selección de candidatos el Día de las Elecciones. ¡Su voto es su voz!

Linda Carrasco


Roy Charles Brooks Biografia

Roy Charles Brooks está a la vanguardia de uno de los más crecientes condados urbanos en los Estados Unidos. Situado en el norte de la parte central de Texas, Conda-do Tarrant sirve a una población de aproxima- damente 1,8 millones de ciudadanos. Conocido por su fuerte liderazgo, habilidad para forjar colabo- raciones y voz Brooks influyente no sólo en el Condado de Tarrant County, pero en el estado y en el país, Roy lucha por los derechos de las personas a las que sirve. Durante más de 30 años, Roy ha representado a su comu-nidad, como un voluntario de la comunidad, como un oficial electo y ahora , como el comisionado del condado. Él embraza los valores básicos de integridad, innovación y crecimiento. Roy está comprometido por la salud y el bienestar de las personas. Desde que asumió el cargo el 1 de enero de 2005, él está continuamente enfocando los temas de salud en su comunidad. Él ha tomado sobre te-mas como: la atención sanitaria para las personas sin hogar, la mortalidad infantil, la obesidad, el acceso al sistema de salud, las disparidades de salud, la reforma de la justicia penal, los problemas de salud mental y la educación sobre el sida. Roy es agre-sivamente involucrado en los niveles estatal y federal de gobierno para ayudar en el desarrollo de programas que crean y dan forma a la política sanitaria en los condados de esta nación. En julio de 2015, Roy fue elegido segundo Vicepresidente de la Asociación Nacional de municipios donde se convertirá en presidente en julio de 2017. De diciembre de 2015, Roy recibió el título de Doctor Honoris Causa de Texas Wesleyan University.

Roy ha liderado numerosos programas en el Condado de Tarrant County, incluyendo: el Condado Tarrant Ex-Offender reingreso Pro-grama (IRCT), que representan un esfuerzo comunitario para abordar las preocupaciones sobre el éxito de la re-entrada y la reintegración de los ex-reclusos que regresan para el condado de Tarrant County, Texas. Enfermera Social Familiar - para madres primerizas y sus hijos, y una programa sobre la Atención de Salud para las Personas sin Hogar - promover el bienestar y el mejora-miento de la calidad de vida de las personas sin hogar en el Condado de Tarrant County, asegurando el acce-so a la alta calidad, atención integral de la salud y servicios de apoyo para facilitar la transición de la carencia de hogar. Él es el fundador del program a Generación esperanza de portátiles, una preparación para la universidad programa dirigido a orientar a los niños en edad escolar. Ahora bajo de administración el Tarrant County College, el program aproporciona un estudiante con portátiles, provienen de estudios y la preparación universitaria. El comisario Roy Charles Brooks es un leal esposo y padre, y está casado con la Dra. Jennifer Giddings Brooks, presidente y CEO de Brooks and Associates consejeros educativos.

Ellos son los or-gullosos padres de dos niños. Su hija, Royce, es alumna de Harvard donde concigio su ti-tulo de abogado y que trabaja actualmente como defensora publica, y Marion, su hijo, es una de 2010 egresado de la Facultad de Abogacía de la Universidad de Texas que está practicando la ley de entre-tenimiento en Los Angeles, Morningside Iglesia Metodista Unida, un ávido lector, un coleccionista de arte ameri-cano africano, un apasionado amante de la música y partici-pante en el Adlee H. Trezevant Memorial Coro de la histórica I. M. Terrell High School.California. Él es un activo a largo plazo miembro de.




familia: mi padre vino a los Estados Unidos de un pequeño pueblo en México hace más de 40 años buscando una vida mejor. Trabajó lavando platos y luego aprendio la reparación de televisores y videocaseteras. Mi padre tenía un espíritu emprendedorcomo yo y decidió abrir su propio taller de reparaciones de electrónica en Mesquite, Texas en la década de 1980, que finalmente creció y se desparramo a Garland, East Dallas, Pleasant Grove. Actualmente trabaja en Mesquite. Mi madre nació y se creció en Dallas, Texas. Trabajó como Secretaria de un banco y como Gerente de casos bilingües en Garland, un centro sin fines de lucro para mujeres y niños que fueron víctimas de violencia doméstica. Mi mamá recientemente e retiro de la ciudad de Garland, donde trabajó los últimos 11 años. Me siento orgullosa de mi mamá porque mientras trabajaba a tiempo completo, ella decidió ir a la escuela por la noche y los fines de semana y obtuvo una licenciatura en Sociología de la Universidad de North Texas en Dallas. tengo un hermano y dos hermanos de paso. Mis padres Nestor y Rosalinda viven en Dallas Soy soltera Escuela secundaria y año de graduación: Academia de Ursuline de Dallas, 1999 (escuela católica solo para mujeres).

Era una de un puñado de chicas que vivian en Pleasant Grove y asistimos a Ursulinas a la misma vez. Mi experiencia en Ursuline me abrió los ojos a un mundo que existía más allá de mi barrio. Cuando vi las hermosas mansiones que rodevan la escuela, me dio algo a lo que yo podía aspirar. Pero también me di cuenta de que había un espacio de gran riqueza en nuestra ciudad. En ese momento realize que tenía la responsabilidad de obtener una educación y utilizar mis habilidades para servir. Educación sería mi clave de desbloqueo y aperturas de puertas para otros. Presidente de la asociación nacional de jóvenes (LULAC). Lo que aprendí hasta el 1999: Como Presidente de la juventud nacional, tuve el honor de servir en la Junta Nacional de LULAC abogar por y ayudar en asuntos que eran importantes para los jóvenes. Habló con los estudiantes sobre la importancia de ir a la Universidad y abogó por la atención a la educación, becas universitarias a los estudiantes y a comprometerse en el proceso político. Sirviendo en el Consejo Nacional de derechos civiles de la asociación más grande y más antigua era gran entrenamiento para servir en otros grupos. He aprendido a negociar y a abogar por temas. Aprendí de muchos pioneros en nuestra comunidad sobre la importancia del servicio y ayudar a la gente sin voz. Decidí atender a la escuela de abogados porque creía que aprender la ley era una de las mejores maneras de servir a la comunidad. Ahora quiero utilizar mis habilidades como defensor y abogado para escribir leyes que atienden las necesidades de las familias de Texas que trabajan muy duro. Sus consejos a los jóvenes elegir una carrera: es mi consejo a los jóvenes a soñar en grande y hacer no dejes que nada se interponen en su camino. No importa si fueron los primeros en su familia para ir a la Universidad o si te criaste en un barrio de bajos ingresos; nada puede detener de alcanzar tus sueños. Recuerdo también a devolverle a su comunidad y no te olvides de donde vienes.

Nuestra comunidad necesita para terminar la Universidad y ser un modelo a seguir para las generaciones futuras. Sus consejos a los jóvenes interesan en un cargo político: hacerlo. Necesitamos más gente en el proceso político. Primero ha sido voluntario campañas cuando estaba en la escuela secundaria. Tengo algunas de mis amigas y fui tocando puertas para un candidato y entrega de su literatura. Regístrese para votar y asegurarse de que tus amigos Haz registrados. Votar es fácil y si los jóvenes organizaron y votaron en números más altos, nuestras leyes sería diferentes. Si usted quiere conseguir la exposición ahora, únase a nuestra campaña en


Sandra Lee La Tejana

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee tiene 55 años es tejana de nacimien-to y se creio en Mineral Wells y Midland. Sandra trabaja para el departamento de policía de Mansfield ISD como un oficial de ausentismo. Antes de que ella se convirtió en oficial de ausentismo en el 2008, Sandra pasó 16 años trabajando con alumnos de comportamien-to y alumnos con discapacidad.

Siente que su gran logro fue criar a sus 3 hijos y ser una esposa. Su familia siempre ha sido lo más importante. Ella conoció a su espo-so Kevin como estudiante de primer año en la Universidad y después de 37 años siguen juntos. Su hijo Rodney que está trabajando en su segun-do Máestria y tiene 12 años en la fuerza aérea y ahora trabaja para Rockwell Collins. Su hijo más joven Ashley recibió su licenciado por UTA y ahora trabaja para Henry Schein. Su única hija Courtney recibió su licenciatura y maestría de West Texas A&M y ahora enseña en Grapevine/Colleyville ISD. Sandra cree que cada niño tiene lo que se necesita para tener éxito. Uno de sus primeros recuerdos es de su padre entrar en una casa en llamas para sacar a un bebé que todavía estaba en la cuna. Ella se dio cuenta pronto que ayudar a otros era un requisito.

Su padre fue el primer negro para con-vertirse en un piloto de pruebas para Southern Airways. El Sr. Poole continuamente ponia su vida en la línea para que los helicópteros en Fort Wolters estuvieran seguros para volar. Sandra ha trabajado en PTAs (grupo de padres y maestros), asistir entrenar a niños y niñas en equipos de baloncesto y se ofreció como mentor. Sandra y sus amigas comenza-ron un programa de Mentor en 2015, S.W.I.M. (bienestar de los estudiantes a través de la mo-tivación intrínseca). Ella cree que si ponemos gente en política, todo el mundo tendra éxito. “La violencia como una forma de lograr la justicia racial es impráctico e inmoral. No soy inconsciente del hecho de que la violencia provoca a menudo resultados momentáneos. Las Naciones con frecuencia han ganado su indepen-dencia en batalla. Pero a pesar de victorias tem-porales, violencia nunca trae paz permanente.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Presidential Campaign

The presidential campaign can be characterized by phrases like media-driven with focus on the negatives, no other campaign like it in the history of the country, debates bypassing discussion of the issues facing the nation yet filled with personal attacks. Sadly, the result is that a percentage of the voting public is threatening to stay away from the polls and some are saying “ya pa’ que.”

There was a time in political history when the informed voter could select a candidate by judging their apparent principles, policies, and politics. Nowadays, not so much. That’s not a valid excuse for not going to the polls. There is too much at stake. November 8, 2016 is not just about the election of the President and Vice President. The ballot will include those running for the office of U.S. Representative, Railroad Commissioner, Board of Education, Justice of Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, State Senator and State Representative. (Enhanced Sample Ballots with links to the candidate’s info can be accessed at in Spanish info can be obtained at

For those that are saying that they are not going to vote because there is not much of a choice, the other candidates for the offices listed further down on the ballot still need votes especially at the local level where a few votes can make the difference between the candidate being elected or not.

The election of court justices and judges who scrutinize statutes, regulations, and make judicial decisions can affect citizens at the state and local level.  Supreme Court justices are nominated by the President but must be confirmed by the Senators that are elected by the voter.

The phrase “My vote doesn’t count anyway” is a dangerous myth. A vote does count whether directly or indirectly, but it counts. ¡Su voto es su voz!

The Constitution provided for the creation of three branches of government, the Executive represented by the Presidency, the Legislative represented by the Congress, and the Judicial represented by the Courts. Along with the three branches, the Constitution provided a system of checks and balances, so no one branch could take absolute power. The separation of the three powers also works as a system of checks and balances.

The answer to whether or not voting in this election is important, can be answered with a resounding, yes. According to the Constitution, the Presidency is only one part of the three branches that makes our government function. There are other candidates listed on this year’s ballot depending on the voter to make it to the polls this November.

This month President Obama at a Democratic rally in North Carolina remarked that when he ran for office, he had his disagreements about the issues with his opponents, but he believed that the agenda that was set by the party was for America and he thought that at the time he represented a different political party and a different philosophy. The President called the differences between his opponents and himself, the nature and the price of democracy.

The 2016 Campaign has revealed differences and changes in the political party platform. There are few voters who bother to read the party platforms although they are readily available online Democratic Party Platform and Republican Party Platform Stephen Engel, a political science professor at Bates College says of these documents, they are “an opportunity for the party base to assert its principles, figure out what its principles are, to show its own strength.” 

There are candidates who are depending that the party platforms will serve as the “agenda” and the “philosophy” that the President referred to, and once again become the documents that define the vision of their party, serving as a guide to the voters as they make a selection on the ballot on Election Day. ¡Su voto es su voz!  

by Linda Carrasco


Presidential Debate III – The Final Countdown III
The Slug Fest

This was the final debate.  In the ring was a novice boxer.  He dared to take on the Champion. 

This time Trump brought the B-Team, President Obama’s half-brother and a surprise guest, a lady that once upon a time accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse.  And the ultimate symbol of power, a RED tie.

The first few rounds were fairly even punch counter-punch.  As usual Trump was forewarned to avoid being lured into a trap.  As usual, Trump did not heed the advice and the champion boxer sting like a bee jab and he reacted swinging wildly, game over.  See you can’t trust “nasty a woman”.

This is the bottom line.  Trump’s strategy is simple.  Lie, Lie, Lie.  Convince his followers that he is the victim of a rigged system.  The whole world is rigged against him.  The only way to correct the rigged system is to convince his followers to go vote in massive number.  That is the game plan.  He does not have a message.  Too late for that.  He grasps at anything that can be made into a lie, poll numbers, media reports, you name it he can turn it into a lie, he will use it.  It is hard to listen to a man speak when you know he is telling you lies.  Yes, according to Trump it is broke (whatever) and he is the only one that can fix it and he is the only one that tells the truth.  Trump has perpetuated so many lies against Hillary that his followers believe the lies.  Unfortunately, his followers don’t care that he is lying, all they want him to do is win.  They truly believe that the Kool Aid is delicious. 

The latest gimmick is Obamacare.  Millions of Americans have health insurance thanks to Obamacare.  It is not a perfect document.  Trump’s plan is to get rid of the plan and replace it with something new.  He just does not elaborate on his new plan.  We are left to assume that it is better.  As I learned in one of my management classes, when you assume something, you make an Ass-U-Me. 

For Hillary, it is difficult to have an intelligent discussion with a liar.  This is a presidential election.  The American people have a right to know where the candidates stand on issues.  We are entitled to more than lies.

Local newspapers cannot all be wrong when they editorialize that Trump is not a good choice for president.  They cannot all be wrong.  Neither are we.


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